- Review and reviews of a crypto wallet as a browser extension - Review and reviews of a crypto wallet as a browser extension

A crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension called Tronlink is one of the most convenient ways to store and exchange TRON cryptocurrencies and Tether TRC-20.

If you have not yet decided where you can store these two cryptocurrencies, then we recommend reading this article. Perhaps it will affect your choice. In any case, the article will be useful to any beginner who has recently started working with cryptocurrencies. website

About TronLink wallet: advantages and disadvantages

First and foremost a wallet Tronlink designed to store TRON cryptocurrency, but it also contains many other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

It can be used with mobile devices with Android, iOS and Huawei Harmony OS operating systems, as well as an extension for the Google Chrome browser, which is very convenient.


  • Cross Platform... As we said at the beginning, you can use the wallet using Android, iOS, Huawei Harmony OS, as well as install an extension for the Google Chrome browser on your PC;
  • Low fees;
  • Service from the TRON team... The developers of the TRON cryptocurrency are behind the creation of this wallet and they are responsible for the performance and safety;
  • Fast transfer of funds;
  • Stacking. With help Tronlink you can freeze TRON coins and receive passive staking income.


  • All tokens and cryptocurrencies operate on the TRON Mainnet or similar... What does it mean? For example, you add Bitcoin в Tronlinkbut it will work on the TRON network. From here the problem is that you simply cannot make an exchange using services if it does not accept Bitcoin TRX. Therefore, it is best to use this wallet to store TRON and Tether TRC-20.

Important point: to transfer between wallets, you must have TRON on your balance to pay the commission.

About Energy and Bandwidth

In the wallet Tronlink there are concepts such as Energy and Bandwidth.

Energy - a type of resource that is used to interact with smart contracts and for translation Tether TRC-20 (not allocated for accounts by default). Energy can only be obtained by freezing TRON, or by leasing it on specialized exchanges. Energy is replenished within a day.

Bandwidth - resource type used for TRON transfers and Tether TRC-10, and also partially for interacting with smart contracts. You can transfer TRX and TRC-10 tokens between wallets without commission, the main thing is to monitor the Bandwidth level. By default, 1 Bandwith is allocated for each address, which is replenished during the day. Like Energy, Bandwidth is restored within 500 hours.

In order not to pay a commission using TronlinkWe recommend that you read our article:

Tronlink wallet instructions

For the convenience of using the wallet Tronlink have prepared some simple instructions for you to help you get started with it faster.

  • Installing the TronLink extension
  • TronLink wallet replenishment via exchanger
  • How to transfer cryptocurrency via TronLink


Despite the fact that the article turned out to be short, we have collected in it all the most necessary information without water about the wallet Tronlinkso you can start using it easily.

As Tronlink installed as an extension, this can be considered a good plus for convenience. Still, we recommend using this wallet for TRON cryptocurrencies and Tether TRC-20so that there are no problems with the exchange, for example Bitcoin on the TRON Mainnet as we pointed out in the disadvantages.

Be sure to check out our article that will help you avoid paying commission using Tronlink:

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions, leave them in the comments to this article.

Invest successfully and profitably with! Happy and profitable investment! website

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Комментарии (74)

  1. Lumin 12 September 2022 14: 08

    A very convenient wallet, besides, by freezing the thrones, you can not pay a commission when transferring.

    A complaint
  2. Ilyas420 20 January 2022 20: 18

    Thanks for the info, is it convenient to enter projects with him?

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 10 February 2022 21: 33

      Yes, in general, there are approximately the same payments everywhere, the commission is different everywhere

      A complaint
      1. Mihhha 23 March 2022 23: 19

        Restrictions in the field of traditional payment systems provoke interest in such wallets and stablecoins in particular, especially Tether TRC-20. In addition, the ability to not pay a commission gives an advantage over traditional payments.

        A complaint
    2. levnks 10 February 2022 22: 17

      Transfers are much faster than with Binance. 

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 14 February 2022 22: 27

        I don’t know for which currencies, the same tether is slightly faster, maybe for 10-15 seconds

        A complaint
  3. levnks 6 January 2022 12: 10

    I use this wallet very often. Convenient and fast transfers on TRC and TRX. You can hardly pay a commission at all, by freezing TRX the commission will become just a penny. I advise everyone to start using such a wallet in the new year!

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 9 February 2022 15: 22

      Hello levnks, the fees for USDT TRC in "Trust wallet" is about 14 trx per transaction so is it lower in "Tronlink"??

      A complaint
      1. levnks 9 February 2022 22: 58

        in Tronlink, you can freeze TRX and pay less commission, I can throw off an article from another blog, there is a detailed description of how to save money in this wallet on transfers

        A complaint
        1. UdayAS8 10 February 2022 02: 30

          That would be much appreciated!!

          A complaint
        2. UdayAS8 14 February 2022 20: 47

          hello Levnks,

          I have staked 20 TRX in "bandwidth"

          and 7 TRX in "Energy"

          So when i make transactions (and surley bandwidth and energy are getting to get consumed) do i have to stake again?? or the bandwidth and energy will be regenerated by itslef??

          A complaint
          1. levnks 14 February 2022 21: 38

            Not much, of course, but okay. Yes, within a day the energy will be restored again. TRX can be taken back 3 days after freezing

            A complaint
            1. UdayAS8 14 February 2022 22: 36

              That's great, now i just have to calculate the specific amount i need to stake depending on my regular transactions and the rest TRX I will swap it for USDT 

              Thanks a lot for your help

              A complaint
            2. levnks 15 February 2022 10: 04

              Please colleague. I'm glad to help :)

              A complaint
            3. UdayAS8 19 February 2022 13: 23

              Bro i have another question if i may please,

              I have observed how much "Energy" USDT transfers would normally take and i found two main rates "14,631" (Wich mean i have to stake about 500TRX in order to have this much of energy) and " 29,631"

              I noticed that it's not about the amount you are transferring since there are a transactions above 1000 USDT and cost just "14,631", on the other hand there are transactions as small as 20 USDT and cost "29,631"

              so what's it all about? do you have any information about it?

              A complaint
            4. levnks 19 February 2022 14: 17

              To be honest, I didn't ask this question. I don't transfer such large amounts, so 2k TRX in freezing is enough for me. So I can't help you with this issue :(

              A complaint
            5. UdayAS8 19 February 2022 15: 04

              No worries man it's because of you i went this far, Thanks a lot and I'm going to ask Richie maybe he had some info about it :)

              A complaint
            6. levnks 19 February 2022 19: 28

              On the contrary, I think it's good. There can still be many projects, and it is not pleasant to pay money for translations every time. There is a saying in English: a penny saves a ruble :)

              A complaint
            7. UdayAS8 19 February 2022 20: 41

              I think you got me wrong, I meant that it's because of your help i knew all this stuff and just a little i can save a lot of transactions fees so thanks for that bro

              A complaint
            8. levnks 20 February 2022 11: 36

              No problem, always happy to help :)

              A complaint
            9. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 01: 59

              Bro, I discovered the "Votes" section in the wallet but i Don't know if you know about it.

              you can make a few extra TRX from Voting and i can show you how if you want

              A complaint
            10. levnks 24 February 2022 10: 00

              Oh, I would be grateful to you for such information. very interesting bro.

              A complaint
            11. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 11: 40

              Of course bro,

              As soon as you stake energy and bandwidth you will have as many votes as the TRX staked amount ( Staked TRX=Votes), so now all you have to do is to click on "Votes" then you will Sort the "SRs" (those are whom you will vote for) from the high estimated yield to the low estimated yield ( i will provide a screen shot)

              A complaint
            12. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 11: 45

              and then all you have to do is to "Vote" for the "SRs" that gives the highest yield by clicking on it and choose inside to vote for him with your full votes (it costs to vote only ~350 bandwidth)

              in this screenshot you can see i have 23 votes cause I'm only stakin 23 TRX so i voted all of them to "Smart consensus" and whenever a reward appears you can claim it daily!!!

              you have much more TRX than me so your daily rewards will be higher of course 

              Happy money making bro

              A complaint
            13. levnks 24 February 2022 12: 11

              I didn't quite understand what you can spend these gifts or votes on, what is the benefit?

              A complaint
            14. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 13: 32

              The gifts are pure TRX given to your account daily just lik that :)

              A complaint
            15. levnks 24 February 2022 12: 16

              Let's say I bought a 720 TRX, what should I do next?

              A complaint
            16. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 13: 43

              you have vote for "JD Investment" Which give an estimated yield of 8.07% per year, it's not bad but there are better percentage like "smart consensus" which i voted for.. please focus with me:

              now you have to cancel your votes for "JD Investment" by clicking on its name and press " cancel votes" in yellow at the bottom. after that enter that you want to cancel all the amount and prees "ok".

              After you have done that you should be able to vote for "Smart consensus" and you do it like this: 

              you scroll down until you find "Smart consensus" and then you press on it's name.

              Then you press on the "Vote" in blue at the bottom and enter that you want to vote with all your votes.

              Now you have successfully voted and you should have rewards every 24 hours like me in the screenshot attached, and you just need to prees on "claim rewards" every 24 hours :)

              A complaint
            17. levnks 24 February 2022 16: 12

              I don't quite understand, you say you need to cancel, but I have an error when I want to withdraw votes, what am I doing wrong?

              A complaint
            18. levnks 24 February 2022 16: 17

              When I pressed the yellow button and put, say, 5, then they fit somewhere in the upper right point, I did something wrong, didn't I?

              A complaint
            19. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 17: 04

              • it got a little messy cause you voted for the wrong "Super representative (in a correctly way though)

              I advice you the following:

              first unstake all your 720 TRX

              then Stake them again 

              Now you have 720 votes 

              click on "Votes" the scroll dow to "Smart consensus" and click on it

              click on "Votes" at the bottom 

              fill the empty field with all you 720 votes 


              All done!

              By the way i think that your tron ​​link app is little old so try to update it before 

              I hope it will work this time and I'm waiting for news

              A complaint
            20. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 17: 08

              This is how it should look like after you have voted correctly and all is done!! you just claim the reward every 24 hours

              A complaint
            21. levnks 24 February 2022 17: 46

              So I think we'll start all over again.. 

              I took 719 from the last one and did as you said, I could only take 719, because it does not allow me to take it from the last one until the end. 

              Now everything looks like this for me..

              Did I do everything right and what should I do next?

              (I'm very sorry for my translator, English is a difficult language for me, so I try to communicate with you respectfully so that you don't translate Russian.)

              A complaint
            22. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 18: 18

              It's perfect right now you have voted for a representative which gives the highest yield so it's perfect 

              Now you don't have to do anything else you just get every 24 hours to where you are right now and click " Claim reward" and your TRX account will be Credited!! 

              And the translation is good and i fully understood you brother 

              I'm So glad that I could repay you for your kindness regarding the advice about staking TRX :)

              A complaint
            23. levnks 24 February 2022 20: 29

              Super brother, if I understood everything correctly, then tomorrow, just in case, I will write to you. 

              I am very grateful to you for telling me about this. I didn't even know about it, how much have you already received TRX? And how much will I be able to receive TRX per day with such a contribution?

              A complaint
            24. UdayAS8 24 February 2022 21: 26

              You're welcome brother :) 

              I only have 23 TRX staked in my account so I get about 0.004741 TRX everyday but it's always nice to get free credits :)

              I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly how much you will get so we'll have to wait untill tomorrow to find out but it should be ~0.15 TRX

              A complaint
            25. levnks 24 February 2022 23: 09

              Is it safe to do this? Is it possible to lose your currency like that and where my TRX is coming from. What is the benefit to whom do I give them?

              A complaint
            26. 4difeer666 25 February 2022 01: 48

              That is why I use binance, I don’t have to think about anything, but I overpay a little, but everything is rebuffed by a ref in 99% of cases

              A complaint
            27. levnks 25 February 2022 08: 38

              Used Binance before and got tired of paying transfer fees. 1 USDT for any transfer. I thought it was too much..

              A complaint
            28. 4difeer666 27 February 2022 02: 31

              It all depends on the balance, at some point it grew so much that the dollar became invisible, and in most cases it returns with a ref

              A complaint
            29. levnks 27 February 2022 10: 09

              Maybe this will work, but binance does not like hype yet. I heard a lot of stories about people not being able to withdraw their funds…

              A complaint
            30. UdayAS8 25 February 2022 11: 32

              I think you should use Tron link brother, so much more convenient once you have know all the basics

              A complaint
            31. 4difeer666 27 February 2022 02: 39

              Yes, binance is not complicated, everything is pretty clear there, even without experience I understood everything almost immediately

              A complaint
            32. UdayAS8 27 February 2022 02: 52

              I think in these comments me and levnks have explained all you really need to know about "Tronlink" including the little TRX staking and voting so maybe you should give it a try :)

              A complaint
            33. UdayAS8 25 February 2022 11: 32

              The representative will benefit from your votes but how i don't know exactly.

              And of course bro all your TRX are safe and they are not even involved in this operation and it's totally free

              A complaint
            34. levnks 25 February 2022 17: 26

              Bro, hi again. A day passed and received a few votes. I am writing to you to ask and clarify what I need to do right now?

              A complaint
            35. UdayAS8 25 February 2022 20: 00

              good evening brother,

              It's like what I have told you, now you just need to press "Claim reward" and you will be Credited "0.163.." TRX 

              and you just claim your reward every day :)

              A complaint
            36. levnks 25 February 2022 20: 41

              Oh great, got it. The question is, how much is the maximum possible to invest in this way and is it not dangerous at all?

              A complaint
            37. UdayAS8 25 February 2022 22: 00

              There's no maximum amount, you will get "votes" as much as you stake TRX :) 

              and yes it's totally safe and one of the cool features of Tronlink

              A complaint
            38. levnks 25 February 2022 23: 24

              In fact, you can earn money on this and that's it, but I still don't understand why this is all happening and where my TRX goes

              A complaint
            39. UdayAS8 25 February 2022 23: 48

              your TRX ain't gone anywhere bro 

              You can consider that in order to encourage people to stake more TRX, Tronlink gives every one who stake TRX a right to vote for any "Super representative" he likes ( The super representative benefits from our votes in "Blocks" of the network or something ) and you will get a little Refback from those Super representative in a shape of TRX 

              so you're not giving anyone your TRX cause your TRX are stored with Tronlink, you're just using your right to vote for someone and have a little Refback from them in return 

              I hope i have made the situation clear for you :)

              A complaint
            40. levnks 26 February 2022 11: 49

              Understood, thanks again.

              A complaint
            41. UdayAS8 26 February 2022 13: 19

              You're welcome brother :) 

              and happy earnings!!

              A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 10 February 2022 21: 32

      So far I'm sitting on binance, but I'm thinking about switching to Tronlink

      A complaint
      1. levnks 10 February 2022 22: 16

        Of course, I used to sit on Binance for a long time, and then I thought about how much commission had already gone and decided to switch. I almost don’t pay anything for transfers, I froze 100 bucks in thrones and I sit high) There is enough for one transfer.

        A complaint
        1. 4difeer666 14 February 2022 22: 29

          Yes, in general, the essence is not in the commission, I have the main assets there, in general, I feel the current in the cue ball, I’m more afraid to keep funds on the exchange, in any case it’s safer on the wallet

          A complaint
    3. Mihhha April 27 2022 22: 41

      Yes, technology does not stand still. Good idea. Thanks for the advice.

      A complaint
  4. Sergey1234543211 5 January 2022 21: 28

    one of the most inconvenient wallets and stupid kapets, especially inconvenient is that the commission is debited from TRX and even if you make an exchange from one currency to another inside the wallet, you will not do it if there are not enough thrones, as if it was so hard to make a commission from other currencies , you have to first buy their smelly TRX, and only then everything else, you still need to get worn out according to the principle of guessing yourself where to poke with their dumb chip "energy and bandwidth", in other words, they found a way to pump extra money from exchanges under sucked stupid pretexts

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 April 27 2022 20: 11

      Actually its one of the pros not the cons, if you stake some TRX to get energy and bandwidth you'll get absolutely free transactions and i think most will rather stake some TRX instead of burning them

      A complaint
  5. UdayAS8 5 January 2022 20: 50

    Thanks for the article Admin,

    I personally found Tronlink sooo complicated and i Don't think it should be Like that

    A complaint
  6. Nik888 5 January 2022 18: 25

    Thanks for reviewing the wallet.

    A complaint
  7. 4difeer666 25 November 2021 18: 52

    Thank you for the article!

    A complaint
  8. Anzhel 15 November 2021 10: 53

    Commissions have increased recently

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 25 November 2021 19: 43

      Due to the load on the Tron network, most likely, the minimum withdrawals were increased on binance too.

      A complaint
    2. UdayAS8 5 January 2022 20: 52

      also it's much more complicated than Trust wallet and could be very confusing

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 25 February 2022 01: 49

        It always depends on the network, wallets are guided by them

        A complaint
  9. ilya28087 31 October 2021 15: 25

    Thanks for the article, I have never used tronlink, but I have heard about it, I myself use the trustlet and binance for input / output from projects and translations.

    A complaint
  10. Tatarin152152 1 October 2021 20: 12

    Thank you for the article!
    A complaint
  11. kiryamalik 1 October 2021 19: 49

    Thank you for the article
    A complaint
  12. gilew455 1 October 2021 18: 57

    I use trust jack. I think that the translation fees are about the same. Thanks for the review
    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 24 March 2022 23: 17

      Try Tron link and stake some TRX and all your transactions eill be free of charge :)

      A complaint
  13. Anzhel 1 October 2021 15: 03

    I use this wallet, everything is fine
    A complaint
  14. Akimskate 1 October 2021 14: 58

    Good kosh!
    A complaint
  15. DimaCash 1 October 2021 12: 00

    Thanks for the review!
    A complaint