Bitcoin (BTC) is the #1 cryptocurrency in the world. How to use it?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the #1 cryptocurrency in the world. How to use it?

The very first cryptocurrency in the world, "digital gold", TOP-1 cryptocurrency in the world by capitalization - all this is about Bitcoin.

This coin has both a lot of fans and haters, but there is no point in minimizing the success Bitcoin.

In this article, we will look at: the world's first cryptocurrency, analyze its advantages and disadvantages, explain why to use it, tell you what makes it valuable, and also provide instructions for use.

What is bitcoin. Advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin (BTC) is the world's first created decentralized cryptocurrency, which to this day remains the leading digital coin by market capitalization. The launch of this cryptocurrency was announced in 2008 and was launched in 2009. Bitcoin is a global peer-to-peer payment system powered by Blockchain technology that allows parties to transact with each other without the need for an intermediary bank or other financial institution.

This cryptocurrency is often seen as a digital alternative fiat currencies and gold.

Unlike traditional money, Bitcoin does not have a central bank to control its issuance. Instead of this BTC is a financial system controlled by thousands of computers distributed around the world. Anyone can join the network Bitcoinby simply downloading its software.

Attractiveness Bitcoin compared to the traditional system is the impossibility of censoring payments, transactions cannot be canceled in it, funds cannot be reused, and payment cannot be sent to BTC can be done at any time from anywhere without any restrictions.


  • Decentralization. The very first and main advantage is decentralization, because this characteristic is fundamental for most cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin not controlled by a private company or government agencies. In mid-2010, even the creator of the world's first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, stopped participating in the work on the project and gave control to independent developers.
  • Network uptime. It is believed that the network of the world's first cryptocurrency is resistant to attacks (including a 51% attack) that can affect transactions and the blockchain as a whole.
  • Digital alternative to gold. Analysts at the investment company Grayscale are confident that Bitcoin will replace, if not already replaced, gold and is its digital alternative.
  • An easy way to invest. To start trading bitcoin no special licenses or knowledge required. It is enough to go through the registration procedure on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges (by the way, we recommend or download an electronic wallet and buy a coin there.
  • Protective asset. During local economic crises, the exchange rate is often Bitcoin on local sites rises above the average market values. When people lose confidence in their national currencies, they try to find an alternative to save their money. Bitcoin, despite the insane volatility, is not subject to inflation and, moreover, hyperinflation. Therefore, it looks like a great investment option.


  • Volatility. It is difficult to be sure that savings in cryptocurrency will retain their value. Price BTC at any moment it can sharply collapse by tens of thousands of dollars, or rise.
  • High Commissions. The main disadvantage of this cryptocurrency is considered to be high commissions, but they still don’t bite so much for large amounts. For example, a $100 transfer fee can reach up to $30. Not very pleasant, agree.
  • Regulators. With a high degree of probability in the future we will see regulation Bitcoinas a digital asset. This is what the Fed (Federal Reserve System) is doing now.
  • Fraud. This cryptocurrency is used not only for investments and transfers, but also for the purchase / sale of prohibited substances, money laundering, and so on (we condemn such actions not only in relation to bitcoin, but in general).
  • Difficulty in using the system... Owners BTC are not error-proof. For example, if an investor forgets the password for his Bitcoin-wallet, then he will have nowhere to turn to get access back.

Why Use Bitcoin

Many appreciate the first cryptocurrency for its inclusive nature, i.e. anyone with an internet connection can send and receive these coins. This is similar to cash in that no one can stop you from using it, and this digital advantage means that with Bitcoin you can exchange currency all over the world.

What makes bitcoin valuable

Instead of spending, investors store ("hodl") for a long time with the prospect of further growth. Bitcoin earned the nickname "digital gold" due to the limited number of coins available. Some investors are considering the world's first cryptocurrency as a store of value. The reason for this is the presence of such factors as: shortage and complexity of production. It is also often compared to precious metals such as gold or silver.

Holders believe that the presence of these qualities, combined with global availability and high liquidity, make it an ideal vehicle for maintaining wealth over long periods. They believe that the value Bitcoin over time it just keeps growing.

Bitcoin Instructions

First of all, it is worth noting that there are several ways to buy Bitcoin:

  • Exchangers... Probably, the easiest way is to mark the exchangers, because you just need to choose the direction of exchange, fill out the form and complete the operation. Recall that it is best to use the monitoring exchangers the Bestchange.r and choose the exchanger that suits you. Please note that the minimum exchange amount may not always match yours. There are also monitoring-exchangers и, which can also be used;
  • Exchange. With a probability of 99% on the exchange where you are registered, there is Bitcoin. To buy, we recommend using the exchanges и
  • Buying BTC through an exchange
  • How to deposit Bitcoin on
  • Buying Bitcoin on via P2P

Above we have analyzed the most popular ways where you can store BTC, but there are other options:

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Bitcoin For a long time it was not perceived by large players as an opportunity to store money for the long term, but everything has changed. Now it is a desirable asset in the portfolios of investors. It's hard to say what to expect Bitcoin in the future, but I would like to believe in "To The Moon". Perhaps these thoughts are best left for another article.

In this article, we analyzed: the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), its advantages and disadvantages, why use bitcoinexplained what it does Bitcoin valuable, and also gave small examples of how to work with the coin.

Write in the comments which wallets you use and consider convenient for PC or mobile devices, there may have been some problems with certain wallets. Who will have difficulties in buying or selling, questions on creating wallets, you can write to the contacts provided below. We will definitely help and advise you!

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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