Recognizing the TOP admin by handwriting (,,,,

Recognizing the TOP admin by handwriting (,,,,

Indeed, the TOP admins in the HYIP industry can be counted on the fingers of two hands, but there are those who have been successfully promoting their product to the masses for a long period of time: not one or two years, and allows their investors to earn more 200% net profit for the term of work after rebranding, and what can we say about work in the "partisan" stage?

We believe that our blog should have an article about, let's not be afraid of this word, the TOP admin, who is called "grandfather". We will try to analyze for you the features of his work, by what signs you can recognize him and what were the results of working with him on our blog in past projects.

PS The article has been updated 24.01.2022 and information about the completed project was added Zetbull.


Sometimes investors see how long an investment project has been running and think: “How could I have missed this project?”, “Where have I been before?”. This article is aimed at finding out one of the TOP admins in the current realities, who has been generating income for its investors for many years now.

Dozens of projects come out in the HYIP industry every day and I would like to form an investment portfolio for myself from high-quality projects in order to further receive stable profits with a minimum of risks. There are experienced admins in the industry who always make a profit, but how to calculate them? Our blog has an article on how to calculate admins by handwriting. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

Let's deal with such questions as: "who is "grandfather"?", signs of "grandfather". For you, we will analyze the results of our work with his past projects.

Why "grandfather"?

In the hype industry, they began to call the “grandfather” of this admin because of his one of the most successful projects DDfutures. So what? DDfutures and "grandfather" are almost in tune. The above investment project has worked out 585 days being in the partisan stage for about one year.

Signs of a "grandfather"

Believe me, after the rebranding, you will immediately recognize or at least assume that here is “grandfather”, but let's talk about what signs of “grandfather” exist both in the partisan stage and in the active phase.

1. Start of work from the partisan stage. If you noticed, you noticed that in absolutely all investment projects from this admin, the start begins with work in the shade.

2. Russian PM. We noticed a series of Russian Perfect Money wallets in his work projects. Coincidence? We don't think! (Update from 24.01.2022: Due with the situation around the Perfect Money payment system, "grandfather" stopped working with this payment system. We do not exclude that in the next project, work will begin with a stablecoin Tether).

3. One vehicle. Addiction to the same TSU on the forums. Grandfather loves to start with TSa under the nickname mixpepper22 on MMGP.

4. GoldCoders script, hosting by DDOS-Guard and EV SSL certificate. The following feature was noticed - projects from this admin work exclusively on the GoldCoders script, which is not surprising, they are hosted by DDOS-Guard, and an EV SSL certificate was always available. There are a large number of projects with the above characteristics, so you should not take this feature into account when determining the "grandfather".

5. Deposit limits... In three of the five projects we listed, at the “partisan” stage, limits were set on the maximum deposit of $ 500, it was possible to have 1 active deposit. After leaving the stage of "partisan" in projects Der global, BSfinance, Comex trades и Zetbull Kookie limits were set for the maximum deposit and 1 active deposit in the amount of $100. Gradually, the amount of the maximum deposit increased.

6. Smooth start after rebranding. After the project acquires a new design, changes the line of investment plans, payment systems are gradually connected, the partner program from the “partisan” one is changed to the classic 5% - 2% - 1% of partners' deposits, the maximum deposit amount and the number of active deposits are expanded.

7. Marketing is. At the “partisan” stage, it has become much more difficult to define marketing, since the “grandfather” began to experiment, but after rebranding, marketing is now changing first to 1.5% on business days for 20 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term, but then changes to 2.1% daily for 20 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term.

8. Approximately the same start and rebrand dates... The start of projects from the "grandfather" falls at the end or beginning of the year. Rebranding takes place in the fall or winter.

Project results from the TOP admin

This admin is causing a huge buzz after the rebranding, so the deposit is hard to resist. We have worked with him more than once and want to share our general and our results on the project. Let's summarize the work of his projects - a bit of mathematics, graphs and text.

  • DDfutures
  • Der global
  • BSfinance
  • Comex trades
  • Zetbull


TOP admins in the HYIP industry are worth their weight in gold. It is very important to distinguish between a TOP admin and a newbie. You could familiarize yourself with the main features of one of the TOP admins named "grandfather" in this article. If you think that we missed something or wrote it incorrectly, then write about it in the comments.

We are always glad to see this admin in the hype industry and, especially, on our blog, because profitable results are always guaranteed. The admin does not come for a trifle, and the turnover of deposits in his projects is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the article, we analyzed: why this admin is called “grandfather”, the results of work in his past projects and indicated the main signs of “grandfather”.

We hope that you have read our article to the end, and it was interesting and useful for you. We tried very hard.

PS As the "grandfather" said in one of his Telegram channels on past projects, their team is going on a long vacation and it is possible that in 2022 they should not expect a project from them. True or not, time will tell, but we believe that there will be a fairly large number of cuts, so you need to be extremely careful in choosing a project.

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