Review and review of the Perfect Money payment system

PerfectMoney is a payment system created to carry out a variety of calculations and pay for purchases and services on the Internet. It has been successfully operating for more than ten years.

The system is used by many people around the world. The resource offers to store savings in dollars, euros, gold, bitcoins.

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Perfect Money in HYIPs

Perfect Money is the most popular electronic wallet in the hype industry to date. It is used in 90% of hypes and without them it is difficult to imagine. Perfect Money may not have the most friendly interface, but the most important thing is that it fulfills its obligations and also provides good conditions for verified users.


Let's see why this wallet is chosen for investing in HYIPs. We have prepared the following series of advantages:

  • Stable and long work. The system has been functioning for more than ten years and has already managed to gain wide popularity around the world. Using an electronic wallet, the user is able to make transactions with lightning speed, being anywhere in the world.
  • Anonymity. She is completely anonymous and does not provide information about users to government agencies.
  • Reduced commission for verified users. Verified participants are subject to a ridiculous 0.5% transfer fee.
  • No transaction limits.
  • Convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Security. Security settings allow you to protect your wallet as much as possible from intruders.
  • Affiliate Referral Program.


The disadvantages of this payment system are not so many, but they are:

  • Graphic Design. The payment system has an inconvenient interface and an outdated service design, which probably has not been updated from the very start. Some users, after a first glance at the site, prefer other resources.
  • Sophisticated verification process. The verification process scares away many potential participants in the system.
  • Increased commission for unverified users. Non-verified users pay a 2% commission per transaction.

Instruction manual

We have prepared detailed instructions for working with the Perfect Money payment system, in which we display the registration of the account, instructions for transferring money, and also the withdrawal of funds.

  • Sign up
  • Instructions for transferring money within the system
  • Withdrawal of funds


Theft of money from electronic wallets has long been no surprise. Often, attackers use viruses to hack accounts.

PerfectMoney offers a reliable security system that is able to protect your cash savings.

  • Authentication. If someone tries to log in from a different IP address or computer, a special code is sent to the user by e-mail.
  • SMS confirmation. When the option is activated, a special code comes directly to the mobile phone instead of the electronic box. The method is characterized by higher reliability, but the cost of each SMS message is 10 cents.
  • Code card The system generates one-time passwords that come to the user by email. One of them must be entered at the time of each entry. Save the passwords in a safe place, and delete the letter, as mail can be hacked. Many experts advise not to store passwords in electronic form, but to write them in a notebook.

Replenishment of the wallet

The most priority way is to replenish with the help of exchangers. Exchanger Monitoring help to produce gradation and find the most profitable course.

You can replenish your account with a special E-voucher. It is a virtual card of a certain value. Using the voucher, users replenish or withdraw money from the system or send it to each other.

Credit exchange

The service provides an opportunity for users to take loans from each other using a credit exchange.

It can be assumed that the developers hoped to make life easier for the participants, but in practice the opposite happened. The fact is that when a user takes and returns cash with interest, he earns feedback and a positive rating, which lenders are guided by.

Some users deliberately take small amounts and earn a reputation in order to then hide with big money. Experts do not recommend trying to make a profit on the stock exchange.

System verification

Users who have passed the verification procedure have confirmed their identity. For them, the commission for any transactions from 1.99% to 0.5% is automatically reduced. When working with large sums of money, the reduction of the commission is very noticeable.

To pass the verification, you need:

  • Provide a photo / scan of your passport or driver's license. Make sure your documents are readable. Avoid sun glare or poor lighting when photographing.
  • A photocopy of payments for utilities with the address and name. If it is not possible to provide these documents, then go to any bank and order an extract with your name and initials.
  • Confirm mobile number. After you indicate the number, the call will be made to it and the answering machine will dictate a set of numbers in English.


Any user is able to receive passive income in the system in two ways:

Affiliates. The system pays referrers 1% of the cash balance in the referrals account. For earnings, it is enough for people to register using your link, which is available in your personal account.

Accrual of additional interest. Users are charged 4% per annum of the total funds in the account.

Review about Perfect Money

Despite the rather long life of the payment system, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Participants like its anonymity, reliability and simplicity. Thanks to the available methods of replenishment / withdrawal of funds, the number of users is increasing every day.

If you intend to use the Perfect Money payment system, we would recommend that you go through verification for more comfortable use. If you are unable to pass verification, then you can write to us and we will try to help you. Recall that during verification, the transaction fee drops from 1.99% to 0.5%, which, you see, is not small.

The anonymity of this payment system attracts admins and investors of the hype industry. The payment system does not provide data to states.

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  1. Anzhel
    24.04.2021 22:28
    Thanks for the article, I use RM, when verifying the wallet there was a problem with verifying the phone, the PIN code did not come, MTS is blocking, I had to use another telecom operator.
  2. gilew455
    20.04.2021 13:23
    Thanks for the article, I only use the perfect money from the payer.
  3. ilya28087
    19.02.2021 10:44
    Thanks for the article, I was also recently verified, the process is not more complicated than in some other payments, but it's worth it, since then the commission is much less for transfers. Regarding the second stage of verification (confirmation of the address), I wanted to use a passport, because there is a residence permit there, but I was rejected twice, I asked the TP was rejected, I need some kind of piece of paper where there is a name and address together. But the most interesting thing is that it doesn't have to be your name, the main thing is that the last name matches yours (that is, if there is a payment for one of the relatives, then you can use it, only the address in the account must be the same as on a piece of paper). This was just my case, can anyone help this infa)
  4. Konon1991
    19.02.2021 08:36
    Everything is clear and accessible. I use this wallet myself
  5. NikitaPuchkin2000
    07.06.2020 18:35
    Thank you for the article. I use Perfect Money!
  6. Nightmare
    06.08.2019 16:35
    Something I did not understand with verification. It seems I’m doing everything right, but it doesn’t work out. TP is still silent

    Guys, please tell me how to make it possible to sit in a wallet both from a computer and from a phone? If I go through the computer, then the application is reset on the phone and everything must be re-entered, accordingly I go on the phone and throw it on the computer.
    1. richmonkey_support
      28.03.2020 12:41
      No way. You can be logged in from only one device at a time
  7. matrix2000
    22.06.2019 09:35
    Damn what a hemorrhagus with verification)) you need to create a wallet too)
    1. 4difeer666
      22.06.2019 12:13
      If you have all the suitable materials, then it is better to have the most depletable wallet
      1. Nightmare
        07.08.2019 13:57
        Do you happen to know how to replace receipts for utility bills? I live in a rented apartment
        1. AlexanderKudrya8027
          18.11.2020 10:40
          Just buy a ready-made wallet. I did so
  8. MrFox
    31.03.2019 21:57
    Good wallet, comfortable and functional. Although I liked Adva more, but unfortunately it no longer works with HYIPs.
  9. IvanUstinow
    24.02.2019 23:37
    Recently I switched to PM, I use now as the main wallet, the commission rate is the lowest compared to other EPS
    1. 4difeer666
      01.04.2019 00:13
      I agree, for some time I sat on the pair, I was directly enraged by these incomplete amounts
  10. LegenDa
    04.02.2019 08:09
    Even when Adva was still in the ranks, the Perfect Money always actively used. Despite the unsophisticated design, simplicity and clarity of work is captivating. Yes, even the percentage charged on the balance. Well, now PM is number one for me, of course.