Which payment system or cryptocurrency to choose for HYIPs

Which payment system or cryptocurrency to choose for HYIPs

If you are a beginner, then this article is for you! At the start of work with HYIPs it is important to decide on the payment system or cryptocurrencywith which you will invest in the future.

We have prepared an article on payment systems and cryptocurrencies to get started with HYIPs, in which we will tell you about what to choose when choosing.


It is difficult to imagine an investment project without an accessible and understandable deposit/withdrawal of funds. Fortunately for us, investors, electronic payment systems have been created and kriptovalyuty, which allow investing in high-risk investment projects and not only.

The main criteria for choosing a payment system to work with HYIPs must be:

  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • low commissions for operations;
  • security;
  • simple verification process or lack thereof.

When choosing a cryptocurrency for working with HYIPs, the following criteria are also important:

  • low commissions;
  • high transaction speed.

In this article, we want to display the most popular payment systems and cryptocurrencies that are used to invest in HYIP projects.

HYIP payment systems

You can work with some investment projects using bank cards, but we do not recommend that you do this for several reasons. Firstly, with the help of bank cards you can invest not in every hype, but only in units, which causes inconvenience. Secondly, some bank cards may have commissions for transfers, or a large minimum amount for withdrawal from a particular project. Thirdly, it is not safe. With a large turnover, the bank may block your card or request proof of income.

That is why it is necessary to use electronic payment systems to work with such projects.

There are a huge number of payment systems, but the most popular among hypes are: Perfect Money, ePayCore и Payeer.

Payment system Perfect Money

To date, the payment system Perfect Money is the most popular in the HYIP industry, but since summer 21 loses positions and gives way to the TOP-e crypto-currencies. It is still used in most investment projects and every self-respecting investor should have a wallet registered in it.

The most important benefits are:

  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • high level of security;
  • low commission for verified users, which is 0.5% of the transfer amount;
  • instant transactions;
  • the ability to create up to three wallet numbers in USD, EUR or gold.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that the commission for transfers for unverified users will be 1.99% of the transfer amount.

ePayCore payment system

Due to the fact that Perfect Money was gradually losing ground and introducing restrictions, a payment system appeared on the horizon of the HYIP industry ePayCore, which is actively gaining momentum among the administration of HYIP projects. In case the project does not have the Perfect Money payment system, you do not want to use cryptocurrency, or you like this payment system more than anything else, it will serve as an excellent choice for an investor.

The advantages of this payment system are as follows:

  • the interface is intuitive;
  • having created a wallet, three currencies are available to you - the dollar, hryvnia and rubles (you can add euro and tenge);
  • low commissions within the system, namely 0.5% per transfer, regardless of verification;
  • optional verification;
  • there is a generous affiliate program;
  • balance replenishment is available from bank cards, payment systems AdvCash, Perfect Money and popular cryptocurrencies;
  • instant transactions.

Since the payment system is new, credibility must be earned. It is not an easy and long way. We would like to wish ePayCore good luck in this! We see that everything is slowly working out. Let it be so.

What does verification give? Verification expands the withdrawal limit, which upon registration is $5 per month. In addition, verification is necessary to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Payment system Payeer

Payment system Payeer is the most versatile among its competitors. When used, more than 20 ways of depositing / withdrawing funds are offered, including cryptocurrencies, bank cards and even mobile operators.

This payment system has the following advantages:

  • having created a wallet, three currencies are available to you - dollar, ruble and euro;
  • the ability to anonymously withdraw funds to any Russian bank card;
  • the ability to transfer funds even to those users who do not have an account in the payment system using e-mail, bank card number or mobile phone number;
  • optional verification;
  • commission for manual transfer 0.5%;
  • instant transactions;
  • high level of security.

Why did we write “for manual translation”? Payeer they reduced the transfer commission, but for the API with which hyips work to automate payments, the commission remained 0.95%. For withdrawal of funds, this commission may be charged instead of 0.5%, depending on the project.

What does verification give? Nothing special, except that you can carry out daily operations worth more than $ 2. An ordinary investor does not need it.

PS Due to the new rules that were introduced at the beginning of November 2020, the payment system can rarely be found in HYIPs. We believe that its use is inappropriate. Displayed it in this article for general education, tk. You can still find it in HYIPs though.

Cryptocurrencies in HYIPs

There is probably no person who, at least, has not heard about cryptocurrencies. good alternative fiat money they are the ones that allow you to conveniently invest in financial instruments, including HYIPs.

We strongly do not recommend using cryptocurrencies for beginners, as a change of course can both positively and negatively affect the amount of total profit if there are conversions in the project. Investing in a project of a certain amount, you run the risk of getting less dollars than you planned for marketing the project. There may be exceptions that you will receive a large amount. The conclusions are made by everyone for himself.

Previously, experienced investors used cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin, only if the project works exclusively with cryptocurrency without fiat payment systems.

Now the situation has changed, HYIPs began to appear stablecoins, which are equated 1:1 to the US dollar. We recommend them for beginners.

Stablecoin Tether (USDT)

We believe that a stablecoin is best suited for investing in HYIPs Tether, which is the first in the world in terms of capitalization today among stablecoins.

Why is Tether good?

  • low commissions (using Tron, BSC networks, etc., you can significantly reduce transfer fees);
  • stability;
  • instant transactions;
  • ease of use.

Today, Tether is present in almost every HYIP, which is good news. Therefore, we recommend that you start using it, if you have not already done so.

Stablecoin USD Coin (USDC)

Steyblecoin USD Coin can be found in HYIPs much less frequently than its competitor Tether, but we believe that the situation should gradually change and soon we will see the addition of this token to the HYIP payment list more and more often.

This stablecoin has the same number of advantages as Tether:

  • low commissions (using Tron, BSC networks, etc., you can significantly reduce transfer fees);
  • stability;
  • instant transactions;
  • ease of use.

This stablecoin is in second place in its category in terms of capitalization. USDC has great authority, which is growing more and more every year.

Stablecoin Binance USD (BUSD)

Another stablecoin on our list. This time it BUSD from crypto exchange Binance. This stablecoin is not as common as Tether, but it can still be seen in the payment list of HYIPs.

The stablecoin BUSD has the same number of advantages as its competitors Tether and USDC:

  • low commissions (using Tron, BSC networks, etc., you can significantly reduce transfer fees);
  • stability;
  • instant transactions;
  • ease of use.

BUSD is in third place in terms of capitalization among stablecoins. We hope that soon we will see it more often in the list of cryptocurrencies available for investment in HYIPs.

Popular cryptocurrencies used in HYIPs

It is far from a secret that cryptocurrencies are found in almost every HYIP and this is great. Cryptocurrencies allow you to invest in any HYIP in a couple of clicks and increase the cryptocurrency on volatility.

We have prepared a list of popular cryptocurrencies that are used in HYIPs:

  • Ripple (XRP);
  • TRON (TRX);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Binance Coin (BNB);
  • Dogecoin (DOGE);
  • Sunshine (SUN);
  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Ethereum (ETH).

Each of these cryptocurrencies has a very similar set of benefits, in addition to the commissions of BTC and ETH, so we did not analyze each of these cryptocurrencies separately.

If you like the fundamental component of the cryptocurrency and want to keep it in the long run, then you can try to start multiplying it with the help of HYIPs.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, are better suited for profit taking, but also for investing.

Our recommendations

As practice shows, hype admins often have a standard set of payment systems from Perfect Money and ePayCore, and the following cryptocurrencies can be seen: Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) Binance USD (BUSD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), TRON (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others.

We believe that every newcomer or already experienced investor should have at least registered wallets in payment systems Perfect Money and ePaycore. Of the cryptocurrencies, we recommend mastering Tether (USDT) on the TRC-20 network.

С Bitcoin We recommend working in extreme cases. For example, in those projects that accept only BTC. Or in a bear market, as commissions and minimum withdrawal amounts will be much lower than in a bull market.

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Let's sum up a little from the above. The most popular payment system in use HYIPs, unconditionally is Perfect Money, but ePayCore breathes down her back.

List crypto-currency is rather extensive and there is no point in repeating it here. It all depends on the project and the coin you like.

About most of these payment systems, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins We have articles on the blog, so we encourage you to read them!

In this article, we analyzed: popular payment systems and cryptocurrencies that are used in HYIP projects, their advantages and gave several recommendations.

Write in the comments what payment systems and cryptocurrencies you use and consider convenient for investing. Who will have difficulties in buying or selling, questions on creating wallets, you can write to the contacts provided below. We will definitely help and advise you!

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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  1. Lumin 28 September 2022 22: 15

    In my opinion, at this stage the most popular stablecoin is Tether (USDT) on the TRC-20 network. As soon as Perfect Money began to leave the HYIP market, I immediately made myself a Tronlink wallet, very convenient and without commission (I froze 2000 thrones).

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    1. Akimskate 30 September 2022 23: 57

      I agree, at one time I also used the Klever wallet, there was a similar system, like freezing thrones, and transfers can be made without a commission. but somehow I scored on it, it seems to be still working, of course, so if someone is interested as an alternative

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  2. Akimskate 28 September 2022 13: 31

    Thanks for the helpful article!

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  3. UdayAS8 14 September 2022 03: 23

    thanks for the update admin, USDT still at the summit of every method and it doesn't seem to change

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    Thanks for the article Admin!

    I use USDT most of the time

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  5. 4difeer666 8 September 2022 00: 35

    During this time, I left binance for baybit, I keep coins in my Exodus wallet

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  6. Managerruslan 7 September 2022 14: 15

    After I figured out USDT from blog articles, for about six months I have been making almost all deposits through this stablecoin. Fast, convenient and no commission) Well, and occasionally, if the minimum amount for withdrawal is convenient, I go through PM, but not a big fan. I really liked ePayCore, it was made very conveniently and professionally, I'm waiting for the power to increase

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  7. Alex2601 9 March 2022 18: 25

    I think the future in the HYIP industry will be with the tether. 

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    1. UdayAS8 31 July 2022 23: 45

      it become indeed the most used payment method in hyip but still there are some projects that set high limits for withdrawing in tether

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    2. 4difeer666 28 September 2022 19: 57

      Still, the pm did not disappear much, it remained in a third of the projects, but most have already switched to tezer

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      1. UdayAS8 28 September 2022 22: 24

        Tether is great for sure but what about that every now and then projects raising the withdrawal limit for tether ( It happend with Truststaking, Henbbo and others) PM always has the lowest withdrawal limit so that's one for it

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      2. Akimskate 30 September 2022 23: 59

        I still use a lot where, I got used to it a lot) 

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  8. levnks 28 February 2022 20: 02

    It is better to use USDT TRC20 and Perfect Money. There is a small minus Perfect Money is a difficult account verification, but it will work out 2-4 times) In TRC20 there is a small commission in TRX, but thanks to the receipt of energy, you can pay nothing at all. 

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  9. 4difeer666 16 February 2022 01: 27

    I chose the Binance payment system))))) Pm left, the payer left, epaycore remained, I think it will soon become an analogue of pma, the commissions are gradually decreasing, and I think it will be more profitable for admins to go either to tether or epay

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  10. UdayAS8 12 February 2022 14: 32

    Thanks for the article 

    In the meantime i guess that USDT is the most used method to invest in hyip

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  11. tanjs 11 July 2021 12: 04

    Thanks for the article
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  12. ilya28087 4 February 2021 15: 49

    Before the article, I did not know that it was possible to lower the commission in Perfect Money after passing the verification by 4 times (from 1.99 to 0.5%), immediately after reading I submitted an application, thanks for the article.
    PS While writing a comment, one dock has already been checked smile
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    1. Wael77 11 September 2022 01: 42

      Neither am I!!

      But i think that USDT transactions are still more convenient.

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  13. mirov84 9 December 2020 14: 45

    Paeer is probably the best but that HYIP projects more and more refuse to add Paeer lately!
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    1. UdayAS8 15 February 2022 21: 31

      sadly, Payeer ended their work with HYIP long ago

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  14. AlexanderKudrya8027 20 November 2020 22: 14

    Thanks for the article. I use PM. I like it in Komsa 0,5 for Verefif. it's a pity that raer works more with hyips
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  15. mirov84 29 October 2020 15: 51

    I use Paeer myself. By the way, news - Withdrawals to Ukrainian bank cards have been reduced from 2.99% to 1.99%, withdrawals to international bank cards in USD / EUR have been reduced from 2.99% to 2.5%.
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  16. mirov84 9 September 2020 10: 34

    Hello everyone, I myself use the Paeeer payment system, by the way, here are the latest news from Payeer from 31 Aug 2020, 13:08
    Reduced commissions!
    Trading operations on the stock exchange now cost 2 times cheaper, only 0.095% (previously 0.195%) and are among the most profitable on the market.
    The fees for cryptocurrency transfers were also lowered:
    1) Bitcoin -35%
    2) Etherium -35%
    3) Litecoin 2 times
    4) Bitcoin Cash -70%
    5) Dash -40%.
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    1. Anzhel 5 October 2020 18: 17

      Great news, I'm using the pen!
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  22. NikitaPuchkin2000 April 18 2020 22: 13

    I cannot call myself an experienced investor, but when I was just starting to invest, I had only one payment system - Qivi. Then I smoothly switched to Payeer, because I liked to earn not only on hype projects, but also on contests, and in order to collect my cash prize I needed to make this payment. Then I completely switched to Payeer abandoning Qivi, but I felt inferior, because in the smoothly developing projects, at first there was only Perfect Money. I decided to register him as well. Now I have two wallets: Perfect Money and Payeer. For a long time I could not get used to Perfect Money because of the inconvenient design, but this wallet has a small commission that can not be compared with the Payeer commission. In a month, if you count, a substantial amount of money runs up due to commissions on Payeer. Thanks RichMonkey.biz for the article, it is suitable for beginners!
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  23. mirov84 April 7 2020 19: 31

    I do not regret using my Payeer wallet !!!
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  24. Lumin April 5 2020 23: 17

    The best option is to use several wallets.
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    1. UdayAS8 27 February 2022 15: 30

      I can strongly agree eith you since no one now can anticipate wich service will stop working with HYIP

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  25. Bond 19 March 2020 23: 17

    I take advantage of the perfect, without verifying the lump, I was certainly biting for translations, I struggled with the verification of the address for a long time, they didn’t like the scans, either the wrong payment method, the wrong quality, but still finished, now the lump is a fairy tale.
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  26. 4difeer666 19 March 2020 21: 45

    I use the perfection, I consider it one of the most reliable, yes it can’t be compared with the design of the client, but it’s quite simple, one of the main advantages, minimal commission for verification
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  27. matrix2000 19 March 2020 08: 59

    Each wallet has its own advantages and disadvantages.
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    In principle, all e-wallets are unique, but I think Payeer is much better than Perfect Money in terms of design!

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