Learning to recognize admins by handwriting

The conveyor of the HYIP industry releases tons of projects every day, and among the various slags there are occasional good news from time to time. Understanding from the start whose project came out is extremely difficult, but many admins leave us tips - you just need to learn how to read them.

Is it possible to calculate the admin?

Admins are also people, and sometimes it’s their own nature to make mistakes, not to pay attention to some details, and those who work with “soul” invest their individuality in projects. It is for these signs of the HYIP creator that you can easily calculate - an experienced hyper needs 5 minutes to scroll through the project site.

Why calculate the next project of a specific admin? Yes, then, that they work, as a rule, "on the thumb." Experienced admins simply will not create a hyip for the sake of a cheap profit, and from project to project they give their investors money. Well, the scammers need to know "in person" and bypass their slag projects side.
Let's see how admins can give their author’s style and where pyramid builders make fatal mistakes.

1) Works with familiar conditions

Admins, especially experienced ones, who work well, often invent their own formula for success and in each new project they only partially change the marketing and affiliate conditions. Sometimes they don’t bother about it at all and offer the same conditions each time.

Creator Razzleton loudly declared himself in this project, so in the future one way or another he returned to his favorite working conditions. You can even trace the similarity in the affiliate program, which has little transformed from a project to a project:

В Bitcy the same admin left the old 7-2% for partners, but added a representative program:

Well, in Coincome He decided to combine everything in a heap and offered the participants and affiliate program with Razzleton, and the representative program of Bitsy. 

Some tariffs allow you to work in a special way successfully, and administrators are in no hurry to part with them. Further, on screenshots, we give an example of how one admin from a project to a project used almost identical marketing, changing conditions a little. This scheme shows itself well in work today, it is guaranteed that we will see similar plans in the future.

BitcoinCash Trading:



2) burned their wallets, accounts or mail

You can forget such nuances due to inexperience or if more than one project is launched at the same time. But sometimes admins reveal their face deliberately, leaving such a hint for investors. Some admins right in the name of the project clearly and directly say who they are - as it was in Dobro Father и Father Forever:

3) Copied the user agreement with the past project

Many pyramid builders for some reason think that nobody ever reads the user agreement and just copy it in each of their projects. But there are those users who open this section of the forgotten section and even check for uniqueness. But in the diagnosis of this feature, you should be extremely careful, as well as take into account other nuances of similarities with the previous project of the administrator - often the agreement is copied not only in their projects, but also in others.

4) We learn admin by TSU

It just so happened that some admins turn only to a specific inhabitant of the MMPP forum to create a theme for their project. This gives users the opportunity to suspect the next coming of the Top Administration:

And in general, many TSs have their own reputation and bring only quality projects to the forum so that this very reputation does not stagnate. Therefore, with the appearance of some interesting HYIP, it is worth paying attention to who presents it.

5) Repeats the project development path.

Again, experienced admins often work the way they are used to. Well, why invent a bicycle if there is a working scheme? Someone immediately got used to rush into battle and actively buys listings on advertising sites, but someone doesn’t like such a manner, and before going into the active phase, the admin for several months or even a year, partisans in quiet mode.

The same criteria include the following updates:

  • Opening of additional tariffs;
  • Add bounty program;
  • Constant promotions and bonuses for holidays of all nations and religions;
  • Design update;
  • Reducing the minimum amount of deposits and terms of investment.

6) Design Affections

Many administrators are given a craving for beauty or the inheritance of a particular type of design. Probably, most often in appearance it can be assumed that this or that admin manages them. And there are a lot of examples here, but we will not stretch the canvas of this article, it will show several admins and their work.
If you have ever heard anything about HYIPs, then you are probably familiar with the famous admin Razzleton, who regularly releases projects and works surprisingly well, and sometimes just stunning. Admin very carefully approaches the preparation of their projects, so they are quite recognizable.
Firstly, the design of the “Razzleton” projects is always bright, with an abundance of 3D elements and

to the famous media images. Secondly, much attention is paid to the elaboration of details, especially the logo - this is not some kind of squiggle, which is copied from project to project. In general, there is no hint of seriousness in the sites of this admin - a riot of colors, such an eternal holiday, and not a project, when visiting which the mood automatically rises.

Another admin even didn’t bother with the change of colors of the design, and the project name didn’t change much - Altron and Detron. As you can see, everything is clear without further ado and not to guess that projects from one admin can only be blind.

Similarities in the design style can be found in the works of the admin AK47 Capital и Fatfunds:

Well, a very classic example of Syntha and KARMA Place:

But the admin of the Dobro project left a hint for investors in the form of a logo in the Legend project. Although, in principle, no one there hid that the admin of the HYIP was the same person:

Summing up all the above, I would like to note that, having seen any one of the presented signs in the project, you should not rush to the embrasure and drop all your savings into it. Do not forget that no one has canceled the banal zakos, and it is quite likely that some scammer would think to mislead you and make money on someone else's reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze any project in the complex, and if multiple factors indicate a new project from an experienced creator, then only such signs can be trusted.

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