- Review and reviews of a crypto wallet as a browser extension - Review and reviews of a crypto wallet as a browser extension

A crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension called Tronlink is one of the most convenient ways to store and exchange TRON cryptocurrencies and Tether TRC-20.

If you have not yet decided where you can store these two cryptocurrencies, then we recommend reading this article. Perhaps it will affect your choice. In any case, the article will be useful to any beginner who has recently started working with cryptocurrencies. website

About TronLink wallet: advantages and disadvantages

First and foremost a wallet Tronlink designed to store TRON cryptocurrency, but it also contains many other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

It can be used with mobile devices with Android, iOS and Huawei Harmony OS operating systems, as well as an extension for the Google Chrome browser, which is very convenient.


  • Cross Platform... As we said at the beginning, you can use the wallet using Android, iOS, Huawei Harmony OS, as well as install an extension for the Google Chrome browser on your PC;
  • Low fees;
  • Service from the TRON team... The developers of the TRON cryptocurrency are behind the creation of this wallet and they are responsible for the performance and safety;
  • Fast transfer of funds;
  • Stacking. With help Tronlink you can freeze TRON coins and receive passive staking income.


  • All tokens and cryptocurrencies operate on the TRON Mainnet or similar... What does it mean? For example, you add Bitcoin в Tronlinkbut it will work on the TRON network. From here the problem is that you simply cannot make an exchange using services if it does not accept Bitcoin TRX. Therefore, it is best to use this wallet to store TRON and Tether TRC-20.

Important point: to transfer between wallets, you must have TRON on your balance to pay the commission.

About Energy and Bandwidth

In the wallet Tronlink there are concepts such as Energy and Bandwidth.

Energy - a type of resource that is used to interact with smart contracts and for translation Tether TRC-20 (not allocated for accounts by default). Energy can only be obtained by freezing TRON, or by leasing it on specialized exchanges. Energy is replenished within a day.

Bandwidth - resource type used for TRON transfers and Tether TRC-10, and also partially for interacting with smart contracts. You can transfer TRX and TRC-10 tokens between wallets without commission, the main thing is to monitor the Bandwidth level. By default, 1 Bandwith is allocated for each address, which is replenished during the day. Like Energy, Bandwidth is restored within 500 hours.

In order not to pay a commission using TronlinkWe recommend that you read our article:

Tronlink wallet instructions

For the convenience of using the wallet Tronlink have prepared some simple instructions for you to help you get started with it faster.

  • Installing the TronLink extension
  • TronLink wallet replenishment via exchanger
  • How to transfer cryptocurrency via TronLink


Despite the fact that the article turned out to be short, we have collected in it all the most necessary information without water about the wallet Tronlinkso you can start using it easily.

As Tronlink installed as an extension, this can be considered a good plus for convenience. Still, we recommend using this wallet for TRON cryptocurrencies and Tether TRC-20so that there are no problems with the exchange, for example Bitcoin on the TRON Mainnet as we pointed out in the disadvantages.

Be sure to check out our article that will help you avoid paying commission using Tronlink:

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions, leave them in the comments to this article.

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