Drawing up an investment portfolio from RichMonkey.biz

Drawing up an investment portfolio from RichMonkey.biz

Most newbie investors are not able to correctly select investment projects to get the maximum profit from their deposit, or they invest all their money in one project and quickly lose it.

To prevent this from happening again, we decided to open an opportunity for our partners to order from us the service of drawing up an investment portfolio, which, by the way, will be absolutely free.

Why us

  • our team consists of investors with more than 5 years of experience in working with HYIP projects;
  • thanks to communication with colleagues and project administration, we have insider information that an ordinary investor does not have;
  • our weekly and monthly earnings are stable due to the right diversification;
  • drawing up an investment portfolio free of charge for our partners;
  • our team daily monitors new items, news, dynamics of deposits and reviews of HYIP projects.

Types of investment portfolios

Investment portfolios are divided into three types: conservative, mid-income and high-risk. Each of these types of investment portfolio has its own pros and cons:

  • conservative... This portfolio consists of projects that, in our opinion, are a good option for long-term work. As a rule, such projects offer small percentages of profitability, which are coupled with stability. A conservative portfolio ideal for large amounts of 5 000 $... Monthly income from 5% to 15%;
  • middle profit... A more interesting offer, but the risks increase. The portfolio consists of projects that have a good daily rate of return. This type of portfolio is well suited for amounts from 500 $. Monthly income from 16% to 35%;
  • high-risk... The main advantage is that the income as a percentage can be very high compared to the above two portfolios, but do not forget about the risks, since this type of portfolio is the most risky. Recommended amount for compiling a portfolio from $100... Monthly income from 36% and more.

How to order a ready-made investment portfolio

To order an investment portfolio, you must write to us by mail [email protected] with the topic "Investment portfolio".

The message should be as follows:

  • your login on the blog and in projects;
  • deposit amount (from $ 100);
  • the type of portfolio you want to order;
  • projects in which you are already participating and indicate the amount of deposits (if not, skip this point).

PS The investment portfolio is compiled in the event that you register in projects using our partner links.

We will prepare and send an investment portfolio to you within 24-48 hours. In case you have not received the letter, we recommend checking the "Spam" folder. We advise you to use mail from gmail.com.

For a quick answer, you can contact our consultant on the website by clicking the "Write to us" button.


A ready-made investment portfolio is a great opportunity for beginners to start their journey in the HYIP industry without making elementary mistakes. By the way, ordering the service is also suitable for experienced investors who want to save their time.

This service is provided absolutely free for all partners of our blog.

If you have already used our service, please leave your feedback.

PS The administration is not responsible for the risks associated with investing in projects presented on the monitoring or in the finished investment portfolio.

Our contacts

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  1. Grossmeyster 10 January 2023 18: 20

    An interesting idea, but about the amounts for each category, it is individual.

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  2. Lumin 17 September 2022 16: 39

    Excellent service. At one time, if I had ordered an investment portfolio, the losses would have been much less, or even not at all.

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  3. Mihhha 29 March 2022 22: 42

    Thank you for the opportunity to form a portfolio of HYIPs for free and at the same time minimize risks as much as possible. All success and good profit!!! 

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  4. Anzhel 15 January 2022 22: 55

    Thank you blog for helping me make money

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  5. UdayAS8 11 January 2022 20: 45

    Thanks for the service vut i think the experienced might need it too after all the scams lol

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  6. Tatarin152152 17 October 2021 23: 16

    I sent a letter. Thank you in advance!

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  7. gilew455 22 September 2021 20: 03

    It's a good idea to help make money.
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  8. zakonich 17 August 2021 13: 27

    I will definitely use this service)
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  9. tanjs 4 July 2021 16: 10

    Really appreciating work by the blog. Thanks for helping out us, love❤️
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  10. VARSI 24 June 2021 14: 09

    Great service, very convenient, especially for those who are just starting out. How much do you recommend to enter each project, if only a beginner?
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 25 June 2021 15: 27

      VARSIto feel the HYIPs, $ 100 will be enough and distribute them across 10 projects. Of course, the larger the amount, the better and less risk. It also depends on your budget. You need to invest the amount that you are not afraid to lose
      A complaint
  11. Nargiza1978 18 May 2021 09: 20

    Thank you guys for your work
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    1. richmonkey_support 25 June 2021 15: 28

      Nargiza1978, thanks for the tip!
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  12. kiryamalik 18 May 2021 08: 05

    Useful for those who do not want to bother in the HYIP industry)
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    1. Mihhha 3 May 2022 00: 16

      I completely agree. Thanks to RichMonkey.biz for this service and for the conscientious and honest work in general.

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  13. Imrael 15 March 2021 18: 27

    Thanks for the investment portfolio!
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  14. ilya28087 7 February 2021 21: 30

    A very interesting and useful service, and most importantly that it is free, there will also be a refback, you need to use it :))
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  15. mpnick 26 November 2020 21: 38

    Quote: Lex5964
    donate this capital for the trust management of "Richmonkey"

    This is an interesting proposal, but in this case Rich loses referrals from us, which are much more than the percentage of earnings from the "investor fund" as you put it, BUT, if you approach it correctly (mathematically), then it is quite a good idea, I would have thrown myself into such a fund ... How do you like, Rich?
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 27 November 2020 09: 27

      Mpnick, didn't think about it. Labor-intensive enough
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      1. AlexanderKudrya8027 15 March 2021 20: 28

        I would support such an idea, in general it was interesting to come up with an order for an investment portfolio. Cool feature I've never seen before
        A complaint
        1. kiryamalik 4 May 2021 14: 34

          I agree, I would also be ready to give the money under trust. Let them take a commission for the service and the minimum threshold is high, so that the commission pays for the labor costs
          A complaint
          1. ilya28087 4 May 2021 15: 09

            The idea is interesting and very, but then it will be necessary to create an additional section on the site for convenience + if you love there would be limits so that large amounts would not be thrown, besides, in order to calculate and implement everything, you will need to spend a lot of time.
            A complaint
            1. 4difeer666 15 January 2022 23: 18

              I would invest in such a fund

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  16. Stefanil 21 November 2020 19: 58

    I already ordered! And I am also very glad that the admin is always in touch both in the body and through the mail, they promptly answer and help with all stupid questions. Thanks!
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  17. andor 18 November 2020 22: 19

    Coolest thing! I used it myself just literally. I applied for it yesterday evening, and today I received detailed recommendations from Rich. I am getting ready to enter projects from the recommended portfolio.
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  18. Dima888z 22 October 2020 10: 42

    The words "Lex5964" are worth paying attention to, if you work for small amounts and in 5-7 projects. If we divide the capital that is into 12-15 projects, then the profit will be corresponding. Therefore, I think that he seeks to earn more, but does not come out. There is an option to consider the option of creating a "fund of investors" (capital of inverters) - for those who wished to invest in it and give this capital for trust management "Richmonkey", and already he would have invested these finances where he should, as he always keeps his finger on the pulse, communicates with admins and immediately sees their handwriting, knows when to withdraw the deposit. Well, of course, if he still agrees)). And it would not be bad, because no matter how hard we try to choose the best projects, or participate in those that were offered to us, the amounts of our investments are very small - hence the profit is the same, and if we take finance from the "investor fund", let's say even if each invested $ 10 in it (one hundred inverters) = this is already $ 1000, and for example, at 2% in good top projects = $ 20 per day = $ 600 per month. For such trust management, you can pay a percentage of the profit, then the trust fund manager will be interested in profit and I think it will not be burdensome for him, since he is a professional and knows where and how to invest. If there are opinions or suggestions, I am ready to listen. It's just that I've been thinking about new ideas for earning money lately, so I've outlined the essence of my thoughts ...
    A complaint
  19. Lex5964 16 October 2020 23: 23

    Good evening) Rich, if you think of this option in theory: we take the middle option ... consisting of 5-7 projects, and for example, one of them goes to SCAM, then our loss covers the profit from other projects ... + refki and so on ... But the portfolio needs to be partially restored and this requires some amount ... The year was in HYIPs, I used diversification and if a project scam and cattle happen to be right the other day, then low-income workers will block at least the exit to 0 for too long from their projects and + a couple of scams from the portfolio ... that is, in fact, for the average you need to take into account 500 bucks and + 200 in parentheses and the case of force majeure ... Or, in fact, a portfolio was made from certain projects - and they are not supplemented by projects further on your advice?
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 17 October 2020 15: 19

      Lex5964, Greetings. 5-7 projects are very few. In the best case, the portfolio should contain at least 15 projects
      We can create an investment portfolio from scratch or supplement yours. You simply indicate in which projects you are already participating and the amount of deposits in them
      A complaint
      1. mirov84 24 October 2020 20: 54

        Greetings, but the projects will hopefully not only long-term HYIPs or other projects such as top forex exchanges, startups are envisaged?
        A complaint
        1. richmonkey_support 25 October 2020 14: 11

          Mirov84, Greetings. We only work with HYIPs
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  20. lola 16 October 2020 17: 16

    I read the comments and am amazed. weary If I want to do something, then I do, and do not write that "I should try" or "it is worth thinking" imp
    A complaint
    1. BandiCD 16 October 2020 17: 18

      I believe that everyone present has already created their portfolios, since I myself personally participate in 12 projects.
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      1. 4difeer666 9 February 2022 01: 33

        Yes, in fact, every year there are more and more beginners who shoot a cutlet in fastskam

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      2. Wael77 26 July 2022 21: 00

        Although I agree with you but this recommendations might help the beginners so much

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  21. Robin2020 16 October 2020 16: 27

    The good news is, try building a portfolio!
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  22. Dima888z 12 October 2020 04: 49

    It's good that the blog thinks about the income of its investors, this minimizes all possible risks when investing - respect to the admin
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  23. delix 12 October 2020 00: 06

    Interesting function
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  24. 4difeer666 10 October 2020 13: 44

    A convenient function, he himself asked at the beginning of the journey, it was necessary to direct it correctly, and now it is even more difficult for beginners to choose the right project
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  25. Dyuha 10 October 2020 00: 17

    Good idea. It is worth thinking about it
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    1. mirov84 11 October 2020 21: 06

      It would not be bad for beginners to invest money!
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  26. Persevalt 9 October 2020 22: 09

    Is refback not paid in this case?
    A complaint
    1. BandiCD 9 October 2020 22: 19

      Everything will remain in place, just the projects will be selected for you, for your expectations and financial resources, of course, certain conditions will be present (for example, register only by their referral link).
      A complaint
    2. richmonkey_support 10 October 2020 00: 01

      Persevalt, paid of course
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  27. n1kto253 9 October 2020 18: 19

    A really useful feature!)
    Will there be any results, statistics, portfolio data in the future?) It would be interesting to see)
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    1. richmonkey_support 10 October 2020 00: 00

      n1kto253, haven't thought about it yet, but anything is possible
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  28. Anzhel 9 October 2020 17: 53

    Cool news for newbies and more.
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  29. matrix2000 9 October 2020 16: 30

    Interesting function
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    1. lola 14 October 2020 12: 58

      It's too early for newcomers to know laughing Let the terms first familiarize themselves with what refback and insurance are smirk
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  30. smap89 9 October 2020 16: 19

    Great news and service!
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