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Offline Blog Projects

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we track, but which are not on our monitoring. The information will concern interesting new products, unpromising new products, latest scams, as well as TOP-3 interesting projects for investments “out of monitoring” (perhaps in the future we expand TOP) in our opinion.

The page is designed to unsubscribe on the movement of funds in each asset, which will be presented here.

There are no insurance and listings for these projects, but we do not exclude that a promising project may appear on our blog with an overview. You must be aware of the risks.
Do we pay refbek on projects that are in this section - Yes, 50%

24.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

24.05.2019 149 33

Приличное прибавление интересных новинок в разделе "Вне блога". Каждый выводы делает для себя, а мы описываем ситуацию по существу...

21.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

21.05.2019 149 20

The HYIP industry has pleased us with a moderate number of new products, or more precisely, fasts that we can pay attention to. Moving on to the section "Outside the blog" ...

18.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

18.05.2019 180 18

For the next time period passed, the HYIP industry did not please us with an abundance of interesting new products, but still we managed to select something interesting ...

15.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

15.05.2019 178 23

A huge number of new products, but, unfortunately, not all of those considered are promising for investment. Let's deal with the latest updates and tracked projects ..

12.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

12.05.2019 208 43

The HYIP industry was not able to please us with many interesting new products over the past period of time, but for our readers we managed to find something interesting ...

09.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

09.05.2019 269 38

Welcome, dear partners! The past three days gave us a number of new products that may interest you. We also noted projects that re-branded ...

06.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

06.05.2019 244 32

Welcome, dear partners! Scanty segment of three days in the HYIP industry. Especially interesting new products have not appeared. We are satisfied with the projects that are in the category ..

03.05.19 Offline Blog News Digest

03.05.2019 251 26

Welcome, dear partners! Prepared the first digest of May. Over the past three days, a decent amount of interesting new products have appeared, in our opinion. Let's go over ..

30.04.19 Offline Blog News Digest

30.04.2019 194 28

Welcome, dear partners! Over the past three days, the HYIP industry has pleased certain innovations. Unfortunately, the giants do not pull, but still, you can have something for yourself ..

27.04.19 Offline Blog News Digest

27.04.2019 176 19

Welcome, dear partners! A small useful update in digests. Now, in front of the domain, there will be a solvency project status in order for our ..

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