How to avoid paying fees using TronLink

How to avoid paying fees using TronLink

Few people know that using a crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension called Tronlink, you can not pay a commission for transfers, which has been biting lately, especially for small amounts.

Increasingly, there are HYIPs, which are more profitable to enter through Tether TRC-20, so the question is as relevant as ever.

How to do it? We will try to tell you about it step by step in this article. website


Before you start, it is worth noting that this chip can work not only with a wallet Tronlink, but also others that have a staking feature. In this article, we will analyze exactly the way not to pay a commission using a wallet. Tronlink.

You can get acquainted with the wallet, learn about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as detailed instructions for working with it in our article:

In short, two parameters are responsible for transactions - Energy and Bandwidth.

Initially, the Energy and Bandwidth values ​​on an account without money are 0.

Immediately after replenishing the wallet, according to the standard, you will be credited with 1 Bandwidth, which is enough for about three transactions. 500 transfer takes ~1 Bandwidth.

The Energy value will be 0. It is known that for 1 transfer you need to spend ~30 Energy.

Number of transfers Energy Bandwidth
1 ~30 (~000 TRX) ~345 (~330 TRX)
3 ~90 (~000 TRX) ~1 (~035 TRX)
5 ~150 (~000 TRX) ~1 (~725 TRX)
10 ~300 (~000 TRX) ~3 (~450 TRX)

As you might have guessed, in order to carry out commission-free transactions, you need to replenish Energy and Bandwidth on your wallet. How to do it? We provide detailed instructions below.

Step by step guide

In order to replenish the Energy and Bandwidth values, you need to stake TRON in your wallet.

Staking is the freezing of a cryptocurrency or a token for a certain time, in return for which you receive either passive income, or, as in our case, with Tronlink transactions without commission. By the way, the TRON freeze lasts 72 hours, after which you can withdraw them if necessary.

Before you start, you need to top up your wallet balance Tronlink. To do this, we recommend using the following monitors-exchangers:

You can also use the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

  • Staking Energy and Bandwidth

As you can see, the Energy and Bandwidth values ​​have changed after staking. They are insignificant because we staked too little TRON for the example, but the gist should be clear.

important points

  • Determine the number of transfers per day you make. Depending on the number of transfers, you need to stake the required amount of TRON (see the table at the beginning of the article);
  • Keep track of Energy and Bandwidth balance. If you spend Energy or Bandwidth, then when transferring, you will be charged TRON in the form of a commission. If two parameters are over, an increased commission will be charged for the transfer;
  • Energy and Bandwidth are restored every second. If you spend them before 0, the recovery will take 24 hours.


As you could understand from this article, in order not to pay a commission using Tronlink, you need to stake TRON. How to do it - we told you step by step.

We recommend using this feature to significantly save money on commissions.

We remind you that since recently you can on our blog order refback on Tether TRC-20.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions, leave them in the comments to this article.

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  1. Wael77 13 November 2022 01: 46

    I've done this since I started and now I've saved a lot of money that was going to be commissions!

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  2. Wael77 13 November 2022 01: 42

    Thanks for the article Admin!

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  3. Mihhha 21 March 2022 01: 07

    Thanks for the article. Perhaps in the near future I will use this technology. 

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  4. Anzhel 20 March 2022 21: 03

    15000 energy is not enough to transfer without commission, charge 4 thrones

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    1. UdayAS8 April 25 2022 22: 05

      about 25000 energy is enough for one USDT transfer but with the condition that the receiving account should be activated, if not then you will need about 50000 energy

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      1. Wight 17 May 2022 15: 12

        How much do you stake TRX for this? 

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        1. UdayAS8 17 May 2022 16: 43

          the above rates has changed a bit now,

          if you want to send for an activated account you would need about 15000 "Energy" but if the receiving account isn't activated you would need about 30000 "Energy" 

          A complaint
        2. UdayAS8 17 May 2022 16: 46

          You need to stake about 630 TRX in order to have 15000 Energy 

          And about 1260 TRX tin order to have 30000 Energy and then you won't ever pay any commission 

          and you can vote for representative in order to get some free TRX everyday

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  5. n1kto253 20 March 2022 18: 20

    Thank you for the article! 

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  6. Mihhha 17 February 2022 20: 22

    Thanks for the article about TronLink. It is very important for working with HYIP projects in the conditions of moving away from traditional payment systems. 

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  7. levnks 15 February 2022 11: 34

    Thanks for the article, it will be useful for many - who invests in USDT

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    1. Mihhha April 25 2022 00: 23

      It seems to me that over time we will be able to invest in HYIPs only through USDT. 

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      1. UdayAS8 April 25 2022 22: 05

        That's fact, but not only USDT but also major cryptocurrencies

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  8. Akimskate 15 February 2022 09: 40

    Thank you for the article! There is also a similar kosh about freezing energy - Klever, though there is no browser extension, as far as I know

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  9. Alex2601 15 February 2022 06: 10

    Instructively, you can also do this in a Trust wallet.

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  10. 4difeer666 14 February 2022 22: 27

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  11. UdayAS8 14 February 2022 15: 18

    I have started to study Tronlink since one of the Users here suggested that in order to not paying fees at all so this article is right on time Thanks a lot

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  12. Anzhel 14 February 2022 13: 27

    An excellent article, in numbers, now it is clear how much energy needs to be frozen in order not to pay a commission.

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