Can I make money on HYIPs?

Yes you can! Most HIPP projects for some time after the start of activities really pay huge interest to depositors, thereby creating advertising for word of mouth and the influx of new members of the pyramid, and then closed.

If you have time to invest in HYIP in the first rows and have time to withdraw money before the project closes, then you can earn very, very well.

If you decide to take a chance and play this roulette, then follow a few recommendations:

Invest as early as possible, so you will have a greater chance to get your money back; if you hesitate and wait, it is better not to try and wait for the next opportunity;

invest average amounts, i.e. not quite small, so that in case of a win it was not insulting that they invested little, but also not quite large, so that in case of loss it was not insulting that they lost a lot of money;

follow the reviews - while the system is scolded - it's time to invest; as soon as everyone says that everything works and everything is paid and many lucky ones - it's time to “reel the fishing rods”, because Soon there will not be enough money to pay everyone and the bubble will burst;

invest only money that is not a pity (by no means the last), you came to a kind of casino, so say goodbye to the money and enjoy the process.

How big is the risk of losing money?

The risk of losing money invested in a pyramid or a real HYIP is about equally great. In the first case, it all depends on the popularity of the project and the influx of new participants. In the second case, success in trading, the right choice of investment tools, or the like. Even real Forex trading can cause losses that can lead to the closure of an investment project. Despite the risks, the HYIP industry is becoming increasingly popular every year.

How are the HYPs organized?

Most of these projects operate on a system of financial pyramids, that is, the money is paid through the investments of new participants.

How do the HYPs work?

Investors invest, and begin to receive the interest prescribed in the contract. These percentages are paid due to investments of new investors. As soon as the amount paid by the fund as a percentage to investors begins to exceed the amount of new receipts, the HYIP simply closes.

It turns out that HYIPs are fraudulent projects?

To some extent yes, to some degree not.

HYIPs, as a rule, actually pay the promised interest, but only HYIP can close at any time, without warning, along with your money. So making an investment in HYIP, be prepared to part with the investment. In general, those who have invested before anyone else benefit, because the earlier you invest in a HYIP, the more interest you can get from it before closing. Remember, the more there is a HYIP, the more likely it is to close it.

How much to invest and how much you can earn in HYIPs

Investing in HYIPs is both a high return and the same high risks.

Any of the projects can be closed without giving you a penny. Therefore, invest as much as you are willing to lose. In no case can not use borrowed money!

How to make money on referrals without investing in the project

Earnings on referrals - A very good way to increase your income, and this income will be passive, in other words, to earn money you will not need to spend a lot of effort.

What is a referral?

Referral - a user who registers on the referral link.

Referral link - your affiliate link, clicking on which referral is registered on the site, and you get for your% for the referral contribution.

Suppose the project offers us a partnership deduction in the amount of 10% for the contribution made by your referral. Let's calculate with the contribution of the referral 1000 rub, you get 100 rubles.

HYIP will pay you for attracting new investors (referrals), the promotion may be in the form of a percentage of the deposit of your referral or interest on his income. After reading the description of the investment project in advance, you will be able to find out in which way the HYIP project will reward its users for referrals involved.

How much you can earn on referrals

In fact, income is not limited by anything, it all depends on your activity and ways of promotion. If you simply place a link on your page on social networks and wait, the results will be scanty. But if you actively act and use various methods of promotion (listed above), you can create a permanent passive income from 1000 rubles and more per month.

How to attract referrals?

Attraction of relatives, friends or acquaintances. Yes, this method will be in the first place, since everyone has a huge number of friends, acquaintances, etc.,
Tell and give your referral link to your friends on Vkontakte or in another social network.

Placing a referral link where either. If you are registered on various forums, websites, etc., then you can post there posts with your referral links or with signatures that include your affiliate link. But the main thing here is not to violate the rules of the site or forum, and not to spam.

  • Creating groups in social networks with a detailed description of the project and an invitation to register.
  • Creating topics in forums inviting to register.
  • Communication on the forums with similar topics with your project, in your signature to place the referral link.
  • Spam in various ways. For this method you can get a ban. I advise you not to use it, but not always you can do without it ...

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    follow the reviews - while the system is scolded - it's time to invest
    How to understand it?
  7. udimka
    08.12.2018 02:33
    We must always remember that sooner or later any HYIP will close. Although sometimes I catch myself thinking if the project is top and it gives you a lot of money (for example, DDFutures) this year, it starts to seem that the project will work forever)
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    I ran into HYIPs in November 2017. I had never heard anything like that before. And in November there was a sad experience, all my money was irretrievably gone, about 1200 $.
    Now I can say that I know how to act in such investments.
    In this article, Rich described everything in detail + he can personally advise something. And this is very cool!
    I like everything!))
    1. 4difeer666
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      Well, they are such HYIPs, they need to be properly used, well, without the minuses anywhere, HYIPs are not HYIPs, here you have to think how to beat them off)
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      Yes, sometimes I notice how inexperienced investors invest 500 or 1000 $ in one project. When I see this, I think I’d better give it to me)