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What is a scam investment project?

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If literally translate the term "scam" from English, it means fraud. In the sphere of the HYIP segment, this definition is used when the investment site ceases to fulfill its obligations and make payments. In this case, the project is considered nipple.

Not only HYIPs are subject to scamma, but also any financial institutions that work with money: a bank, electronic payment system, stock exchange, etc. The investor needs to understand that no one is insured against such problems.

Scam does not mean that the bank will close or the online resource will cease to exist. Nippled project stops the payment of funds under any pretext. Consider that scam comes sooner or later in all projects. The task of the investor to earn the maximum amount of funds, while the investment project is functioning normally.

When is HYIP considered nipple?

There are situations where the resource continues to function and is trying to actively take deposits, but it is considered nippled. There are five main signs pointing to the scam:

  • The site administration violates the rules of payments.
  • Payments are not made to all investors, but only have a serious referral structure. This is done so that referrals continue to attract potential contributors to the project.
  • The administration satisfies requests for withdrawal of funds exclusively for small amounts, while requests for large funds remain unanswered.
  • At a certain point, rules are introduced that significantly complicate the withdrawal of funds. For example, identity verification.
  • The administrator restarts the project. Old liabilities to investors are written off.

When can scam happen?

How long a single project will exist is quite problematic to predict. Often, even the HYIP administrators are not able to predict how much time is devoted to their offspring. Life expectancy depends on many factors:

  • The perception of the project by potential investors.
  • Sizes of cash flows.
  • The behavior of investors.

There is one more important factor - the greed of the administration. After all, any HYIP project is a tool for making profit for its founder. Reviews about HYIPs make it clear that a good administrator makes money for participants, and a bad one tries to raise money as quickly as possible and save money.

How to find reliable HYIPs that pay?

To find HYIP projects that are paid, whose creators are proven administrators, you need to go into the hyip monitor and carefully analyze the information. Admins with the name, which give participants a profit, will constantly present new investment platforms.

Find them will help honest monitoring, which forms the rating of TOP HYIP projects.

The administrator of our site makes contributions and carefully analyzes the work of resources. He monitors HYIP projects and identifies promising ones. Then the rating of the most attractive sites for investment is formed.

Hyip monitor brings to the top the best new HYIP projects, which at present can be trusted with their own funds. The user is able to track himself whether the project fulfills obligations to investors or payments are intermittent.

Monitoring paying HYIPs allows potential clients to minimize financial risks and trust trusted projects. No need to mindlessly invest in the first resource that promises fabulous profits. Best HYIP monitor will help you make the right choice and significantly increase your financial portfolio.

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  1. If you strictly adhere to the chosen strategy, do not invest all funds in one project, thoroughly, as far as possible, monitor each HYIP (read investor reviews, check on various subject forums, etc., etc.), then no scam is scary .
    1. Here 50% Luck / 50% Thinking and Tactics. You're the slave here. To be a leader - create your project, and that's when scam is not terrible.
  2. Let there be greedy administrators of HYIPs, and we have RichMonkey, who pays great insurance for these admins and it pleases!
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