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What is understood as a refbek?

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Refback is the return to the investor of a certain percentage of the body of his contribution. It is enough to register by referral link so that your referrer will pay the agreed amount.

Some newcomers believe that the percentage is taken away from their deposit, so they fear similar offers. It's a delusion. The funds will continue to work in full, and an additional percentage is charged to the referral system, which it shares with referrals.

Benefits of refback

Investors who once learned what a refback is are looking for investment projects with similar conditions. This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • You make a profit after the first investment. Payments are made instantly. Depending on the agreements, they range from 2% to 10%.
  • Investing in HYIP projects is a risky business, so if a resource scits off ahead of time, then you will significantly compensate for the lost money with a refback.
  • If the project has shown itself as a reliable investment platform, then the interest received through refback will be a good bonus.

How is refbek paid?

Suppose that you invested in 100 rubles HYIP. The terms of the project say that the referrer will receive 10% of the size of your deposit. On his account, the system will transfer 10 rubles.

Part of this amount he shares with referrals. Depending on the initial agreement, the referrer may give you 40%, 60% or 80% of the size of his bonus. HYIP reviews say that some sponsors pay 100% to referrals of the bonus amount, but they are negligible.

Suppose that the referral is ready to return 10% of your deposit. So, if you invested 100 rubles, then the refback will be 10 rubles, while your 100 rubles will continue to work in the project and bring in a steady profit.

Why does the referrer pay refbek?

Refback is one of the tools to make a profit. It is advantageous for the retailer that potential investors register under his link, because thanks to them, he gets additional income.

Some investors make a small investment in the project, and earn only by attracting a large number of new participants.

How to find HYIPs that pay with a good refback?

Refback, which is able to get a potential investor, depends on two components:

  • The percentage that the resource provides for registration.
  • The percentage your referrer is willing to share.

HYIP projects that pay and have excellent refback can be found on our website in the rating created with the help of hyip monitoring (monitor).

Often sponsors share only a small part with referrals. And most of the money left to yourself. We pay our referrals the 100% bonus that the system provides, so register with our link right now.

Honest monitoring selects the most attractive investment sites for you and generates a rating of TOP HYIP projects.

The site administrator makes contributions and independently monitors the work of the funds. He monitors projects and identifies the most promising.

Then, hyip monitor displays on the first lines of the ranking the best new HYIP projects, which are very popular among investors.

Monitoring paying HYIP eliminates all fraudulent and questionable resources.

Remember that mindless investments can lead to loss of money. Our site presents the best HYIP monitor, which will minimize financial risks and not make a mistake with the choice.

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    1. Refka is paid for all deposits, not only at first. But as a rule, the money must first be withdrawn and then brought on a new one.
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