Types of payments in HYIP projects: advantages and disadvantages

Many investors have repeatedly wondered: "Why are instant payments paid in one hype, manual payments in another, and automatic at all in the third?". In this article we will examine in more detail the issue of the type of payments in HYIP projects and which type of payments is more preferable for the investor and which one for the project administrator.

Not every new investor after the money invested by him thinks about the theory of how HYIPs work and so on. Payment type is no exception. We believe that the option of cash payments is one of the most important moments of investing in HYIPs and it is simply necessary to know them.

Types of payments

If it so happens that you associate your activities with investment projects, then be kind enough to learn a theory.

To begin with, we define that in investment projects there are three types of payments:

  • Manual (Manually);
  • Instant (Instant);
  • Automatically.

Each of these types of payments has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will describe later.

Manual payment type: advantages and disadvantages

Manual (Manually) payment type - this type of payment is characterized by the fact that the administration of the investment project is directly involved in the circulation of funds. Requests for cash withdrawals are submitted and, as a rule, applications are processed from 24 to 72 hours (business hours) by the administration manually. From here and the name of this type of payment. If the application is approved by the administrator of the investment project, the investor will receive funds for the payment details specified by him.

There is such a thing as "Pending". It is characteristic not only of the manual type of payment, but also of all the rest. In the manual type of payments, “Pending” is the time between the submitted application and when the administrator approves it and the money will be in the wallet of the investor.

We have mentioned that "Pending" is typical for all types of payments. "But the second and third type of payments are instant and automatic. How can this be connected?" - say you and you will be damn right. There is such a thing as SCAM investment project (We recommend reading this article). In the case of SCAM, the administrator disables automatic and instant payments and the investment project website issues a waiting message.

We turn to the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the manual type of payments.


  • The project administrator can control the cashier of the project due to the manual type of payments. Cash flows are controlled by manual confirmation of applications for withdrawal of funds. Payments from larger deposits may be delayed until the end of the rules until the cashier of the project is balanced by new deposits;
  • Lack of technical problems with manual payout type. In case of attacks on the site, the administrator will be able to pay the application with a slight delay;
  • Manual payouts guarantee a smooth start.


  • Payment schedule from 24 to 72 hours (working hours). The last value is quite long and equals 9 working days;
  • Quick payouts make investors addictive with the manual payout type. Panic is possible even with a small delay in the time limit.

Instant payment type: advantages and disadvantages

Instant type of payments - this, as you could understand by name, is an instant payment when an application is made to withdraw funds to your wallet. This is a favorite type of payout for all investors. Is everything really that good?

Instant type of payment is characterized by the fact that after submitting an application, the money immediately appears in your wallet, but with all this, there are a number of technical problems with which failures can occur, and there is a panic from here. Panic, as you know, affects the HYIPs only negatively, which, in principle, is logical.


  • Cash instantly comes to your wallet;
  • The project administrator does not need constant monitoring of applications for withdrawal of funds.


  • Panic at technical failures;
  • Many investors know that disconnected instant payments to SCAM. Panic again;
  • The administrator hardly controls the cashier of the investment project.

As you could understand after what we wrote, instant payments have more disadvantages than advantages, but this does not mean that this type of payments is bad. Not at all. The administrator must be experienced to cope with this type of payment, otherwise panic can not be avoided, from here the status "Does not pay."

Automatic payment type: advantages and disadvantages

Automatic (Automatically) type of payments is a fully automated process of paying out money without the participation of the project administrator and investor.

The advantages and disadvantages are practically the same as those of instant payments. This type of payment does not bring anything good, except for the lazy automatic withdrawal.


  • The investor does not need to go to the site of the investment project;
  • The administrator does not need to wait and pay applications for withdrawal of funds;
  • Full automation of cash payments.


  • No need to visit the site of the investment project. Attendance resource suffers;
  • Project activity and support is weaker than with manual and instant payouts. Investors are less likely to leave feedback on payments from an investment project with this type of payment;
  • The administrator hardly controls the cashier of the investment project;
  • Panic with technical problems.


We described in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of payments in investment projects. Do not forget that each type of payment is good or bad in its own way, but also the manual type of payment, which was hated by many from the other side. I hope that you were interested in reading this information.

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