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Overview of exchange offices (Bestchandzh)

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Internet users who have registered e-wallets in various payment systems are so used to the exchangers that without them it’s difficult to represent the workflow. Such services instantly carry out transactions and save significant cash.

BestChange is the best monitoring service for exchangers.

Any user wants the exchanger to meet the standard requirements:

  • Notable for reliability. This is the most important condition. If the resource is doubtful, then it should not be trusted even a small amount of money.
  • Had a simple and intuitive interface. The user does not have to spend a lot of time on the transaction. Usability must be understood on an intuitive level.
  • Provided low commissions. Complex transactions can not be carried out in one step. For them will require the involvement of an intermediate payment system. For example, transferring electronic funds from “Webmoney” to “Payeer” is impossible directly. For such an operation requires a transit payment system.

Finding the best exchanger that meets the necessary criteria will help the “BestChange”. This is a special service that provides the most complete and current information about automatic and manual currency exchange services.

Thanks to an automated search, the user is able to choose the best course. Information on the site is updated every five seconds. This makes it possible to obtain the most relevant data and make the most profitable transactions.

The service offers to use the services of more than two hundred exchangers, which have been thoroughly tested and have established themselves as reliable partners.

How the service works

On the main page of the resource, the user will see two blocks. In the first (greenish) information is provided on which currency you can give and which one to receive in exchange. Here is the second list of various exchangers.

You can rank information by selecting the following functions:

  • TABLE. Provides a wide selection of various exchange currencies. The range can be expanded by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.
  • List. This option ranks sentences by list.
  • Popular. This option offers a line of the most popular currencies.

Once you have decided on the currency, a list of the most reliable exchangers (about two hundred) will be provided. You can get information in the form of a table in which:

  • The first column contains surface resource data.
  • In the second, the name of the service is indicated. Here is his logo and additional data.
  • In the third and fourth, current exchange rates are displayed.
  • The fifth column indicates the reserve of a certain currency.
  • The sixth column contains user reviews.

There are several tabs that provide additional features:

  • Calculator. Allows you to make a quick cash count with the commission.
  • Alert. Function created for users who want to wait for a more profitable course.
  • Statistics. It will help to analyze the exchange rate fluctuations from one day to one year and to conclude that it is reasonable to wait.
  • Double exchange. It is necessary if it is impossible to make a direct exchange. Allows you to choose the most profitable intermediate payment system. We should not forget that in case of a complex transaction, the user will have to pay a commission to two services.

Currency Exchange

The BestChange service is not only distinguished by favorable rates, but also allows for exchange operations in three stages:

  • We select payment systems. On the left side of the site there is a greenish block with two tables: give / receive. Choose the appropriate payment system (currency).
  • Choose a currency exchange service. After you have selected certain currencies, a list of exchangers that work with these systems will appear on the site. Services with the best course are in the first positions. Pay attention to the reserve. It is better to absorb resources where it exceeds the required amount of transferred funds.
  • We make an exchange. Click on the name of the exchanger and you will be taken to the main page of the official site. In most cases, you need to go through the registration procedure, but some services do not require it. Fill out the necessary details and make an exchange.

Currency exchange services that are represented on the BestChange website are reliable and widely popular. But do not blindly trust. Experts recommend studying reviews. Do not neglect the indicators of age and business level of the resource.


The three-level affiliate program allows you to make a profit not only from referrals, but also users invited by them.

You can familiarize yourself with the conditions of earnings in your personal account. The tab "Terms of the affiliate program" contains relevant and accessible information. You can withdraw money through the tab "Withdrawal of partner funds".


Monitoring BestChange will save you from the routine searches of the most profitable exchanger. You no longer have to overpay for transactions. In the absence of direct exchange options, the service will select the optimal transit payment system. Make transfers exclusively on proven resources, using the BestChange service !!!

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  1. Monitoring BestChange is a very good service and I have a partner office there for a long time. But the affection and love for their very best personally verified Exchangers still remains. Despite the benefits of commissions and so on.
  2. All the popular exchangers in one place, and there you can earn on the affiliate program, even for clicks on your link cents are charged, it also took several years to register here.
  3. Very convenient service, how long I have been using and everything is always clear, there were no incidents with exchanges
  4. Very convenient and high-quality service for the extraction of profitable deals from exchange points. I use it for a long time, I did not notice any shortcomings.
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