How to start working with HYIPs for a beginner

How to start working with HYIPs for a beginner

Everyone once started investing in HYIPs and a fairly large number of questions arose. This article is intended for beginners and will serve as a guide on how to start working with HYIPs.


If you just found our industry in the HYIP industry, then welcome! In this article, you will find a lot of useful information on how to start working with hyps. We will try for you to explain the complex terms that you may encounter as simple and clear as possible.

First of all, I would like to say that here, as elsewhere, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time to study the field. How quickly you can optimize depends on your desire. Undoubtedly, you need to spend much more time to understand hype well, but if we succeed, you will succeed!

Who we are

It would be logical to immediately explain who we are and what we do.

First of all, we are a group of experienced investors with many years of experience in the field of hype industry, who have created a blog about making money on investments. Our blog is a monitoring of hype projects, the status of which we monitor - the project pays or not. In turn, we offer investors useful information, detailed project reviews, interesting articles, bonuses and compensation in case of losses in such projects. Investing with us is profitable!

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What is HYIP, refback, scam and insurance

In the HYIP industry, there are definitions that beginners need to know without fail. Below is a short list of them. Let's start with the most basic question "what is HYIP?".

Hype (from the English abbreviation "HYIP" - "High Yield Investment Program") is a highly profitable investment project that accepts depositors' money and allows them to receive a certain percentage of profitability.

You should not be under the illusion that HYIPs are real companies that have some kind of activity behind their backs that brings money. These are financial pyramids that work due to the active inflow of money, and as soon as the inflow ends, the project is closed.

Refʙek (aka deposit bonus) - return of the referral commission to the partner. Simply put, if you invest through our affiliate links, then your upstream partner, that is, us, receives a referral accrual, which is divided or given in full to you. Refback will allow you to earn additional interest and thereby increase your income.

scam (from the English word "scam" - scam, fraud) - in our case, this word means when the project is closed and stops paying money.

Insurance - in the case when the project presented on our blog is closed and there is insurance for it, you can apply and we will try to compensate your losses as much as possible. In general, loss coverage is between 50% and 100%. Unfortunately, insurance is not valid for all projects, but only for those that have a block in their review that indicates this. There are times when we pay out insurance from our reserve fund.

You can also read our article "Investor Dictionary: HYIP Industry Terms"to understand all the terms that are used in the HYIP industry.

What are the hype

We figured out what a hype project is, and now let's figure out what they are.

In general, HYIPs are divided by profitability into such as:

How to determine which profitability this or that project refers to? Everything is very simple. Investment projects that offer earnings up to 15% net profit per month are low-income, from 16% to 60% net profit - average profit, and from 61% net profit - highly profitable.

We have prepared articles on this topic of classifications of hype, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

Can I make money on highs

Definitely answer, yes! Otherwise, what's the point of blogging for 4 years?

Let's move on to the main question "Can I make money on highs?" Thanks to our high-quality selection of investment projects and competent distribution of funds, you can reach a good passive income in a short time.

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Step-by-step instructions: "how to start investing"

We figured out the basic definitions, but still we would recommend that you study additional articles on our blog. Don't be lazy, read it!

The very first step you need to take is to decide on the amount you are going to invest. Depending on your income, you can allocate an amount that you will not be sorry to lose in case of failure, because you are a beginner and get bumps, learn from mistakes, and so on. The minimum threshold is $100, because you can distribute this money by $ 10 for 10 projects, and in the case of a scam of one of them, this loss will be relatively small for you. It should be understood that the more quality projects you can select, the better for your investment portfolio.

We recommend that you read the following articles:

The second step is to set up an electronic payment system, or a cryptocurrency wallet.

The most popular payment system used in HYIPs is currently Perfect Money, but so far we are seeing a sad situation on it. Many HYIPs refuse to work with it or admin wallets are blocked. Most likely, she will leave the hype industry soon.

More details about payment systems and cryptocurrencies that can be used in HYIPs in the following article:

There is a way out - cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrency is ideal for a beginner and not only Tether, because its rate is pegged to the dollar and is 1:1. We recommend using Tether TRC-20 (this means that Tether will work on the TRON network and thus you will pay a minimum commission for transfers) and BEP-20. We recommend using a wallet Tronlink or exchange bybit.

The third step - you need to replenish the balance of the wallet, or buy cryptocurrency. How to do it?

In this situation, there are two ways: use the exchanger, or buy cryptocurrency on the exchange. Which method to use is up to you, and we, in turn, will attach instructions:

The fourth step is to form an investment portfolio.

Let's move on to the most important thing - the selection of projects for our investment portfolio. In order to get acquainted with the projects on our blog, you need to go to the section Monitoring or visit our section "Outside the blog", in which we analyze interesting novelties of the HYIP industry that are not or are not yet on our blog.

The selection of projects for a portfolio is quite a reverent task and a beginner may not be able to cope, so we recommend that you read the following articles:

The fifth step is to order a bonus from the blog.

You can get a nice deposit bonus by ordering refbek. For this you need fill in the form after you invest in the project that was presented on our blog.

The sixth step - we get a profit!

If you have done all the points described above, then this means that you just have to wait for the accruals on projects, and it’s up to you to decide how to deal with the new money. You can withdraw and return the money spent, you can reinvest in new projects.


We have prepared a small list of recommendations that, in our opinion, should be followed in order to properly maintain and develop your investment portfolio, as well as start earning steadily:

  • Allocate a free amount of money for you... This is necessary so that you do not regret the lost money and it does not affect your family budget in any way, because investments are always associated with risks;
  • Do not invest borrowed funds... Taking out a loan for HYIPs or asking friends is a very stupid idea. Especially for a beginner who is just starting to get acquainted with this tool;
  • Don't invest in exorbitant rates. Beginners often see high interest rates and run to invest, but this is fundamentally not true. If the tariff offers earnings of 6% after 500 days, then by investing in it, you will not see money in it;
  • Diversify your funds wisely... The correct distribution of money is one of the most important points that you must follow. Invest in 1 project no more than 10% of your bank. It is better if it is 2.5-5% in one project. Thus, scam 1-2 projects will not be so scary;
  • Reinvest profit... In order for your portfolio to develop or stay in one place, there is no way without reinvestment. This advice is especially suitable for beginners. Try not to put money on your card for the first time, gain a foothold in the HYIP industry and only when you start earning a certain percentage on a stable basis, reward yourself for your efforts;
  • Use great offers... Our blog offers bonus from the contribution for tracked projects, which is mainly + 5%. In addition, we offer insurance, which, in the event of an unsuccessful investment, covers the losses of our team. Be sure to use these privileges;
  • Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear to you.... It would seem that everything is very simple, but for some reason people, when they invest for the first time, do not turn to us for help, and then regret their actions. We have been in HYIPs for a long time and can advise you on the current strategy, in which projects to invest, and so on. Just email us, it's free.


The desire to start investing is the first step, and the study of information and the investment itself is the second.

We tried to describe in as much detail as possible the information on how to start working with HYIPs for a beginner. It seems to us that everything was sorted out and nothing was missed, but if you have any questions, be sure to write about it in the comments.

Eh, we even envy the newcomers a little, because when we started, no one wrote about it in such detail.

If you still have questions, you can read our article:

Or ask questions in the comments. We will gladly answer!

We hope this article was helpful to you. Happy and profitable investment!

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