Why are more frequent HYIP projects with charges on working days?

One or two years ago, in the HYIP industry, there were projects with accruals on working days less often than they are encountered today. The trend has changed and today such projects are more common than in the past. What is the reason?

Advantages of projects with charges on weekdays

The fact is that from the management of an investment project it is much easier to work with charges on workdays. Explain why.

First, accruals on working days facilitate the work of administrators of investment projects. Especially with manual payments.

Secondly, a visual increase in the daily percentage of profitability due to accruals on working days. The investor sees the number of 4% on 38 days, as it was in Forest4, and thinks “Hmm, cool. There is no time to think, it’s necessary to get lost! ”, But in the column“ Calculation of interest ”it is indicated“ By working days ”. In order to calculate daily income on calendar days, we take a simple formula, where: “4” is the percentage of charges on workdays, “5” is the number of working days in a week, “7” is the number of days in a week.

Actually, the formula itself: (4 * 5) / 7 = 2.857% on calendar days is obtained, but with a deposit included in the payments, 85.5% per month instead of the expected 120% by the investor. In fact, 2.857% is an excellent daily percentage of return, but visually 4% looks much better. And, by the way, visually the percentage is still more than reality, because in this example the deposit is included in the payments. The investment period extends from 38 business days to 53-54 calendar days. You can calculate the real percentage of daily yield. The real percentage yield will be 0.96%. How to count?

We consider the total income from the deposit: 4 * 38 = 152% - 100%, where 100% is the deposit = 52% of the net profit for the period of investment.

Formula: 52% / 54 = 0.96% daily. “54” is the number of calendar days for the investment period in translation from business days. On a subconscious level, perhaps greed is triggered, especially for beginners who do not delve into such details. There is nothing difficult in this, but, as practice shows, not everyone understands this.

On a subconscious level, perhaps greed is triggered, especially for beginners who do not delve into such details. There is nothing difficult in this, but, as practice shows, not everyone understands this.

Finally, as a rule, projects with charges on working days work with manual payments, and not instant. By the way, you can read our article about the types of payments in HYIP projects:

So, the advantage of manual payments over an instance is that the administration of an investment project regulates cash flow more closely. As you know, in investment projects in which accruals take place on weekdays at weekends there is simply no way, and for weekend payments from projects are made exclusively on partner accruals.

Why such a trend?

Such investment projects are much easier to manage for administrators, even experienced ones. The advantage on the face. Namely, a visual increase in the percentage of profitability, which we talked about earlier, plays an important role in the accruals on working days. The HYIP industry cannot stand in one place and sooner or later new chips appear, the classic ideas of marketing and affiliate programs change, the choice of payment systems and charges also do not keep you waiting. Recently, they added an investment project with charges from Tuesday to Saturday. New trend? There is no special difference from Monday to Friday, from Tuesday to Saturday, but all the same time will tell.


Everything ingenious is simple. With this motto, the administration of investment projects has recently approached the creation of their offspring. We do not see anything wrong with such a marketing condition, but on the contrary we see only positive aspects. Moderation is one of the main advantages of accruals on workdays. An artificial increase in the term of the deposit also has a positive effect, first of all, on the investment project itself. Personally, we are impressed by this type of marketing, and you? Write about it in the comments under this article.

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