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How to use blog monitoring?

Hello my dear friend! We are glad to see you on our monitoring blog Every newcomer always has a question: “What is the monitoring of investment projects?”.

Monitoring is a handy tool that allows investors to track new HYIPs, read reviews on them, and also receive refbek for deposits, insurance and bonuses for activity. Cool, is not it?

The prefix "blog" means that we do not just offer you any HYIPs, but also provide in the public domain a huge knowledge base that will help you navigate the HYIP industry or cryptomir. In addition to educational articles, we constantly publish our opinions and feedback on projects hosted with us. That is why all activities - absolutely transparent: you see all the real statistics on any HYIP. Well, now let's move from words to deeds! For your convenience, we have prepared a whole manual on the use of our monitoring. After reading it, you will understand how to effectively and profitably use the blog monitoring for yourself!

We consider in detail the main monitoring page and sidebars.

Here you are on the main page of our monitoring. First you need to pay attention to the main menu. For you, the main sections will be: "monitoring","обзоры","news"And"reviews».

In "monitoring»You can find information on all added HYIPs. "Reviews»Contain detailed text descriptions of the projects we recommend. In the tab "news»Collected all the events of investment sites. AT "reviews»You can leave your comments about working with us or suggestions for improving monitoring.

Immediately below the menu there are two more important blocks: the latest blog news and the latest articles. What does the latest blog news mean? These are posts about new contests, polls, bonuses, etc. It is also worth paying attention to our latest tutorial articles. There is a lot of useful information :)

Having scrolled below you will be able to see a brief description of premium projects or HYIPs that have been posted to us recently. AT left sidebar (column) you will find monitoring sectionsAs well as top list of projects on investor deposits, table with extreme conclusions from projects and latest scam list. Monitoring sections exist so that an investor can choose for himself any project according to specified parameters: fast, partisan, highly profitable, new etc.

Looking slightly to the right, you will see links to channel и chat in telegram, group VK, youtube channel и mmgp topic. We strongly recommend to subscribe to channel и chat in telegram! After all, this is where you can quickly get all the news about projects or just chat with other investors :) Under the links to our social networks there ultra-useful investor unit. It is here that you will find all the useful links for the order of refback / insurance and knowledge base on HYIPs, electronic payment systems and cryptocurrencies. Also important are lists of all projects with insurance. That's all with the main sections of the site, go to the registration.

What is registration on monitoring necessary for? How to register?

Registration at the monitoring is needed in order to order and receive refbek and insurance: you can track the status of your applications and see the total amount of funds paid to you by monitoring. Also after registration you get the opportunity to enter into discussions in the comments with other partners, leave feedback on the work of certain projects, etc. Frequent communication in the comments will help you to win the blog activity from the competition :) In general, the registered monitoring user has a bunch of profitable bonuses! In order to register on the blog, you must click on the link "registration», Then specify your username, e-mail, password and pass the simplest captcha.

Next, the system will ask you to enter the numbers of your wallets, the username in the telegrams and a link to the group VC.

After you automatically get into your personal account. When the authorization session is completed, you can find the entry link in the main menu of our site.

How to use the investor panel?

When you are registered, in addition to all the other monitoring buns, you will be available automatically. investor panel, making it easy to keep personal investment records. You will not need notebooks and Excel, because the panel does everything by itself: it inserts the necessary tariff plans, calculates the time and amount of charges, the time of the breakeven, as well as reminds users to withdraw charges. Convenient, is not it? Each investor can use the panel, you can learn more about its functionality. read here.

What are investment project reviews?

All HYIP projects in which we invest are located in the “monitoring” section. Looking at the card with each project, you will learn the full information about it: tariff plans, conditions of the referral program, type of payments, payment systems with which the project works, as well as its legend and our opinion. Also at the end of the page with the project there will be a block with comments where reviews about the solvency of the HYIP are published.

If the project has proven itself on the positive side and we see further prospects for its development, then we compile and publish a text review in which we fully describe the project and our opinion about it. Text reviews are the most convenient thing for beginners, because Thanks to them, you can learn all the subtleties of registration and learn all the pitfalls of hyip marketing.

What is refback and insurance? Where and how to order them?

It is quite possible that while reading this manual, you are simply critically tired of meeting two not entirely clear terms for you: refback and insurance. It's time to figure it out!

Refbek - This is a bonus from the contribution of the partner (referral), paid by his referral guide (upline). Suppose you are registered on our referral link in a HYIP project and invested 50 $ in it. For each project we pay our partners a bonus (refbek). The amount of refback depends on the marketing of each individual project. Suppose, for example, in the HYIP you invested in, the monitoring bonus is 5%. This means that you owe us a bonus in the form of 5% of the amount of your deposit (ie, 0.05 * 50 $ = 2.5 $). Refback increases your investment returns!

Insurance - This is a dedicated cash fund to cover the losses of all investors in a project. For example, an insurance fund in the amount of 200 $ was allocated for the project. This means that in case of a scam, this money will be equally shared by all our partners who have suffered losses. Insurance is an open way to reduce your risks when investing.

Links for ordering a refback or insurance are in the right sidebar of the site. Before filling out the forms, make sure that your invitation to the project was

What kind of activity contests does a blog have and how to participate in them?

We love our partners and therefore we encourage their activity twice a month! AT activity contest 10 prizes with prizes from 3 to 25 $. Winners are identified by the number of comments on the blog. Discuss projects, post your contributions and payments, ask questions to the articles and just express your opinion and then it is you who will win a prize in the activity contest!

Instead of a conclusion

As you can see, our monitoring has a lot of advantages that can simplify the life of both a novice and an experienced investor. Using our services is profitable and profitable. In addition, you reduce your time spent on the selection and analysis of new projects, as well as on the control of deposits. Feel free to ask questions - you will always get an answer. Join the friendly family of! Invest with us and be in profit! :)

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