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We are glad to see you on our blog We consider it necessary to tell a little about ourselves, as well as the benefits of our blog for the investor.

About Only favorable conditions is a blog monitoring of high-risk investment projects. The site of our blog is intuitive and will facilitate the work with investment projects.

Our team consists of experienced investors who have been selecting high-quality investment projects to earn money since 2016.

Thanks to our experience in this area, we offer partners to minimize risks when participating in projects thanks to insurance funds, we pay additional cash bonuses to your deposits for projects that are present on our blog, and you can also find a lot of useful information on the topic of HYIP projects in our articles.

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We maintain permanent columns that help investors decide on the choice of projects, display daily and weekly statistics of payments, project statuses: whether they pay or not, write text reviews and record video reviews for easy familiarization with investment projects, thanks to which you save time on study and analysis of projects.

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Instructions for working with the blog

We have prepared detailed instructions for working with our blog, which will greatly simplify your acquaintance with us.

  • Registration on the blog
  • A brief description of the functions of the personal account
  • What is refback
  • How to order refback
  • How to apply for compensation in case of loss
  • Monitoring
  • Project reviews
  • Earn extra money in contests


As you can understand from this article, our monitoring blog has a lot of advantages that can simplify and improve the life of both an experienced and a novice investor.

Using our blog is profitable and profitable thanks to insurance funds and various cash bonuses.

In addition, you reduce your time spent on selecting and analyzing projects for your investment portfolio.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We will tell and tell you everything.

Join the team and make money online with us!

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