Perfect Money's departure from the HYIP industry. What are the alternatives?

Perfect Money's departure from the HYIP industry. What are the alternatives?

Soon, on June 10, one of the most popular payment systems in the HYIP industry will leave us Perfect Money... Investors are shocked, and so are the admins. In this article, we will analyze in detail the news about the departure of the payment system and what alternatives we have.

Leaving news

The first to report the termination of work with Perfect Money there was a well-known project Zetbull, who did not really explain anything, but rumors began to circulate on the network that PM changes the conditions for working with HYIPs. Now, instead of 0.5% for a verified account, the project admins will be charged 9.99% for the funds received to the account balance, which is quite a bit agreeable. The changes take effect from June 10th.

Investors tried to find out whether this is so or not by contacting the support of the payment system. We can’t say anything for the believability of the screen. This is how the ticket to the ticket looks like:

What to expect in the HYIP industry. Our opinion on the situation

An interesting decision was nevertheless made PM... They say that HYIPs are high-risk and we will not stop working with them. You can lose money there, but we will simply charge you more commission. It was possible to do as AdvCash and Payeer did, completely stopping the work with HYIPs. Obviously, the HYIP admins will not agree with such conditions and are already looking for alternatives, which we will discuss at the point below.

We think that HYIPs will definitely continue their work. Of course, there will be a wave of scams, there is no way without it, but the situation will change. Project admins are not ready to lose money from this industry and will come up with ways to get out of this situation.

So far, as we can see, the solution is in the form Tether TRC-20 and ERC-20, about which we recently wrote a detailed article:

We believe that there is a possibility that the company will change its mind about taking such a commission from the HYIP admins, refuse the news, return everything as it was, and the work of HYIPs will continue in the manner in which it was. Why not? PM will see a large outflow of money from their wallets and may change their mind. How did they make money? A commission was charged for the transfer in the form of 0.5% or 1.99%, thereby paying for the efforts of the payment system. We think that HYIPs are not a small industry and refusal to work with it can lead to the fact that PM no one will use it, because now the payment system is used only in HYIPs and on small sites. More serious companies use other payment methods.


Let's take a quick look at how investors and project admins have alternatives after leaving Perfect Money:

  • Tether and other cryptocurrencies... First of all, this is an obvious transition to cryptocurrencies. Stablecoin Tether has already started to smoothly connect to replace Perfect Money, and administrators often use other cryptocurrencies. The only big drawbacks are fees and transaction time;
  • Payment system NixMoney... For some reason, everyone forgot about this payment system, but in vain! Previously, it was actively used in HYIP projects. From the information in our chat, they have some problems with the developer documentation on the site. It is simply not available. Maybe that's the reason. Previously, this payment system was connected to H-Script, but since Since the developers have stopped releasing updates, the security of the script is at risk. Basically, admins keep using it. At the moment NixMoney can be seen in the project Superkopilka... The script Goldcoders there is also support for this payment system. NixMoney is present on monitoring exchangers the Bestchange.r and there are reserves. Exchange with PM, for example, will be with a loss of ~ 3%;
  • Payment system ePayCore... There is such an option, but it's hard to believe in it. For a long time, there has been no confidence in the payment system from investors. It is used very rarely now. Plus, to all this, the absence of exchangers on the monitoring the Bestchange.rthat makes it difficult to work with it;
  • Release of a new payment system... This option is also hard to believe, but why not? However, looking at the situation with ePayCore, then trust also plays an important role here;
  • Merchant for accepting payments... Do not forget that there are merchants for accepting payments by type paykassa, FreeKassa, etc., which serve as a spacer. Is it advisable and possible to use them bypassing the new rules? We cannot say yet.


We can say that HYIPs are now in limbo due to the current situation, but not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance.

We have alternatives to the bygone payment system and this is a fact. We will not exclude that project administrators can come up with something else or the payment system will refuse new conditions. Anything can be.

It is not yet clear what will happen to HYIPs in the future, but we are more inclined towards the option that there will be fewer students with poor training, cattle, etc. now it becomes more difficult for admins to work with HYIPs. We are more inclined to the option that HYIPs will continue their work, but in what form we will soon find out with you.

We believe that now is the time for everyone to start using cryptocurrency and understand all the intricacies. Perhaps in the future there will be other payment systems to replace Perfect Money. For example, NixMoney, which was previously used, or still PM will change its conditions for working with HYIPs, tk. will see a large outflow of funds. There is also an option that admins will find ways to bypass commissions, since in Antares trade accepts payments through a third-party merchant.

In this article, we have sorted out: news about the increase in commission Perfect Money, expressed their opinion on the current situation and sorted out what alternatives we have with you.

Write how do you see the future of HYIPs in the comments.

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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Комментарии (26)

  1. UdayAS8 16 February 2022 14: 03

    Every time when one wallet stop working with HYIP, another appears and do a good job 

    don't worry guys HYIP will never die

    A complaint
  2. Anzhel 15 February 2022 18: 09

    June 10 of what year?)) While RM is still alive, but rarely used in projects... And the alternative - usdt - is almost everywhere.

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 15 February 2022 21: 10

      Article published on June 7, 21) 

      PM has not been alive for a long time, they connect projects only through the pay-desk where they give commissions to this service 

      And there have already been cases that PM stopped working for ordinary users who invest in HYIPs, but the benefit is not blocking and you can withdraw your funds 

      A complaint
  3. levnks 15 February 2022 18: 02

    So far everything is clear, but the fact that the commission will be so crazy is alarming :(

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 15 February 2022 21: 12

      This is an old article from last year, the commission was raised to 10% for admins, and now it seems that they are generally closing the reception of funds and even with a commission they will not allow HYIPs to connect PM

      A complaint
      1. levnks 16 February 2022 10: 10

        Understood thanks.

        A complaint
  4. Akimskate 23 November 2021 09: 18

    In short, we started to work with PM early, as we worked with HYIPs, and continues to work

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 23 November 2021 11: 13

      Akimskate, but still in some projects there is a commission of -10%. It's good that it all happened like this)

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 5 February 2022 01: 10

        Now everyone uses Paykassa, of course there are small commissions, but the admins have found alternatives)

        A complaint
        1. UdayAS8 8 February 2022 00: 28

          but bro 90% of the projects adds all the additional fees on the shoulder of investors and even without stating it in FAQ

          A complaint
  5. Lorik351 19 June 2021 16: 11

    I look at the perfect in new projects and use it, did the payment system administrators change their mind about setting a commission stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 20 June 2021 12: 41

      Lorik351, let it be innocent
      A complaint
  6. ilya28087 9 June 2021 23: 13

    Thanks for the article, the principle in yusdt is not so difficult to figure it out, but nevertheless the PM was much more convenient, and the commission was 0.5% of the total, we will adapt, there is no choice)
    A complaint
  7. Lorik351 9 June 2021 12: 24

    It's a pity, of course, to part with fiat payments, especially for me was the departure of ADV cash where there were no commissions for internal transfers, as it became popular in HYIPs at one time more than pm

    Paer was closer and more convenient, I think for beginners, this is of course also a loss for HYIPs

    I didn't expect this from PM, because this is the first main payment system that appeared a long time ago in HYIPs to paer, adv cash and all sorts of ruble

    I personally already have the main bank in YUSDT on binance where I actually trade a little and through it I have already started to send to HYIPs
    A complaint
  8. richmonkey_support 8 June 2021 13: 07

    Today we saw that one exchanger has already refused Perfect Money
    A complaint
    1. Lorik351 9 June 2021 12: 18

      But this is most likely for other reasons, because if all exchangers remove the PM, where will they put their reserves and this is considered a billing scam
      A complaint
      1. richmonkey_support 9 June 2021 14: 56

        Lorik351, I agree. Most likely other reasons
        A complaint
  9. Akimskate 8 June 2021 08: 18

    in vain they are so, they will lose a normal sector. Vk fasts will surely sink into oblivion too. It will be interesting to observe the transition period
    A complaint
    1. ilya28087 12 June 2021 22: 31

      Well, VK fast is still working, how long they will still be and what will happen next - we'll see))
      A complaint
  10. kiryamalik 8 June 2021 07: 45

    Can anyone write in HP in a telegram? If it's not difficult, consult on the crypt
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 8 June 2021 13: 10

      Kiryamalik, wrote to you in HP
      A complaint
  11. n1kto253 8 June 2021 03: 11

    Thank you for the article. I think that all the same, the future of HYIPs will be in crypto, if the PMs do not cancel their innovations. Probably there will be fewer projects, but they will be of better quality and this is more a plus than a minus.
    A complaint
  12. 4difeer666 7 June 2021 22: 47

    At this stage, I have already transferred half of the funds to the TRC teaser, I will see how it goes with the PM projects, perhaps in the future I will completely switch
    A complaint
  13. gilew455 7 June 2021 21: 06

    The question is what money should be withdrawn from a perfect and will there be a coma on exchangers?
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 7 June 2021 21: 14

      Gilew455, the commission only for replenishment of HYIP projects will in theory be, that is, if you make a deposit in HYIP, then a commission of 9.99% is charged. Most likely, the rest of the transactions will be with the same fees
      A complaint
    2. Lorik351 7 June 2021 21: 19

      Do you mean to deduce at all? Any exchanges through the best-change, see where you need to exchange

      I think that while in a hurry, you do not need to change everything, or on YUSDT it is better to part at once, the perfect is still used in projects, but how often and whether for all the commission of 10% will be seen further from June 10, perhaps it will simply go away over time if not will change the conditions for HYIPs.

      To Be Continued!
      A complaint