- Review and feedback of monitoring of exchangers with cashback - Review and feedback of monitoring of exchangers with cashback

In the HYIP industry, the exchange of funds is simply necessary to facilitate the work with projects. Fortunately, there is such a service as monitoring exchangers called, which allows you to choose an exchanger with a more favorable rate and still earn extra money.

This service boasts access to over 400 reliable exchangers, as well as a wide range of exchange directions. Everything in order in our article on the relatively young monitoring of exchangers

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As you might have guessed after reading the description for the article, is a monitoring of exchangers. What does this mean? The monitoring of exchangers is engaged in tracking services that provide exchange services, display a more favorable rate in existing directions and check their reliability.

This service began its work not so long ago, namely in 2019. Development is taking place gradually and at the time of this writing, exchanger monitoring looks and feels quite good.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the existing advantages and disadvantages of exchanger monitoring


  • A large number of exchangers... There are really a lot of exchangers and there are more than 400 reliable exchange offices with a total reserve fund of $ 5 billion available to monitoring;
  • Large selection of exchange directions... Available for exchange: cryptocurrencies, payment systems, crypto exchange codes, bank cards, money transfers, as well as cash;
  • Intuitive interface... The site is simple and easy to use;
  • Additional opportunities for earning... In addition to providing verified exchangers, the service offers the opportunity to receive cashback from each operation, receive a bonus for a review, and there is also an affiliate program.


  • Monitoring period... The service is relatively young. The beginning of its work falls on 2019. As we know, this greatly affects customer confidence.

Despite the significant number of advantages, users have not yet heard much about this service. We hope that our article will help you figure it out. By the way, nothing prevents you from testing exchangers with small amounts and drawing conclusions for yourself. We believe that nothing terrible can happen, tk. all exchangers are carefully selected by monitoring.

Cashback and affiliate program

Cashback is the return of a part of the exchange of funds using the monitoring of exchangers (the term is adapted to the subject of the article. In other areas it may sound different).

After making an exchange, you will receive from 0.1% to 1% cashback in your personal account. The percentage depends on the conditions of the exchanger used. Cashback must be ordered. We will describe how to do this in the instructions for working with monitoring exchangers.

Service interested in promoting. We are offered an affiliate program with you, which is 0.1% of the exchange amount of your partners who ordered cashback.

You can promote your affiliate link by posting it on websites, in social networks, as well as offering the service to your friends and acquaintances. Take part in the affiliate program and earn extra money!

In addition, you can get $ 0.1 to cashback for feedback on the exchange.

Instructions for working with exchanger monitoring

We have prepared a few instructions on how to work with monitoring exchangers in order to help you start using it faster.

  • Register
  • Cashback order
  • How to exchange


It can be concluded that is an excellent tool for finding the necessary exchange direction and service, in which, accordingly, you can make it. The site is intuitive and registered users have additional opportunities to earn money in the form of cashback, reviews, and an affiliate program.

The service is young and requires customer support, so at least we recommend you go and familiarize yourself with the site. Chances are you will find it useful!

In addition to the advantages, disadvantages and other things, we have described how you can use the monitoring of exchangers.

Write in the comments: did you have time to try out the new exchanger monitoring Share your impressions with our partners.

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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