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Offline Blog Projects

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we track, but which are not on our monitoring. The information will concern interesting new products, unpromising new products, latest scams, as well as TOP-3 interesting projects for investments “out of monitoring” (perhaps in the future we expand TOP) in our opinion.

The page is designed to unsubscribe on the movement of funds in each asset, which will be presented here.

There are no insurance and listings for these projects, but we do not exclude that a promising project may appear on our blog with an overview. You must be aware of the risks.
Do we pay refbek on projects that are in this section - Yes, 50%

14.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest

15.11.2019 39 2

В хайп-индустрии очевидный спад, но мы считаем, что это ненадолго. Не смотря на скамопад, появляются интересные новинки у нас на блоге и в разделе «Вне блога» по которому мы подготовили..

11.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest

11.11.2019 254 55

There was a meager three-day period in the hype industry. A lot of slag projects came out. First things first ...

08.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest

09.11.2019 283 80

Over the past three days, a large number of interesting new products have appeared, which we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our latest digest “Out of Blog” ...

05.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest

05.11.2019 261 78

New interesting projects, summing up the monitored projects, and we noted obvious quick scams. In principle, everything is as always. A fresh digest “Out of the blog” is waiting for us while you read ..

02.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest

03.11.2019 233 65

The first digest of November is ready and, in fact, there are few “November” projects in it. We believe that there will be another interesting month in the hype industry ahead of us, but before that we recommend you ..

30.10.19 Offline Blog News Digest

31.10.2019 277 50

The last digest of our column “Out of the blog” for October has been prepared. Compared to September, interesting new items began to appear more actively in the hype industry, which is good news ...

27.10.19 Offline Blog News Digest

27.10.2019 319 96

Compared to the previous digest, this release can be considered empty. We calculated the profitability of projects from the “Tracking” category, displayed an interesting novelty and sorted out the latest scams ...

24.10.19 Offline Blog News Digest

25.10.2019 305 69

A large number of interesting new products appeared over the three days. For those who select new projects for the investment portfolio, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our latest digest “Out ..

21.10.19 Offline Blog News Digest

21.10.2019 319 149

Over these three days there has been some decline in the emergence of new projects in the hype industry. We are summing up the profitability of projects from the category “Tracking” ...

18.10.19 Offline Blog News Digest

18.10.2019 349 81

It is good when projects are added to digests, and especially when something can be selected from them in the investment portfolio. To your attention the latest issue of the digest "Out of blog" ...

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