What is common in HYIP with fishing or how not to become the catch of the administrator?

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In this article we want to look at the hyip industry from a new and unusual angle. Let's compare a highly profitable and risky business with a calm and peaceful sport - fishing. This will help many newcomers to understand and study the HYIP industry, and more experienced players will probably make them think and reconsider some things or strategies in this business.

Distribution of roles

Fishing is a fairly common form of recreation, so most people are very well oriented here, which means fishing is great for comparison with a complex and risky HYIP business. Let's define several parallels and distribute roles. The admin of the HYIP project will be a fisherman, a fishing rod, tackle and so on will be the tool itself, namely the HYIP site, small fish are the majority of investors with small contributions, and finally large fish are our major contributors or, as people call them, buratosy. It seems to be all, but in fact, we forgot about such important resources for HYIP as monitors and blogs, so we will attribute them to reservoirs or reservoirs.

The purpose for which the admins create a project

We have distributed the roles, it remains to define the goals for each role and the picture will be drawn instantly.

What do you think, why do fishermen catch fish? Many will say, for fun, just to spend your free time and relax. Everything is correct, but there are those for whom this is the main source of income, for them the catch determines everything, from food to accommodation. And now let's think about why the HYIP administrators open their projects? For pleasure? I think it is unlikely that for them it is a way to spend their free time, although we do not exclude such options in the ratio of one per thousand. But still, we will focus on the fact that for a HYIP administrator this is a source of income, or rather, a thirst to get this source. Admin HYIP wants, like a fisherman, a lot of good catch. And so that it was not just a small fish, which is usually fed to cats or even thrown out, namely, large, high-quality fish. Here we have the administrator’s goal, the main goal is the catch of large fish!

Let us now consider why we have small and large fish trapped and hooked. Everything is simple, for the sake of sustenance. As well as large and small investors, they want to increase their savings and are looking for ways, so the fish wants to eat and is looking for places where it is possible, but often is not aware of the danger.

Now it is logical to ponder how a fisherman will reach his goal and still deceive and catch a cunning and slippery fish. Of course, it is very difficult to do this with bare hands, imagine an anonymous project administrator without a site that is trying to capitalize on investors. Here, of course, you can catch fish, only in some kind of reservoir and with good lure, where there is just a lot of fish, and you can get lucky to catch it with your bare hands, but again you need supplementary feeding and a reservoir.

We will be realistic, we need gear, fishing rod, lure, bait and various other auxiliary tools to get started. It turns out that the administrator needs to make a website with a design, buy hosting, domain, protection, etc. - these are tools. Coming up with catchy marketing is a good complement, if marketing is not interesting, then supplement is not of high quality, fish will not eat it.

Further, the admin as a fisherman must go and fish. He can go to any river, not knowing there is a bite and try to catch. And what if it’s a dead pit and there’s no fish? Here only experience can tell where exactly to catch and what kind of nibble to expect. You can pay for rent in the reservoir and catch there, in fact, buy a monitor or blog that specializes in fish farming. The main thing is that for reservoirs with a large supply of fish, or simply reservoirs with good service, the price will always be higher than simpler and smaller ones. But always the tool and the quality of complementary foods will determine the catch.

The rules of the fishing process

We proceed to the process itself. The admin made a high-quality project, bought monitors and blogs, uses delicious food. It seems to be all yes? And here and there, there are other fishermen on the reservoirs and they are no worse than feeding or a tool, so the fish have a choice and they will still think about where to eat and where not.

What are the fishermen doing? Very lucky to those fishermen who come to a well-fed place. Those. admins who make the project very reminiscent of a giant, both visually and technically, and advertise it there. And if the fish is still found in this place and has not left, then it remains only to hook. In fact, such places need to do yourself. To lure and lure, long and hard, so that the fish forget about fears altogether. And where there is a lot of small fish, comes and large fish. And where there is a lot of large fish, comes and is even larger.

It seems to be all simple, for the new place the process will be longer, for the old place faster. The only question that remains is how much specific lure and bait the admin has to catch fish. Will he be able to wait for a big one or will the whole lure take away a trifle.

Here is our picture. The admin of the project pays payments to its investors in order to attract new investors and the most important thing for it is to attract large investors. For this, he spends a lot of money on the rental of reservoirs, tools, tackle, lure and bait. And the longer he spends so much and feeds, the more and more the fish will sail and the already well-fed fish will return again.

Have you noticed that if the admin worked well and gave a lot of money to you, then the next project will fly money from the first days? It all says that the place is lured, and you remember how good and safe it was there. Here the thing for the fisherman to cut! Of course, the fishermen have different appetites and it is very possible that they need a very large fish, they just wait for it, the rest is not important, therefore they will feed and feed and feed several times until they are caught.

What conclusions will we draw from this comparison?

First, we should not forget the goal of the project administrator, the fisherman needs fish and the bigger the professional the fisherman and his appetites.

Secondly, if a large fish has come where you eat, is it not worth considering? Of course, the admin can only catch her, and continue to feed the smaller ones, but maybe all at once with a network.

Thirdly, for different levels of fishermen, its criterion for selecting large fish, for some, the contribution to 500 $ is already a large investor, for others 2000 $ is not enough. So, here you need to know about the appetites of the fisherman.

Finally, if you get to an uncorked place for a fisherman, with a very large appetite and demands, then you will earn much more than a well-fed one from a well-known admin. That is why, at the start, insiders about admins, this is the usual good complement to collect many fish at once in one place and hook it up. And a lot of fish, this means that a lot of lure will be eaten quickly and it will simply end quickly. The gradual and smooth increase in fish is for the investor a chance of good and long-term earnings, the main thing is that the admin has a supply of food to fulfill his goal.

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