Added Tether TRC-20 to the refback order form

Added Tether TRC-20 to the refback order form

We are happy to announce that we have added Tether TRC-20 in the refback order form. Since there are more and more projects working with cryptocurrencies, such an opportunity will be more than ever necessary.

Instructions for adding a Tether TRC-20 address to a profile

In order to add a wallet address to your account profile in order to be able to order a refback, you need to take a few simple steps:

1. Go to your blog profile.

2. Click on the "pencil" icon.

3. Fill in the wallet address in the form and click on the "Save" button.

Ready! Now when you order a refback, specify in the form Tether TRC-20.

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If you are not yet using Tether TRC-20, then we recommend that you read our articles:

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Комментарии (17)

  1. Alex2601 3 February 2022 16: 29

    Guys, tell me, please, which Tether TRC-20 wallet is better to register for HYIPs, which ones do you use, and not to use the application but from a PC?

    A complaint
  2. Ilyas420 21 January 2022 12: 15

    Great news, thank you!

    A complaint
  3. n1kto253 19 January 2022 19: 10

    Wow, great news!

    A complaint
  4. levnks 18 January 2022 18: 21

    The first payout of Refback from Monitoring RichMonkey to Tether TRC-20

    Thank you for covering transfer fees!

    A complaint
  5. ilya28087 17 January 2022 18: 02

    Great news, thanks!

    A complaint
  6. Akimskate 17 January 2022 08: 51

    Great news!

    A complaint
  7. UdayAS8 17 January 2022 01: 32

    One of the best news!!!

    Thanks Richie

    A complaint
  8. Relapse 16 January 2022 10: 33

    It's very handy 

    A complaint
  9. 4difeer666 16 January 2022 03: 43

    Great news, especially on the transition from pma to crypto

    A complaint
  10. Mihhha 16 January 2022 00: 26

    Electronic wallets are increasingly subject to regulation and avoidance of hype projects. Tether TRC-20 is an opportunity to bypass this regulation. 

    A complaint
  11. Andrii12 16 January 2022 00: 23

    thanks for adding

    A complaint
  12. Irk2 15 January 2022 17: 51

    Class ? much needed topic 

    A complaint
  13. Anzhel 15 January 2022 17: 14

    Great news, now there is more choice of payments!

    A complaint
  14. keifor 15 January 2022 17: 10

    Just a quick question... 

    Can a ref in usdt be ordered in any case or only if the deposits are in the crypt? 

    That is, can I order a ref in usdt if, for example, I have a deposit in the PM ??? 

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 15 January 2022 21: 46

      In any case!

      At choice: Payeer, Perfect Money or USDT TRC20

      A complaint
  15. keifor 15 January 2022 17: 07

    Fire of fire!!!))) 

    A complaint
  16. levnks 15 January 2022 16: 40

    Oh thank you very much for adding TRC-20

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