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Offline Blog Projects

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we track, but which are not on our monitoring. The information will concern interesting new products, unpromising new products, latest scams, as well as TOP-3 interesting projects for investments “out of monitoring” (perhaps in the future we expand TOP) in our opinion.

The page is designed to unsubscribe on the movement of funds in each asset, which will be presented here.

There are no insurance and listings for these projects, but we do not exclude that a promising project may appear on our blog with an overview. You must be aware of the risks.
Do we pay refbek on projects that are in this section - Yes, 50%

23.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

23.07.2019 66 5

This time we didn’t select interesting new products for investment, but, as always, we summed up the projects from the “Track“ Off-blog ”category ...

20.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

20.07.2019 174 19

We missed one digest "Out of the blog", but at the same time we restore the chronology of the events of the past 6 days, instead of 3-ex ...

14.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

15.07.2019 176 18

With a slight delay completed the design of the digest. By the way, there is something to see. Summer will not be as bad as it might seem? ..

11.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

11.07.2019 203 18

Over the past three days, the HYIP industry has pleased many new products that deserve our attention. Let's not be unfounded, proceed to digest! ..

08.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

08.07.2019 170 22

Let's spoil the digest content. This time we didn’t select interesting new products for the elapsed time, but, as always, we summed up the total profit on existing projects, as well as ..

05.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

05.07.2019 244 31

This is not to say that there is a strong lull in the HYIP industry. Periodically there are projects that are suitable, by the way, not all ...

02.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest

02.07.2019 282 36

There is something to see in the first digest of July. Have decent investment options started to appear? Sooner to judge, of course, but I would like to believe ...

29.06.19 Offline Blog News Digest

30.06.2019 221 20

The last digest of June was very interesting. We were left by the popular Latypay project to which many made big bets. In general, we were able to select interesting new items for investment ...

26.06.19 Offline Blog News Digest

26.06.2019 285 23

The last three days have not brought us a bunch of interesting new products, but still we managed to find something. It took a lot of projects from the section "Outside the blog." Reflected for you all in a convenient text ..

23.06.19 Offline Blog News Digest

23.06.2019 222 34

Recently, there are no interesting new products in the HYIP industry. It would be best if you stop your choice and invest in projects from the “Monitored” section ...

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23.07.19 Offline Blog News Digest23.07.2019 This time we did not select interesting new products for investment, but, as always, we failed.