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Want to earn more? Leave reviews about HYIPs!

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Strange as it may sound, but your activity, even with us in monitoring in the comments, will help good administrators to keep the project longer. Now tell you why.

In general, we ourselves are to blame for not asking you to leave feedback anywhere. But the situation is never too late to change for the better.

Extremely important! Leave feedback about your contribution

No reviews - no deposits! A lot of feedback - a lot of contributions! Do you understand?

Suppose you go to the page HYIP Coin come. And there are reviews about contributions two times and miscalculated. It seems that no one enters the project. In fact, there are already 175 people!

People are such creatures who need to make a start from something to make a decision, right here your feedback will help them in this matter! Yes, something to tell, you know ...

No reviews - no deposits! A lot of feedback - a lot of contributions! Do you understand?

Leave feedback on payments received

Leave feedback on payments received!

Not less important point, leave a review of their payments. For example: in the first HYIP, payments for QIWI were manual, and the rest were on the machine. Small cuts caused a storm of negative reviews, at the same time, who should write positive? After all, the money in your wallet and no problems! This is wrong, you MUST also actively write about your success!

Only two people are enough to ruin the whole project. They began to actively talk on the MMGP forum that they had changed their wallets to others. And let's scribble hundreds of comments on this topic. So far, the administration has suspended payments to resolve the issue of negative comments, it has become so much that it was impossible to survive :(

We have considered the case just as an example of how important it is to write reviews! But with the same success they can bury the projects of positive administrators who were not going to run away with money. But you did not help them with positive reviews!

We leave feedback on insurance, prizes

We do not believe that we give such great insurance!

There are few people, but they are there who do not believe that we distribute insurance money to zero. Please write in the comments in the insurance publications, that you received the money, you can and the amount.

The same goes for contests. We honestly give away all the prizes, but again, prove to whom - when the comments are empty!

Do not write negative before time

Before writing a negative, contact the admin

Each of your negative feedback will cause Hypu damage. People will start wondering whether to enter the HYIP or not. Human psychology is such that in everything they look for the negative, and then the positives. In other words, your one negative review will be equal in strength to ten positive.

Moreover, if there are any problems, first write to the admin through feedback. I know the case itself, when a person simply indicated the wrong wallet, and then began scribbling comments, the project does not pay scams. The purse was fixed, its negative remained. The potential investor will not delve into his situation, read the first negative comments that does not pay and that's all.

Negative people are always more active.

It so happened that we don’t write about good things. And if something went wrong, we are glad to leave a review wherever possible.

Here the problem is wider. There is another category of people - trolls or paid informational attacks.

We draw conclusions, we are active! At the very least, we write about our contributions! Spend three seconds, but take care of your money! As a result, you will get a long-playing HYIP, which is beneficial for everyone: the admin, the monitoring and you - the investor!

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  1. I agree about negative comments ahead of time - they are ruining the project. I myself know that if somewhere I hear a negative about a project, I’d be reluctant to give up once more, you need to be more careful with them.
      1. I agree, I would never make a contribution to a project about which there are no reviews at all, this is somehow not reasonable, there must be proof of solvency
  2. I am a blogger with great experience and I understand how important comments and various reviews on the web resource. Therefore, the hand itself and stretches to leave here under different posts its purely personal opinion.
    And for the promotion of the site in search, the human factor is very important. More important than buying eternal links, seo optimization and other rubbish.
    The main thing for Yasha and Goshi now is the user, the reader of the site.
      1. I absolutely agree with the comments on the topic. Many just want to get an extra cent for their activity and don’t even try, don’t take the initiative or something.
  3. I always write in comments about all payments. Indeed, when you want to enter a new project, you start by reading reviews and comments on the project’s work.
    1. Yes, reviews are an important thing. Sometimes you come to the project review yourself, he has been working on the blog for half a year already, and there are almost no reviews and you start thinking if the project is paying at all.
  4. I used to remember how I started without leaving reviews, and then somehow I myself understood how important this is. Indeed, people pay more attention to negative information, 1 negative feedback overlaps many positive ones.
    1. Such reviews usually ruin the fasts, where they are in fact and more important in the middle, one review will not solve anything far)
  5. We are lazy to leave a comment. But comments with our contributions and payments stimulate potential investors to invest. Now they also pay for comments, but still very few people unsubscribe
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