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Offline Blog Projects

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we track, but which are not on our monitoring. The information will concern interesting new products, unpromising new products, latest scams, as well as TOP-3 interesting projects for investments “out of monitoring” (perhaps in the future we expand TOP) in our opinion.

The page is designed to unsubscribe on the movement of funds in each asset, which will be presented here.

There are no insurance and listings for these projects, but we do not exclude that a promising project may appear on our blog with an overview. You must be aware of the risks.
Do we pay refbek on projects that are in this section - Yes, 50%

15.09.19 Offline Blog News Digest

15.09.2019 104 26

К концу второй недели сентября начали появляться интересные новинки, которые мы отобразили в нашей рубрике «Вне блога», а также мы подвели итоги по отслеживаемым проектам...

12.09.19 Offline Blog News Digest

12.09.2019 179 50

The past three days have not brought interesting new products and we could not select anything for you. Better than taking everything in a row. We proceed to the analysis of monitored projects ...

09.09.19 Offline Blog News Digest

10.09.2019 155 37

Over the past three days, quite a few interesting new products have appeared that are worthy of your attention, but we were able to select something interesting for you ...

06.09.19 Offline Blog News Digest

06.09.2019 237 66

September has not yet begun to please us with many interesting new products, but projects are appearing and there is already something to choose from. We try to choose for you only the best projects and filter out the worst in ..

03.09.19 Offline Blog News Digest

03.09.2019 235 99

The first autumn digest of interesting new projects “Off the blog” has been issued. We recommend you to familiarize yourself ...

31.08.19 Offline Blog News Digest

31.08.2019 258 133

The last digest “Out of the blog” of August and summer, respectively, is ready. We move smoothly into autumn and expect a significant addition of interesting new products ...

28.08.19 Offline Blog News Digest

28.08.2019 237 93

Prepared for our readers a new digest “Out of blog”. We immediately spoiler that there were few interesting new products. Projects are gradually appearing, which cannot but rejoice, but ..

25.08.19 Offline Blog News Digest

26.08.2019 211 77

Our column “Off the blog” continues to be actively filled with hourly hours. Gradually new investment projects appear that deserve the attention of investors ...

22.08.19 Offline Blog News Digest

22.08.2019 345 119

The moderate addition of new products in the section “Off the blog” continues and cannot but rejoice. Projects that are worth paying attention to begin to appear periodically. Let's move on from the words ..

19.08.19 Offline Blog News Digest

20.08.2019 224 64

We publish a digest with a slight delay. It reflected the most important events, as well as several interesting new products. Recommended reading ...

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