We learn the TOP admin in handwriting (DDFutures.com, DerGlobal.biz, BSFinance.biz)

Indeed, TOP-admins in the hype industry can be counted on the fingers of two hands, but there are those who have been successfully promoting their product to the masses for a long period: not one or two years, and more than earning money to their investors 200% net profit for the term of work after rebranding, and what can we say about work in the "partisan" stage?

We believe that there should be an article on our blog about, let's not be afraid of this word, the TOP-ov admin who is called "grandfather". His project is now on our blog and shows excellent results. It's not hard to guess what this is about BSfinance. We will try to analyze for you the features of his work, by what signs you can recognize him and what were the results of working with him on our blog in past projects.


Sometimes investors see how long an investment project has been working and think: “How could I miss this project?”, “Where have I been before?”. This article is aimed at finding out one of the TOP-admin in the current realities, which has been generating income for its investors for more than a year.

Dozens of investment projects are published daily in the HYIP industry, and I would like to form the investment portfolio for ourselves from the most high-quality projects with high-quality projects in order to further receive stable profit. There are experienced admins in the industry who always give profit, but how to calculate them? There is an article on our blog on how to calculate admins by handwriting. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

Let's deal with issues such as: “who is“ grandfather ”?”, Signs of “grandfather”. For you, we will analyze the results of our work with his past projects and with BSfinance including.

Why "grandfather"?

In the hype industry, they began to call the “grandfather” of this admin because of his one of the most successful projects DDfutures. So what? DDfutures and "grandfather" are almost in tune. The above investment project has worked out 585 days being in the partisan stage for about one year.

Project results from the TOP admin

This admin causes a huge stir after rebranding, so it is difficult to resist a deposit. We have worked with him more than once and want to share our overall and our project results. To summarize the work of his projects - a little mathematics, graphs and text.


After rebranding our blog in 2018, the first project of "grandfather" was notorious DDfutures, which worked smartly, both in the partisan stage and after rebranding. The project brought the administrator the glory that he has now.

The start of the investment project took place 31.12.2016, right before the New Year, in the "partisan" stage. Critics at MMGP, as they should, greeted the project coldly. Not surprisingly: there is no design, the wallet has not been verified, a lot of monitoring has been bought from the start, a silly name and not a dedicated IP. It’s ridiculous to read these comments now, and at that moment no one would have guessed from the start that here is one of the most working admins.

Overall DDfutures Results

The investment plan in the partisan stage was 2.2% daily for 60 days with the return of the deposit body at the end of the investment period. In early March, 2017 marketing was changed to 2.1% daily for 20 days with the return of the deposit body at the end of the investment period.

Let's calculate how much you could earn while the project was in the “partisan” stage.

In the "partisan" stage he worked 424 day, the first round could be fully completed and after a new plan appeared, 424-60 =364 day. 364 of the day divide by 20 - find out how many laps you could complete according to the new plan:

364 / 20 =18 circles.

For 1 the circle according to the old plan could be earned + 132% of net profit: 2.2 * 60 = + 132%.

It turns out that the one who believed in the project and was at that time while the project was in the shade, investing in it, could earn + 888% net profit. Awesome figure!

28.02.2018 The project was rebranded. The administration introduced new tariffs, a new design and an affiliate program. Actual in the investment proposal was a plan that offered to earn 2.1% daily for 20 days with the return of the deposit body at the end of the investment period.

Scam investment project DDfutures happened 07.08.2018 having worked 160 days in the active phase. Whether it's a lot or a little is up to you to judge, but 8 circles and earn up + 336% net profit. Great performance! This is not taking into account refback + 2.5%.

Total: + 888% net income in the partisan stage and + 336% net income in active phase = + 1 224% from the very start of the project. Well, isn't it a TOP result?

DDfutures results on our blog

The project was added to our blog a month after the start and we tracked it. 120 days. As part of the blog, you could go to 6 circles and earn + 267% net income taking into account the bonus from our blog in the amount of + 2.5%.

Our partners invested in the project 43 786 $. With detailed statistics on our work with the project DDfutures You can find below.

Our screen from your personal account in DDfutures

Profit chart in DDfutures

Our contribution


4 971 $ / 1657%


Contributions of our investors



Invested by


Average contribution




Der global

The next project "grandfather" on our blog was Der global, who also worked smartly and showed the TOP result.

Start at the “partisan” stage, the investment plan is similar to DDfuturesrebranding after a year of work. Do you recognize?

Investment project launched 15.11.2017 from work in the shade. Start of the project again by the end of the year. This time, two plans were added and the second was frightening or “to pinocchio”. And again, the project was coldly accepted at MMGP. The hard fate of the "partisans." It seems that the admin didn’t care what they were talking about, and he again demonstrated the chic work.

Of the new chips in this project: "grandfather" tried to limit the acceptance of new deposits after a certain period of work with further recovery, as well as the affiliate program was changed in the course of working with 1% from deposit to 0.1%.

Overall Der Global Results

As already mentioned, the investment project Der global He began his work with two tariff plans in the investment proposal:

  • 2.1% daily for 45 days with the return of the deposit body at the end of the investment period;
  • 1000% in 10 days with the return of the deposit body and interest at the end of the investment period with a minimum of 20 000 $.

Naturally, the second plan is non-working and we will not take it into account in our calculations.

To summarize the project’s work in the “partisan” stage.

Rebranding occurred 25.10.2018, accordingly, the project stayed in the "partisan" stage 344 day. We will carry out calculations according to the same simple formulas:

344 / 45 =7 laps completed. Revenue per lap was: 2.1 * 45 =+ 94.5% net profit.

Project profitability Der global in the "partisan" stage could reach + 661.5% net income.

The date when the project acquired a new design, changed the line of investment plans and updated the affiliate program, was 25.10.2019. The investment plan has become familiar to us 2.1% daily for 20 days with many broken plans.

Der global finished his work 10.03.2019having worked at the same time 136 days in the active phase.

After rebranding in the project, you could go to 6 full circles and earn + 252% net income excluding refback + 2.5%. Great result!

Total: + 661.5% of net profit in the partisan stage and + 252% of net profit in the active phase = + 913% from the very start of the project. Another TOP result from the TOP admin.

Der Global Results on Our Blog

Investment project Der global was added to our blog 12.12.2018 almost 2 months after rebranding. We tracked the project 81 day. Our partners during this period had the opportunity to go to 4 circles earning up + 188% net income taking into account the bonus from our blog in the amount of + 5% of your deposit.

Investors remembered the achievements of the admin in the past and warmly accepted the project by investing in total 27 157 $. You can see more detailed statistics on the investment project below.

Our screen from your personal account in Der Global

Profit chart at Der Global

Our contribution


3 665 $ / 611%


Contributions of our investors



Invested by


Average contribution





And finally, we move on to the most interesting: a project that, at the time of writing, successfully works and demonstrates an excellent result called BSfinance.

No matter how surprising it may sound, but again the administration starts from the stage of "partisan" 15.01.2018but with different conditions.

This time the "grandfather" began his work with a completely different marketing, which offered to earn 2% per week for 700 days. A similar move with marketing made it possible to smoothly start and enter the active phase by the year 2019, as there were no people who wanted to play, while at the same time gaining a solid period of work.

New chip with marketing. We see that the "grandfather" likes to experiment.

BSfinance General Results

Marketing in the “partisan” stage was low-profit and built in such a way that only one plan was relevant - 2% per week for 700 days.

According to the project, which was in the stage of "partisan" until 15.07.2019, you could not even complete the circle. 546 days the project was in the shade and during this period was to get to 78 deposit accruals, which managed to earn + 56% net income.

The result is much weaker than in previous works, but the main thing is what result awaits us after rebranding.

15.07.2019 investment project BSfinance left the stage of "partisan" and entered the active phase. The site design has been changed: a familiar investment plan has appeared, the affiliate program has remained unchanged for a while, and payment systems have been connected gradually.

At the time of writing, the project is working, the current term is 110 days. During this period it was possible to complete before 5 circleswhile earning + 210% net income excluding refback.

Total at the moment: + 56% net income in the partisan stage and + 210% net income in active phase = + 266% net profit from the very start of the project. The result is much more modest than the past, but it will still be!

BSfinance Results on Our Blog

We displayed BSfinance in our section “Off Blog” by 01.08.2019 just on the day when there was a rebranding, and created a test deposit in the amount of 100$. At the time of writing, the project is on our blog 94 day. During this period it was possible to go to 4 circles and earn up + 168% net income excluding refback from us.

Our partners took into account our parallel with the working admin: at the moment, the turnover of our structure is 16 942 $. You can find more detailed statistics on the project below.

Our screen from your personal account in BSfinance

BSfinance profit chart

Our contribution


2 022 $ / 404%


Contributions of our investors



Invested by


Average contribution




Signs of a "grandfather"

Believe me, after rebranding, you will immediately know that here is “grandfather”, but let's talk about what signs of “grandfather” exist both in the partisan stage and in the active phase.

1 Start of work from the partisan stage. If you noticed, you noticed that in absolutely all investment projects from this admin, the start begins with work in the shade.

2 One vehicle. Addiction to the same TSU on the forums. Grandfather loves to start with TSa under the nickname mixpepper22 on MMGP.

3 GoldCoders script and hosting from DDOS-Guard. The following feature was noticed - projects from this admin work exclusively on the GoldCoders script, which is not surprising, and are hosted on DDOS-Guard hosting. There are a large number of projects with the above characteristics, so you should not take this attribute into account when determining “grandfather”.

4 Deposit limits. In two of the three projects we listed, in the “partisan” stage, limits were set on the maximum deposit in 500 $, it was possible to have an 1 active deposit. After leaving the partisan stage in projects Der global и BSfinance limits were set on the maximum deposit and 1 active deposit in the amount of 100 $ from the quid. Gradually, the amount was raised.

5 Smooth start after rebranding. After the project acquires a new design, changes the line of investment plans, payment systems are gradually connected, the partner program from the “partisan” one is changed to the classic 5% - 2% - 1% of partners' deposits, the maximum deposit amount and the number of active deposits are expanded.

6 Marketing. In the 2 of 3 projects that we reviewed, the marketing in the "partisan" stage is the plus or minus the same and in 3 of the 3 the same after rebranding - 2.1% daily for 20 days.

7 Approximately the same start and rebrand dates. The start of projects from the "grandfather" falls at the end or beginning of the year. This is usually November, December or January. Rebranding occurs in the fall or in January, February.


TOP-admins in the hype industry - worth its weight in gold. It is very important to distinguish the TOP admin from the newbie. You can familiarize yourself with the main features of one of the TOP-admin admins nicknamed "grandfather" in this article. Perhaps we missed something or wrote incorrectly, in your opinion. Let us know in the comments below.

We are always glad to see this admin in the hype industry and, especially, on our blog, because profitable results are always guaranteed. The admin does not come for a trifle, and the turnover of deposits in his projects is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the article, we examined: why this admin is called "grandfather", the results of work in his past projects and in the currently working project BSfinance, which is on our blog, and indicated the main signs of "grandfather."

We hope that you have read our article to the end, and it was interesting and useful for you. We tried very hard.

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