The return of the trend of low-income marketing

For a long time, the trend of middle-income investment projects dominates in the HYIP industry. In spite of this, quality low-income projects appear, which for a long time show excellent results. Many investors are very skeptical of this kind of investment projects because of, first of all, low income over a long period of time. In this article, we will explain to you why the trend of low-income investment projects returns.

Why low-income projects were not claimed?

Probably, you, like many, consider that low-yielding investment projects are not in demand only in terms of their percentage of profitability and a long investment period. You, in part, will be right.
Let us remind you of such a project as Cashbury, which has been successfully working for several years and has attracted a huge number of investors. It is far from a secret that Cashbury attracted most of the investors, thereby “trampling on” and preventing other low-income projects from working. After the Cashbury scam, we can say that the trend of low-income projects is returning.

After the success of Cashbury, investors are more willing to go into this kind of investment projects. There are new and new projects with good preparation and investors see it.

Examples of low-income projects

Let us examine the examples of low-income projects, which, at the moment, are on our blog-monitoring and continue to show good results.


The first will analyze the work of the investment project Loany24. Initially, the project looked rather weak in its preparation, but since the time there was a rebranding. Project Loany24 has a working marketing with two plans relevant for investment: 0.7% daily for 365 days and 0.8% daily for 365 days.

On our blog-monitoring project was 128 days. It was possible to earn money in the project after placing from 89.6% to 102.4% profit.


Next, we analyze the work of the investment project. Cointonix. This representative of low-income investment projects also had initially not such a design, which he has now. Cointonix has a working marketing with two plans relevant for investment: 0.7% daily for 285 days and 1% daily for 200 days.

On our blog-monitoring project was 100 days. It was possible to earn money in the project after placing from 70% to 100% profit.

Cashluxe trade

Next we analyze the work of the investment project. Cashluxe Trade. A relatively newcomer to low-income projects in the HYIP industry shows good performance. Cashluxe Trade has a working marketing with one investment plan: from 0.62% to 1.02% daily for 300 days + every 30 days returns for 10% of the deposit body.

On our blog-monitoring project was 60 days. It was possible to earn money in the project after placing from 57.2% to 81.2% profit.


We analyze the work of the investment project Fexbet. Recently, a popular and trend project appeared on our monitoring blog, which has been running for more than 100 days. Project Fexbet has a working marketing with one investment plan: from 0.8% to 1.2% daily for 167-250 days before reaching 200% profit.

On our blog-monitoring project was 21 day. It was possible to earn money in the project after placing from 16.8% to 25.2% profit.

The indicators are not the most impressive yet, but we believe that the project is perfect for the future.

Eratech planet

Next, we analyze the work of the investment project. Eratech Planet. Behind this investment project, in fact, 300 days of work. Not bad, is it? Eratech Planet has a working marketing with three investment plans that are relevant: 3.9% per week for 365 days, 4.2% per week for 365 days and 4.6% per week for 365 days.

On our blog-monitoring project was 192 of the day. It was possible to earn money in the project after placing from 105.3% to 124.2% profit.


Last but not least, the investment project CapEX24, whose work we will also analyze now. 200 days of work behind the back of this investment project, which has already recommended itself as solvent and promising. Project CapEX24 has a working marketing: from 5% per week.

On our blog-monitoring project was 197 days. It was possible to earn in the project after placing from 140% profit.

Our opinion on the future of low-income projects

As you could understand, our opinion was still clearly defined after the first section. The future of low-income projects to be and we can say that the trend is back. New low-income investment projects are emerging and will be emerging. In this connection, we recommend that you look closely not only at middle-income but also low-income projects, because the distribution of risks is the most important part of investing.

After Skame Cashbury, a “road” appeared for administrators to create new and promising low-income investment projects.


It's time to take a small summary of the above. The trend of low-income investment projects returns. You can fall into this kind of projects. From ourselves, we note that you should carefully approach the issue of investment and select the best projects that, by the way, you can find on our monitoring blog.

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  1. gilew455
    04.04.2021 17:46
    Thank you for the article. Low income is good, but you need to be able to at least five thousand dollars to have income from them
  2. ilya28087
    04.04.2021 10:56
    Thanks for the article, even now there are many low-income workers who work very well, despite the fact that fasts work very badly in general.
  3. AlexanderKudrya8027
    14.12.2020 16:53
    Thank you for the article. Highlighted the information for myself
  4. Robin2020
    21.10.2020 18:21
    Thank you for the article!
  5. gilew455
    23.06.2020 09:29
    Thank you for the article. Low-income people will work on them quite a lot, the most important thing is the right choice.
  6. Saschaaa
    04.05.2019 13:56
    Low incomes are no longer in trend, now fasts and middle ones are good, and piggy banks are also often pleased)
    1. 4difeer666
      04.05.2019 14:23
      Piggy banks would not say that they are encouraging, there are a lot of them now, but the admin 2-3 is working ...
      1. Saschaaa
        04.05.2019 16:19
        I mean lucky, I didn’t get on bydlokopilku)
        1. 4difeer666
          04.05.2019 16:50
          And I came across, unfortunately ..
      2. udimka
        15.05.2019 20:05
        Piggy bank is not easy to keep
        1. 4difeer666
          16.05.2019 00:05
          I agree it is not easy, but they create, it means they want to try at least, it’s a pity that we fall for such
    2. Marina
      04.05.2019 21:54
      You have to be always on guard, no matter what marketing risks are always the same.
      1. 4difeer666
        05.05.2019 15:31
        I agree, but for me piggy banks and hourly charges are some kind of idol. For some reason, I really want to get rid of them
  7. 4difeer666
    16.04.2019 18:59
    Return, only unprofitable ((
    1. Marina
      04.05.2019 21:54
      Unfortunately, Vanga is difficult.
      1. 4difeer666
        04.05.2019 21:58
        It is clear that you can not guess, but definitely not worth going into
  8. silver_profit
    16.04.2019 16:45
    Three months later, we can say that the return did not happen. It is not entirely clear what prevents the administration from working normally and showing results with such a percentage of daily income.
    1. MrFox
      16.04.2019 18:05
      I agree, the low incomes disappointed specifically. Personally, I did not expect this from them.
      1. 4difeer666
        05.05.2019 15:31
        Yeah, it seems they were, but now 3 remains. And then the oldest ones
        1. udimka
          15.05.2019 20:06
          For me, low incomes have long been the bottom. I do not go into such projects.
          1. 4difeer666
            16.05.2019 00:05
            I am no more than 1, I'd rather go to the partisans than to him.
            1. Marina
              16.05.2019 14:58
              But Keshlyuks is happy. Also left me alone, God give him health.
  9. richmonkey
    14.04.2019 23:26
    Low incomes were disappointed, they thought that after scam keshbury they would start to work normally, but so far no one has shown the result. All gone at the peak. The loani gave a start, but basically everyone has a loss, the cointonics didn’t even reach a boo, the fexbet started breakeven, but the movement only started after ng.

    While the keshbury was working, there were no other low-income workers and after the scam it didn’t change much.
    1. MrFox
      15.04.2019 12:47
      Yes, something scam patted low incomes, too, pretty.
    2. 4difeer666
      16.04.2019 19:00
      Well, everyone saw how easy it is to pick up money, so they began to appear)
      1. Marina
        04.05.2019 21:52
        Yes, moreover, with trifles, they don’t usually go there, so the admins have shaved many.
    3. Saschaaa
      04.05.2019 14:00
      Yes ... So far I have been in only one low profit marketer with interestingly invented marketing, for the rest has not yet given credibility
      1. 4difeer666
        04.05.2019 16:51
        After the febbet, I’m not even going to risk any low-income man to get out of it. You pay for half a year, and how it will work the FIG knows
        1. udimka
          15.05.2019 20:07
          Yeah. Already fasts are better with such success.
          1. 4difeer666
            16.05.2019 00:06
            Best of all, either trading or investing in a crypt, if you fumble in them, that’s where the risk-to-profit ratio is really very attractive
      2. Anzhel
        15.10.2020 11:20
        I am also in the same low income, I hope for a positive outcome
  10. richmonkey
    13.03.2019 16:45
    My personal opinion.

    There were thoughts that some of the low-income ones would leave and would not give a profit, so they turned out to be Cointonix, returned about 90% of the deposit, although not quickly scam.

    Loany24 Already gives a profit, it's too late to go.

    Fexbet only recently entered, but I consider one of the most promising projects at the moment, I think it’s not for nothing that they have intensified and you can still enter. The project is shaken by many leaders. Keshbury.

    Eratech planet I do not see development at all.

    CapEX24 I think you can already go, the profit gave a good, we play for profit already, active dep 300 $.

    Cashluxe trade In doubt, I do not really see development.
    1. MrFox
      16.04.2019 18:07
      The last three are quietly and work in the end - without noise and dust.
      1. 4difeer666
        16.04.2019 19:04
        Kapeks probably the only one who also met expectations
    2. Saschaaa
      04.05.2019 14:02
      Fexbet, of course, was a specific Bablosbor, I didn’t expect it, we opened offices and finished it, even though the cachex gave a profit
      1. 4difeer666
        04.05.2019 14:21
        Yes, and they did all kinds of interviews. It was still possible to make bets
      2. Marina
        04.05.2019 21:48
        Keshlyuks project very happy not to jinx it. Already a little bit off.