HYIP legends and their purpose

Legends of investment projects provide potential investors with information about the activities of the organization.

Beginners believe what is written and think that the HYIP will function forever, paying dividends. They are campaigning friends, relatives and friends to invest, proving that this is a real company that is engaged in serious activities.

In most cases, this information is fictional. Consider a few popular legends.

Sports betting

Legends on such resources say that “successful, professional cappers” work in the organization, who know everything about the betting world but for some reason want to implement them at the expense of the project participants.

The administrators do not provide reports and screenshots of won bets, due to the fact that bookmakers can cut the bet limits for their “successful cappers”.

Rental of user capacity

For example, an organization leases space on a hard disk, for which it makes monthly payments at the rate of 25% of its contribution. It is designed to avert the eye. A project participant invests money, after which his hard disk is intentionally filled with unnecessary information, and payments are made thanks to new investors.

Asset trading on stock and currency exchanges

About forex and binary options heard the overwhelming number of Internet users, so administrators often use these terms in the form of legends.


Such investments in HYIP projects imply that according to the legend of the project, the participant acts as a usurer. He provides microloans at interest. At first glance, everything looks quite plausible, but the cosmic percentage does not fit into the head, under which there are hardly many people willing to take a loan.


Here are two main options:

  • The investment platform created its own innovative cryptocurrency, the mining of which is provided exclusively to its participants.
  • The site is engaged in trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, using the difference of courses, and participants are paid dividends from the profits.

Travel business

The legend of the project says that the investor invests money in the tourism business, which in the future promises fabulous profits. This may be the rental of real estate, air travel, vehicle rental, etc.

Other legends

HYIP reviews say that such investment sites provide many diverse legends. It may be mining or conquering the universe. They are understandable or confusing and are needed only for investment. Most importantly, do not take them seriously.

How to find profitable HYIPs that pay?

Now on the Internet, many investment sites with a variety of, often ridiculous, legends. But this does not mean that it is impossible to earn on them.

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Using the accumulated experience, the administrator evaluates the potential of the fund. Independently monitor projects with high returns and publish up-to-date information. This is how the rating of investment resources is formed.

Hyip monitor brings the best new HYIP projects from proven administrators to the first positions of the ranking, which will allow participants to stay in profit. From the presented sites, the user will choose some of the most preferred options.

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    Legend honestly all nonsense) what is what is not)
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      +, I don't understand at all who watches these legends))
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    Always look at the monitoring first, but I make the decision myself
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    Personally, I never look at these legends, I'm more interested in the marketing of the project.
    1. Alex2601
      10.12.2018 18:20
      I agree with you, there is also a super legend and the site is decorated on 5 +, and everything is in the red, and there is a gray projector with a simple legend and worked perfectly, gave a lot of profit!
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