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  • Minimum Deposit: 199₽
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 5₽
  • Profitability: from 23% per month
  • Referral Program: от 7.5% - 2%
  • Starting Date: 22.05.2014
  • Работает:
  • Featured on the Blog: 13.10.2016
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How to Claim Your Refback

Claiming your refback is a breeze. You can request it for the project in the amount of 5% from your initial investment. To kickstart the process, simply click the "Order Refback" link and fill out the required form.

Is Refback Available for Balance Deposits?

No, you need to withdraw the deposit to a payment system, create a new investment, and request a refback on the blog.

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  • Important Information Before Ordering a Bonus

Taxi Money is the largest economic online game in the Russian-speaking Internet. Over 1.1 million players have registered in the game during its 6 years of operation. Due to a major update in the economic game Taxi Money, a detailed review of the innovations in Taxi Polis has been prepared after a long time.

Taxi Polis is an addition to the economic game Taxi Money. The essence of Taxi Polis lies in buying land plots, constructing buildings and businesses on them, earning influence points, and making money from commissions. The more influence points you have in the area, the larger share of taxes and orders completed in your area in the main game Taxi Money you receive. Soon, there are plans to introduce earnings from reselling plots.

The game has extensive functionality that has been developed and refined over the years. The game may initially seem complex, but we will try to address that.

The economic game Taxi Money started on May 22, 2014, and it continues to operate to this day. With 6 successful years behind it, the game's administration is releasing another large-scale update that will give the game a new phase of development.

Initially, Taxi Money offered opportunities for earning through taxi purchases and completing orders, but now the functionality has expanded. You can purchase plots and build structures in the Taxi Polis location, which currently has 3 districts as of the time of this review. More districts will be added gradually. Plots and buildings are being bought up quite quickly, so try to acquire a more profitable plot and structure.

Marketing project

The investment offer of the economic game Taxi Money consists of 4 ways to earn:

  • Earnings from buying taxis and completing tasks;
  • Earnings from buying businesses;
  • Earnings in Taxi Polis from purchasing plots and buildings;
  • Earnings without investments.

In our opinion, the most relevant way to earn in the game Taxi Money right now is Taxi Polis. As we mentioned earlier, it involves buying plots and buildings that will generate passive income. Soon, they plan to add the option of reselling plots.

Currently, in Taxi Polis, there are 3 districts where you can buy plots and buildings: New, Peaceful, and Southern. They plan to add new districts in the future.

The minimum deposit amount is 199₽. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5₽. In the investment project, payments are made in instant mode.

Tariff NamePercentage of ProfitInterest CalculationDeposit TermDeposit AmountDeposit Return


from 23% to 33% per monthcalendar daysunlimitedfrom 199₽included in earnings

Video review. Taxi Money

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments of the video and provide their username on our blog will receive a $1 bonus! Only our partners are eligible to participate!

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program in the economic game Taxi Money is two-tiered. To participate in the affiliate program, you need to register on the website. There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program through qualification.

Important: Referral bonuses are not credited when topping up the Anklav, Taxi-dice games, "Exchange" sections, and the company's account.

Standard affiliate program:

  • Reward: 7.5% - 2% of your partners' deposits;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the website.

Project Instruction

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to work with this investment project, which includes: creating an account registration, a step-by-step guide on making a deposit, and also withdrawing funds.

  • Registration
  • Balance Replenishment and Purchase of Plots and Buildings in Taxi Polis
  • Withdrawal of Funds


The money-making economic game Taxi Money has been successfully operating for 6 years. A recent update of Taxi Polis has brought a new dimension to this economic game's development.

There are four ways to earn in the game, but we believe that the most relevant method is earning in the city of Taxi Polis. The essence of it lies in purchasing plots of land and buildings, which will generate passive income in the future. They plan to add the option to resell plots and buildings soon.

The game appears to be meticulously designed, offering numerous ways to earn and interesting possibilities. However, it's important to note that the game requires active involvement from players, so take the time to familiarize yourself with the information.

The affiliate program is two-tiered, offering 7.5% - 2% of your partners' deposits. There is also an opportunity to enhance the affiliate program by achieving higher qualifications, increasing it to a maximum of 20% - 4% of your partners' deposits. This increase is valid for one month after meeting the conditions.

This game should be an excellent choice for portfolio diversification. Getting in early means earning more, but remember the risks and keep in mind the fundamental rules of investing. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Risk Reminder

Investing always involves risks. It's very important to always remember and understand this. The above-mentioned company is no exception, so it's worth reminding you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in High-Yield After Plans where the deposit and interest are paid at the end of the term. You won't receive payouts under such plans (e.g., 6500% in 100 days).
  • Diversify your funds. In other words, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the return rate, the higher the risks. Don't forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after earnings.
  • Before investing, check the project's status.
  • Do not invest borrowed funds.
  • Be prepared to lose money and invest with disposable income.

We recommend for your consideration!



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  1. Loveykin 11 August 2023 08:00


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  2. KirillRiazanov 26 July 2023 17:51

    Очень долгий проект всё ок

  3. drobnitsa1960 14 June 2023 23:24

    А все-таки, с учетом проводимых аналогий с Суперкопилкой, интересно: "таксисты" всех катают или только избранных?

  4. richmonkey 5 June 2023 09:20

    🤑 Получили выплату +12$

  5. Loveykin 11 May 2023 19:32

    Докинул 6900р (90 баксов)

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      Пополнение баланса пользователя № 1555302 (payeer)

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  6. 13knives 6 April 2023 17:14

    Теперь с сегодняшнего дня если ты не разгрузил авто после заказа то стоимость заказа падает в два раза. Получается что нужно всё время сидеть в игре чтоб заработать эти копейки и ночью не спать. Участие в этом проекте останавливаю и никому не рекомендую, ничего вы здесь не заработаете только потратите своё время. Больше чем за год участия я остался в минусе и ничего не заработал , так как в игре нужно проводить ОЧЕНЬ много своего времени чтобы была хоть какая то прибыль. Постоянные нововведения в игре, такие как вынужденный ремонт зданий, которые вначале вам продавали как постоянные, невыкупание руды на аукционах которые заставляют снижать цену на неё и т.д. только на пользу администрации а не участникам !

    1. 4difeer666 30 April 2023 19:35

      Ну она себя и позиционировала как такая игра, неудивительно что к этому и пришло

    2. UdayAS8 31 May 2023 14:58

      the project stopped being relevant for long time now, so good job for those who could earn in the beginning

  7. drobnitsa1960 9 February 2023 02:01

    Вас понял, админ, спасибо. Если бы не эти "очень много дополнительных условий", игра бы столько не работала.

    1. 4difeer666 31 May 2023 13:28

      Факт, в этом она с суперкопилкой похожа, ну не в актуальном положении, а когда в ней еще можно было заработать, много кто не разбираясь заходил

  8. drobnitsa1960 4 February 2023 23:47

    Очень давно работает игра, как минимум с 2015, если не раньше. Может, кто-нибудь из участников поделится, реально ли здесь заработать? Или же возможность заработка обставлена кучей дополнительных условий (постоянными вложениями дополнительных средств, привлечением новых участников и т.д.)?

    1. richmonkey_support 5 February 2023 12:17

      drobnitsa1960, в игре действительно очень много дополнительных условий. Нужно во всём долго разбираться

  9. Mingul 30 December 2022 21:50

    Сделано пополнение на 500 руб

  10. richmonkey 9 December 2022 17:38

    Получили выплату +15$

  11. SVladimir 2 September 2022 18:12

    Бонус по проекту Taxi Money получил. Спасибо. Дата операции: 02 Сен 2022 17:14

    ID операции: 1731665112. Тип операции: перевод

    Статус: выполнен. Сумма: 2.4 USD

    Комментарий: Refback by for Taxi Money

    От: P1021078116

  12. SVladimir 2 September 2022 16:19

    Дата операции: 02 Сен 2022 11:52

    ID операции: 1731502917. Тип операции: перевод

    Магазин: Статус: выполнен

    Сумма: 2 685.52 RUB. Сумма с комиссией: 2 685.52 RUB

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    Дата операции: 02 Сен 2022 13:34

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  13. SVladimir 30 August 2022 14:31

    Спасибо за рефбек. Дата операции: 30 Авг 2022 13:21

    ID операции: 1729765351. Тип операции: перевод

    Статус: выполнен. Сумма: 0.29 USD

    Комментарий: Refback by for Taxi Money

    От: P1021078116

  14. SVladimir 30 August 2022 10:32

    Дата операции: 30 Авг 2022 10:07

    ID операции: 1729669169. Тип операции: перевод

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    Сумма: 373.55 RUB. Сумма с комиссией: 373.55 RUB

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  15. richmonkey 19 August 2022 12:32

    Получили выплату +15$

  16. richmonkey 25 July 2022 10:32

    Получили выплату +15$

  17. richmonkey 14 July 2022 11:13

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  18. richmonkey 10 July 2022 23:24

    Получили выплату +15$

  19. richmonkey 30 May 2022 00:29

    Получили выплату +30$

  20. richmonkey 27 May 2022 19:39

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  21. daniska87 24 May 2022 07:54

    Пополнил счет на 15 000р

    24.05.2022 07:16:32 Покупок 15 001 рублей Пополнение счета #247253

  22. richmonkey 23 May 2022 12:07

    Получили выплату +30$

  23. richmonkey 21 May 2022 14:16

    Получили выплату +30$

  24. 13knives 17 May 2022 14:53

    Выплата Дата операции: 17 Май 2022 14:50

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  25. richmonkey 14 April 2022 01:30

    Получили выплату +12$

  26. richmonkey 4 March 2022 01:20

    Получили выплату +10$

  27. 13knives 2 March 2022 16:17

    Выплата Дата операции: 02 Мар 2022 16:13

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  28. richmonkey 18 February 2022 23:46

    Получили выплату +13$

  29. 13knives 18 February 2022 11:15

    Рефбэк получен 18.02.22 06:40    Receive    Received Payment 0.7 USD from account U21717020 to account U5883642. Batch: 449272100. Memo: API Payment. Refback by for Taxi Money.

  30. 13knives 18 February 2022 01:25


    Дата операции: 18 Фев 2022 01:11

    ID операции: 1604364750

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