HYIP verification. Is it worth it to pass?

Verification is a fairly common procedure for verifying and verifying identity in various areas of human activity, as well as the Internet. We will answer the main question “Is it worth it to go through verification in HYIPs?” And why, because this question worries many investors.

What is verification?

Verification is the process of authenticating data. In life, you have encountered verification of passport data, for example, in a bank. This is done in order to verify whether you have loans, debts and find out other information about you. On the Internet, verification is used to confirm the identity of the owner of the account (s) on the requested site.

The main purpose of verification is to combat fraud.

Here is an example from the popular social networks Twitter and Instagram. These sites verify celebrities in order to guarantee users that this account is indeed maintained by a celebrity. In user profiles that have undergone such verification, this is displayed with a special blue checkmark icon.

HYIP verification

Periodically, in cases of hype there are cases when the administration asks for user verification. As far as you know, scans of documents are being requested from you. Sent documents confirm the information that was specified during registration and your attitude to the account.

Typically, they request the following:

1 Scan of an identity document (passport, driver's license).

2 A photo with an identity document. You must hold the document in your hands in front of your face (selfie).

3 Confirmation of the phone number (by call or SMS).

4 A residence permit or utility bill that confirms your residential address.

When are verification requests requested?

There are two cases when they request verification:

1 Verification from the start. To work with an investment project, you need to pass an identity confirmation.

2 Introduction of verification along the way. Such an action is regarded as an impending scam.

Is it worth checking out in a hype project?

We believe that absolutely everyone will agree with us. Our answer: under no circumstances.

Firstly, when sending documents to projects of this kind, something that constantly jokes or fears can happen - your documents will be used, for example, to take out a loan. Not quite a bright prospect.

Secondly, after some time investing in HYIPs, you realize what kind of projects these are, their working principle, and so on. Hip has no activity behind him and, accordingly, what is the point of sending documents?

Finally, we say that projects with verification have a much lower cash flow, since not every investor wants to send their personal data. There are exceptions that hipers send fake documents, but at the same time, you also risk that the administration may ask you for a selfie with a document that you will not have and you will lose money that you invested in the project.


We opened the topic of verification in hypes so that our partners are not deceived. If you have any questions, you can always ask them to us and, perhaps, we can help you.

To summarize the main result of the article: verification of self-identity is strongly discouraged and this can lead to fatal consequences.

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  1. BandiCD
    22.08.2020 08:33
    Thanks for the article, helpful.
  2. Robin2020
    21.06.2020 12:51
    Thanks for the useful information!
  3. NoName
    08.06.2020 21:30
    Thank you for the article! It was interesting and useful to read.
  4. NikitaPuchkin2000
    12.05.2020 23:15
    Thank you for the article. It was useful to read))
  5. Lumin
    06.02.2020 12:29
    I believe that under no circumstances is it possible to give personal data to hyps, so under no circumstances should verification be carried out in projects.
  6. Legion99
    08.01.2020 16:18
    In the forex trend, I somehow got into verification. Just before the scam. Now I consider this to be absolutely unnecessary and harmful, because this information can be used to create drops, etc.
    1. 4difeer666
      08.01.2020 22:34
      Yes, it’s good if drops, or they can cash in, I don’t know what data they asked for, but it can come to banking surprises
      1. matrix2000
        09.01.2020 00:44
        Verify only in the registry office)))
      2. mirov84
        11.04.2020 18:55
        This is exactly the same for me, I think so, they don’t need to upload their personal data!
  7. Dyuha
    08.01.2020 16:02
    And I have not yet been asked to verify in HYIPs
  8. Marchuk
    08.01.2020 14:49
    I completely agree with the author. In no case should you be verified in HYIPs.
    Personally, I bypass such projects.
  9. Yandrey
    08.09.2019 05:13
    I don’t see the point of showing my data in HYIPs, I only verified EPS wallets with documents. It’s not enough how much your unscrupulous admin wants to use your data, so I never sent a document scan.
  10. Nik888
    06.09.2019 22:03
    Thanks for the information.