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Place #1 - 728x90 - Blog update, new design and functionality.

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Good day, dear partners! We have completely updated the design and functionality of our blog.

All partners need book new account on the site, we specify the actual data and save wallets without errors for the payment of bonuses and compensations.

Within a few days we finish the transfer and modify minor edits on the site, short-term disruptions in the work of the blog are possible. Any questions or difficulties please contact us. Contacts.

Accounting and payments now only in $. The choice of 3 main wallet: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash. Save the wallets you need in the office, then "Edit profile". When submitting applications, the amount of the bonus received for the selected project is automatically calculated.

If the contribution is in rubles or cryptocurrency. Choose the currency of your deposit and it happens conversion to $ at the current rate at the time of application.

Refback order form

Now on the order page refback available history and statistics all processed applications.

And also in each partner's office own personal statistics and application history.

Due update 23.04.2018 site, compensation form can be used for projects added to the blog After 24.04.2018.

For projects placed before update, we will create a separate application form for insurance news.

All successful investment and profit!

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