Weekly Report 17.06.19 - 23.06.19

Last week there were very few interesting events. Basically, we went through the projects that are present on our blog and filled out the weekly yield table.

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This report focuses on the weekly 17.06.19 - 23.06.19 segment.

Getting started!

New projects

Tron invest [NEW] - an economic hourly game based on the smart contract TRON. Implemented very simple and convenient. The game will have to figure out a bit before investing. They wrote a detailed text review, and also recorded a detailed video review. We recommend to read! Bonus from the blog + 0.1 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $.

AiBots [NEW] - recently there have been many indefinite term. Set a new trend for the summer? There is no active advertising yet. We are one of the first to invest. We wrote a detailed text review and also recorded a detailed video review. We recommend that you familiarize yourself! Blog Bonus + 3 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 300 $.

TOP for deposits

Taxi money - The economic game still pays. Surprised? We are not. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 74 429 $.

CapEX24 - until we remove the status of "Problems". Refrain from new deposits, otherwise you will not be covered by insurance. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $. The turnover of our team 16 168 $.

Gold net vision - Last week released the news that 23 June in Vietnam, the first meeting of investors. Under this news, we expanded the deposit to 3 000 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 8 083 $.

Solid Trade Bank - 8 months "partisans" is on our blog and fulfills obligations to our partners. Pays a moderate profit. Bonus from the blog + 0.5 %. The turnover of our team 5 459$.

Alpha intelect - works in the same mode. Last week we summed up the interim results of the project. Since posting on the blog has passed 50 days... During this time, you could earn 30% net profit, with our bonus + 5 %. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 700 $. The turnover of our team 5 012 $.

Cashluxe trade - Some investors have started to experience problems. Perhaps the situation is resolved. Bonus from the blog + 3 %. The turnover of our team 4 791 $.

Fun fishermen - an economic game with the withdrawal of money is on our blog 7 months and still pays instantly. Bonus from the blog + 2.5 %. The economic game is under insurance in the amount of 200 $. The turnover of our team 4 597 $.

Whales club - The project closed the old deposits, which reached more than + 20% net profit. Those deposits that began to make a profit were transferred to a new investment plan. So far, sort of, pays. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 3 063 $.

El terro - the average investment project is on our blog for 40 days already. Only two days remained for those who invested in the 6 weekly investment plan to complete the round. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $. Bonus from the blog + 1 %. The turnover of our team 3 023 $.


Russian Roulette - Russian roulette is on our blog 105 days. Still fulfills its obligations to investors. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Corporio - pays under the rules for more than two months while on the blog. Bonus from the blog + 1 %.

Mental Invest - last week the second round was completed according to the first plan and the first round according to the second plan in a partisan crypto-voyage. Cool! Bonus from the blog + 1 %.

Rombus Group - we have summed up the work on this low-profit investment project. As part of the blog, the project successfully completed the first round of investment on 30 days, during which time it was possible to earn 18% of net profit, taking into account the bonus from our blog + 3 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 300 $. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Tresor Capital - on Monday was completed the second round of the investment plan 10.8% per day on 10 working days. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Vtrende - Received the long-awaited payment for the first month of work. The project pays. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

FxTrading Corp - after the last report we received a payment. While the project pays and we continue to track it. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

STF - Next week the project will overcome the month of being on our blog. Well, for now we continue to receive stably accruals and, by the way, the project pays under the aforementioned regulations. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Yesss - the excitement to this project diminished. The percentage is not attractive to everyone, we are understanding. Also pays within the framework of the specified regulations without problems. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $.

Day reports

Last week we wrote the following daily reports:

Scam of the week

Last week, the following investment projects:

  • (21.06.2019) Inviro (0% from deposit, 6 days of work) - after adding to the blog immediately followed scam. The motives were not entirely clear.
  • (22.06.2019) SportLine (+ 39 % net profit 42 day of work) - worked fine. It was possible to go through the first round and withdraw a deposit, take profits. Unfortunately, not all deposits were returned.
  • (23.06.2019) Wullex (+ 10 % net profit 38 days of work) - weak work. It was possible to pass the 1 circle and fix the + 21% net profit along with our bonus. Those who went to reinvest had the opportunity to earn up to + 12% net profit. The calculations relate to the first investment plan.

Compensation week

Last week we paid compensation for the following investment projects:

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

Recommended articles of the week

Knowledge is power! We recommend our following articles for general development:

Results of the week

Last week was added uptime Inviroand the next day was a scam. For a long time this was not on the blog. Strange admin, nothing to add. 

In general, the scam was not so much as it could be in the summer. Reflects a lull in the HYIP industry on our blog. Interesting novelties are not yet observed.

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We wish you all a profit and successful investment!

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  1. fenix55
    26.06.2019 10:33
    Thanks for the weekly report!
  2. 4difeer666
    25.06.2019 09:40
    Thanks for the report!
  3. Marina
    24.06.2019 22:54
    Thanks for the report! Taxi Money and Fun Fishermen are straight game long-livers! Great, that there are such projects! El Terro is just handsome - works great and pours profit. A couple of projects closed earlier than expected, but there I am in the black. So the week was successful.
  4. Graph
    24.06.2019 21:39
    AiBots cool new, I think it will work for a long time! I especially liked their entry protection:
    - 2FA
    - IP change
    - Change browser

    Wullex - disappointed.
  5. Lavr
    24.06.2019 21:38
    Thank you Rich for the weekly report. It's good that you select standing projects, what's on the blog, what's off the blog.