Weekly Report 12.10.20 - 18.10.20

The scam has begun. It is not known how long this will last, but we assure you that you should not panic. It could be worse. We are looking at the events on the projects that are on our blog that occurred last week.

RichMonkey.biz appreciates its partners. We remind you that every 15 days we have an activity contest in which absolutely every registered user of our site can take part. Recommended for review:

This report focuses on the weekly 12.10.20 - 18.10.20 segment.

Getting started!

New projects

Cloud Btc [NEW] - added to the blog a mid-income project with hourly charges. The project looks average, but the profitability is good. We have written a detailed text review and recorded a video review of the project, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

4steps [NEW] - a mid-income guerrilla project with fast plans was added to the blog. Quite simple. Hope to see a redesign in the future. The project is insured in the amount of 400$. Bonus from the blog + 1 %.

TOP for deposits

Taxi money - a week passed without news. Let us remind you that the campaign "Energy of Autumn" was recently launched, in which you can participate. You can find out more about it on the game's website. Blog bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 102 198 $.

8Bit - another week of work is over. A moderately marketed project has been showing great results for a long time. The project is insured in the amount of 1 000 $. Bonus from the blog + 1-14%. The turnover of our team 65 959 $.

Solid Trade Bank - a guerrilla project with a solid period of work in the shadow pays within the framework of the regulations. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 0.5 %. The turnover of our team 23 509 $.

Miny - last week the token rate increased to $ 2, which is + 100% from the start date! Blog bonus + 3 %. The turnover of our team 19 107 $.

Bitero - the crypto-piggy bank still pays in instant mode. Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 12 197 $.

Libra Capital - the administration of the project announced that they registered a company in England and Australia. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 11 615 $.

Superkopilka - we continue to receive stable interest from a confident project with many years of work in the network. Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 10 634 $.


Antares trade - the project with a powerful development on the ground continues to work as usual. Blog Bonus + 2 %.

Finiko - another stable week is over. As always received ~ 5% income. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Forest capital - within the framework of the blog, the twelfth circle is completed at a single rate. Blog Bonus + 1 %.

Mighty Farm Ltd - the project, which has entered the third stage of development, continues to demonstrate good results. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Deeptradebot - very soon the completion of the next round at the first rate and the second round at the second. We look forward to it. Blog Bonus + 2 %.

Arbitly - the project administration additionally registered the company in the UK. The project is insured in the amount of 1 000$. Bonus from the blog + 1 %.

Cashmarine 2 - last week the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin were added as a way to replenish the balance, and the limit on the purchase of a 4 lvl ship was increased. up to 2 pieces. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Ferme - a week in the game passed without news. Payments to players are still received in instant mode. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Via Top - the administration of the project announced that next week an office program will be announced, with the help of which active participants of the platform will be able to open a representative office of the company completely free of charge at the expense of the company. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Fx Roboton - after the withdrawal commission has been removed, the project continues to work as usual. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Bit Atm - work continues without news. In the meantime, we have already been working for three weeks and we, together with our partners, have recaptured half of the deposit. The project is insured in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Media gram - the administration of the project announced that a new music category has appeared for activation with which you can maximize your earnings in the project. The project is insured in the amount of 200$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Cafe Rent - after almost one week, the administration solved the problems with the Perfect Money payment system. Now you can invest with it as usual. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Bitliner - the piggy bank project has been showing good results for two weeks already. We continue to earn. The project is insured in the amount of 300$. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Day reports

Last week we wrote the following daily reports:

Scam of the week

  • (14.10.20) Asher Trade (+ 50 % net profit 32 day of work) - well without scams, but without it in any way. For two weeks they were not on the blog. The project worked fine. Considering the delays of the last few days, from the moment of posting on the blog, we managed to earn up to + 50% net income.
  • (17.10.20) Atom Limited (from + 24 % to + 32 % net profit 39 days of work) - worked in principle normally, but I would like it better. Profit could be obtained for all plans, only very little came out on the longest.
  • (17.10.20) Firex Fund (+ 10 % net profit or 20% from deposit, 11 days of work) - here the work is much sadder, only 5 days on the blog, nobody managed to make money.

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1Taxi money1.1%7.7%219 000₽2 409₽16 863₽
28Bit0.3%2.1%5 000 $15$105$
3Solid Trade Bank-%2%200$-$4$
4Miny0.5%3.5%3 000 $15$105$
5Bitero2 + 1%10%3 000 $60$300$
6Libra Capital3.2%22.4%750$24$168$
7Antares trade~ 1%~ 7%500$~ 5 $~ 35 $
8Finiko~ 1%~ 5%3 000 $~ 30 $~ 150 $
9Forest capital0.35%2.45%200$0.7$4.9$
10Mighty Farm Ltd3%21%500$15$105$
11Deeptradebot~ 0.85%~ 5.95%400$3.4$23.8$
12Arbitly~ 1.4%~ 9.8%3 000 $~ 42 $~ 294 $
13Cashmarine 2~ 2.72%~ 19.04%60 000₽~ 1 632₽~ 11 424₽
14Ferme1.13%7.91%60 000₽678₽4 746₽
15Via Top3 + 1.5%18%1 500 $45$270$
17Fx Roboton1.8%9%500$9$45$
18Bit Atm3%21%1 000 $30$210$
19Media gram3.33%23.31%150$4.95$34.96$
20Cafe Rent~ 3.58%~ 25.06%16 000₽572.8₽4 009.6₽
22Cloud Btc [NEW]5%30%200$10$60$
234steps [NEW]1.4%8.4%201$2.81$16.88$
Total invested: 28 409 $Total revenue
in a day:

390.55 $ (+ 1.37%)
Total revenue
during the week:

2 488.07 $ (+ 8.76%)

Recommended articles of the week

Knowledge is power! We recommend our following articles for general development:

Results of the week

Our portfolio has significantly emaciated due to the scam. In addition to the projects that went away last week, we also cleaned up those that went away this week.

Such scamopads have always been, are and will be, especially when many projects are launched simultaneously. Those who have been with us for several years, believe me, it was worse! There are such periods on the market, for a long time nothing goes into a scam, + - several projects, but then suddenly the projects begin to close in batches. Scams are launched quickly + giants and old people who have worked with dignity leave + can pull other work projects with them, as investors begin to be cautious about investments during a scam or leave projects in which they participate at this time.

Our blog does everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs. We always try to provide good conditions for working with projects, to cover losses to the maximum where possible, sometimes we give most of our earnings to compensation.

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