Risks in the HYIP industry

Investing in HYIP projects is a very risky business. This is eloquently shown by the statistics of investors who have lost their own funds. But any experienced player spinning in the HYIP segment knows that with the right approach, you can earn substantial profits.

Types of risks

Experts identify several risks in investment sites:

  • Human factor.
  • Objective risk.
  • The risk of late investment.
  • Incompetence of the administrator.


You can not read the thoughts of the creator of the project and predict its future actions. Some administrators carefully develop the project, taking into account the smallest subtleties, and sometimes even invest their own funds in order to cover the commitments made to investors. Others seek to collect more cash and nudge the resource.

Objective factor

This category includes risks that the user is able to objectively assess. After all, any low-income project with a monthly interest rate of 10% will last longer than a HYIP, which doubles the profit daily. Here, the player can use simple mathematics - the higher the interest rate, the more transient the life of an investment resource.

Risk of late investment

It is very important to choose the right moment to invest in an investment project. Most users believe that the earlier they enter the HYIP, the greater the likelihood of a profit. There is a certain logic in this, but if the project administrator is an ordinary scammer who creates one-day projects, then you can forget about your money.

Incompetence of the administrator

Sometimes the administrator, unwittingly, becomes a victim of intruders who hack into the project and withdraw all the money. Usually such situations occur in beginners who have not yet gained experience. This happens due to the incompetence of project administrators who have not taken care of proper protection of their own offspring.

How to find HYIPs that pay?

To find HYIP projects that pay, go to monitoring monitor and thoroughly examine the proposals. Do not forget to read the comments of the administrator.

Reviews about HYIP make it clear that this is the most effective way to make a profit. All work for the depositor is done by the admin, who carefully studies the investment resource.

Honest monitoring forms a constantly updated rating of TOP HYIP projects, so you will have the most relevant information.

The administrator makes contributions and evaluates the performance of the funds. It monitors hyip projects and identifies the most promising. The site forms a rating of investment sites, which you can entrust your own money.

Then, hyip monitor brings to the top of the ranking the best new HYIP projects that consistently fulfill their obligations to investors. Choose what is best for you - super-profit or stability.

Monitoring paying HYIPs will save potential depositors from unwarranted risks and help determine.

Remember that it is better to carefully check the resource before investing than to lose your hard earned money. The best HYIP monitor that can minimize the risks can be found on our website.

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    Good, informative article, I only have a question how to determine when to go? In xnumx of the day? in 3 days? Or test with small amounts, and then invest 7 days later?
    1. richmonkey_support
      15.06.2019 13:32
      This question is too individual. Depends on project preparation and marketing to a greater degree. It is necessary to use statistics in order to track whether the project has not been cast since the first days, for example. Too many nuances
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    While you are not yet guided by HYIPs like a fish in water, it is important to find the right "senior comrades" who will help, prompt, and protect. This blog is one of them for me. But your head also should not be stuffed with cotton wool: learning to analyze on your own is also super important. Yes, and not be afraid to lose, if that
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    When investing, mentally say goodbye to money ... it will be easier to carry scams wink
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    Probably, besides composure, it is necessary to have a sense of proportion and intuition .. And the main thing is to learn, learn and learn ...
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    Greed must be wary, personally I have already got rid of this feature for a long time. In HYIP, you need to keep cool.