Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of newbies about HYIPs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of newbies about HYIPs

HYIPs, or investment projects with high income, are the main topic of our monitoring blog. Beginners who want to start their journey in the world of making money on the Internet often ask a lot of questions about HYIPs: "how do they work?", “What are the risks associated with investing in HYIPs?”, “Is it possible to make money on HYIPs?”, “how to invest your money in them?” and so on.

In this context, it is important to understand that investing in HYIPs is directly associated with high risks, so it is necessary to have sufficient information and experience in order to make informed decisions.

In this article, we will look at the most frequently asked questions about HYIPs by beginners and try to provide information that can help you make an informed choice when deciding whether to invest in such projects or not.

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The article consists of frequently asked questions that relate to HYIPs. In some questions, the answers are not fully disclosed, but there are links by clicking on which you can learn more about the question. Enjoy reading! If so, feel free to ask questions in the comments.


1. What is a HYIP project?

Hype (from the English abbreviation "High Yield Investment Program") / HYIP project / investment project is a site that offers everyone who wants to invest a deposit at interest and increase their capital. Such sites operate financial pyramid principle.

2. Can you make money in HYIP projects?

Definitely yes! But it is worth noting that investments in such projects are associated with high risks, so you need to competently approach the distribution of your funds. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to understand the transparency of the intentions of the administration, which, in fact, owns your money after the deposit has been created. At any moment, the influx of money into the project may end, or the administration will simply decide to close it, taking the entire bank with it.

3. How long will this or that project work?

Sometimes even the administration of the project cannot answer this question. Many factors can influence this, but no one can completely predict the duration of the HYIP.

4. How to invest in HYIP? Which payment system or cryptocurrency to choose? How to get money for a payment system or cryptocurrency?

The very first thing you need to do when you come to the HYIP industry is to create wallets for electronic payment systems or crypto-currency.

Popular payment systems at the moment: ePayCore и Perfect Money (practically lost its popularity and use).

Popular cryptocurrencies that are used in HYIPs: Tether, TRON, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin (BNB). In fact, the list should probably be longer, but we have noted only the most commonly used ones.

In order to start investing using electronic payment systems or cryptocurrencies, you need to exchange cash through a bank card or terminal for electronic money. With the help of a bank card, this can be done thanks to monitoring-exchangers BestChange, KursExpert, BitcoinmarketGlobal or directly through the payment system, if possible. Cryptocurrency can also be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges.

5. I want to contribute. What are the guarantees that I will not lose money?

Actually, there are no guarantees. Gross, but as it is. Remember that absolutely all investments are associated with risks.

6. What is HYIP monitoring?

HYIP monitoring is a site through which the user can track the status of the project, receive various technical and analytical information, get the opportunity to order a refback from the project, and also provides protection for their partners from losses.

Such a site is our blog-monitoring Join us! It will be interesting!

7. What does the term "scam" mean? What does project closure mean? How to get money back after a scam?

scam (from the English "scam" - fraud) - this term is used if a HYIP project ceases to operate, does not pay the promised interest and does not return deposits.

Closing the project directly means that there will be no accrual payments or a refund of your deposit. Your money is irretrievably lost, but if you were our partner, then if the project allocated belayingyou may be entitled to compensation for damages.

In short, the answer to the question “how to return the money after the scam?” - no way. It rarely happens that a project stops large payments first, but pays small amounts, so to speak selectively. Maybe one day you will be lucky, but you should not hope for a miracle. When you invest in a project, be prepared to say goodbye to it. Learn to control your emotions.

8. What is an affiliate (referral) program?

For the fact that you invite people to an investment project, you will be awarded bonuses. They are charged, as a rule, as a percentage of your partner's deposit or as a percentage of your partner's deposit accruals. This system is called an affiliate (referral) program. Interest in each project is individual, so you need to read the information separately.

9. When will I receive my accrual and payout? What types of payments are there?

As a rule, the first accrual will be credited to your balance after 24 hours from the creation of the deposit. You can meet HYIPs that are charged on calendar days, that is, from Monday to Sunday, or you can calculated on business daysi.e. from Monday to Friday.

Accordingly, you can withdraw your accruals immediately after 24 hours from the creation of the deposit, but there is a nuance. You need to accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal, which is indicated by the HYIP, for example, $5. In this case, you will need a little more time, but it all depends on the amount of your deposit.

Types of payouts in HYIPs:

  • automatic (no need to order a payout);
  • instant / instant (you need to order a payment, after which it will instantly go to your wallet);
  • manual (processed within a certain time. For example, up to 48 hours).

10. What is a project legend?

In the case of HYIPs legend - this is a fictitious activity of an investment project, thanks to which they will allegedly accrue profits to investors.

We hasten to upset you. Such projects do not conduct any activity and they work on the principle of a financial pyramid.

11. What is refback? How to get it?

Refʙek - This is the return to the investor of a certain percentage of the body of his contribution by a higher partner. For example, in a project, the affiliate program is 5%. You invest using our blog and order a refback from us. As a rule, we pay 50-100% of the indicated percentage. That is, you can get 2.5% of your deposit on top of your profitability in the project.

In order to receive a refback, you need to: register using our affiliate link in one of the projects provided for monitoring, invest money in it and order refback on the site by filling out the required form.

12. What is insurance? How to get it?

Insurance is a cover for the losses of investors in a project that has closed. There are many nuances. We have several articles about this that we recommend you read:

In order to get insurance, you need to be our partner in the eligible project and submit application for compensation.

13. Why is one project with insurance and the other not?

We agree on the allocated insurance fund with the project administration. Not everyone manages to conclude a profitable deal for our partners on an allocated fund. That is why you can observe that one project can be with insurance, and the other without.

We also have our own insurance fund, which can be allocated to a project in which our partners have lost money and we allocate from our savings, which significantly reduces the risks of our partners from sudden losses.

14. If I ask for help with a project, can you help me make a choice?

Yes, sure. To do this, you need to contact us at the indicated Contacts Online.

15. I was written from your account and asked to invest in some project that you do not have on your blog? How so?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers around who want to take your money in one way or another. It is necessary to be extremely careful when comparing our official contacts on the site.

Remember that we do not apply to our partners with such requests.

16. I read the information that an admin with experience in the project, but he worked poorly. Why?

The success of the administration in one project cannot be a guarantee of successful work in the next. This information is only for understanding about the experience of the administration and what development steps it can take. Moreover, the purpose of the administration can change with each new project, somewhere it is gaining reputation, and somewhere it is personal earnings on depositors.

17. What does diversification mean? Do I need to stick to it?

Diversification - this is your protection against a quick loss (reducing the risk of losing funds). You do not use all the funds by investing in one project. You run multiple projects and control the budget. Diversification is a must if you want to reduce the risk of losing money.

18. The HYIP administration asks me to pass verification. Is it worth it?

Of course not. It is not known how your documents will be used in them and it must be avoided. You can find out more in our article:

19. How do I quickly gain experience investing in HYIP?

The answer will sound unambiguous - you will need to study a large amount of information related to the HYIP industry as a whole. Due to what they work, what percentage of profitability is trending now, how to get the maximum benefit from the project, and so on. It will also be important to "fill your hand" by investing in projects. Absolutely in any field, experience is needed to understand the principle of work and extract maximum benefits.


In conclusion, it can be noted that the questions of beginners about HYIPs are quite understandable, because every novice investor faces many obstacles before starting to make money. By the way, this happens in all areas of life that are new to you.

However, it must be remembered that HYIPs are directly related to risks. Before investing in a particular project, we recommend that you first study the information, conduct a thorough analysis and risk assessment, or write to us at the contacts listed below.

In general, if you still decide to invest in HYIP, we recommend that you do this with the amount that you are not afraid to lose, which will not hit your family budget and in no case invest borrowed money. Be attentive and careful!

In this article, we have analyzed the frequently asked questions of beginners about HYIP projects. In fact, each person is individual and may face various difficulties in studying a new field, but we have tried to select exactly those that are most common and that we are asked.

If after reading the article you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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