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Russian Roulette

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Start Date: 19.02.2019 Added to blog: 12.03.2019
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Yield: ~ from 1.5% - 2% per day Our contribution: 200$
Ref. program: 1% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 50$ Deposit Bonus: 3%
Min conclusion: 5$ Protection: Ddos + Ssl
payment type: Manual Payments: tooltip
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Briefly about the project

The project Russian Roulette is launched by a well-known trader as its own investment platform due to numerous requests from investors. These are risky investments that can bring a large (up to 20%) profit per week. Profit is accrued by the results of exchange trading. Risk at this rate can be from 50 to 1000 dollars. Interest is accrued on a daily basis, the payment of profits - according to the regulations.

The project administrator positions himself as an experienced trader with seven years of experience. Yield is floating, on average 1.5-2% per day. Your contribution works indefinitely in a project, but through 15 accruals, you can pick it up minus 5%. All detailed information is in the group VKontakte and evidence of trade, we advise you to carefully read. According to the technique and performance, it was made simply, uninformative, but as they say, the main thing is that the project worked for a long time and brought us profit! We always adhere to the rules of diversification, do not deprive the entire amount, distribute it on projects and leave it on a new one, which may be about to appear. Successful and profitable investment!

Project marketing

  • Percentage yield: ~ average 1.5% - 2%
  • Accrual of interest: working days
  • Term of the deposit: in perpetuity
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 50
  • Return of deposit: after 15 days
  • Yield per week: up to 20% Bonus terms and conditions apply

Profit chart

Our contribution


165 $ / %


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  1. The project entered the working course

    So, our project has been working for almost a month and a half, has gained momentum and now I can say with confidence that the launch period has been completed and we are entering the normal working track.

    The project currently 168 active investors, the amount of the total trade deposit is slightly more than 100000 $ and now you can not just aggressively trade within the day, but also build good long-term strategies, that is, to work really fully. Over the entire period of the project, investors are accrued 41.3% profit.

    Based on this, the current week will be a test for me, which is why I turned off replenishments, but reinvestments and deposits do not have any balance left. This is due to the fact that in a week I will work out a few new strategies and will be ready to offer my investors a couple of new profitable tariffs, since long-term trading, of course, is more profitable than a simple intraday one.

    Receiving new deposits under favorable circumstances, I will resume on Saturday, 6 April. If time does not seem to me enough, then I’ll resume 13 April. But this is unlikely - in a week I must meet. Also 6 April open registration for new investors.

    My experiments will not affect the profit of investors. Everything will be charged in the usual amounts.

    What else will be changes, except for new tariffs?

    Deposits will now be accepted only on Saturdays and Sundays, so as not to confuse my trading strategy, but to replenish as planned.

    Basically - that's all. Of course, I will not collect funds to infinity - let's see how the content will go and I reserve the right to some “adjustment”. For example, I will warn you that for the current week I will only accept 5000 $ (the figure is just for example).

    I think that investors will understand me correctly - chaos in trading operations with such a deposit amount is already unacceptable.

    And of course, over time, we will move to the "closed" project. Here I am not original, just practice shows that deposits with six zeros do not justify themselves at all, but on the contrary, they reduce the overall profit percentage.

    But all this is still to come, so it’s too early to talk about it.
  2. The third stage of the project development

    So, somehow we quickly skipped the second step to 75000 $ on the trade deposit and even more correctly said: we jumped over this step - at the moment our trade deposit is 87 with a thousand dollars. This is already solid. Such a rapid increase was due to the fact that deposits from the Roulette from Modus Investus simultaneously joined us.

    What's next? It will be like this:

    Starting tomorrow the referral fee is canceled in the project. I think that no one will be against it, because it is no secret that the referral is taken exclusively from our profit.
    Further. Starting tomorrow, the minimum contribution to the project will be from 100 $. This is due to the fact that due to manual payments, I have to slowly begin to limit the number of depositors. At the moment, there are active depositors in the 178 project, and this is already sensitive when I make payments. By the way, until the end of the week statistics will be cleared and all inactive accounts will be deleted. I think that in a month of our work it was already possible to make a decision for ourselves - to invest or not. The restriction on the upper limit of the deposit will also be lifted - investors who have more than one deposit will need to combine them into one.
    Why tomorrow and not today? Exclusively, at the request of some investors who want to open an initial deposit in order to “catch on” in the project. I promised to warn about this in advance.

    3. Until the end of the week, I expect to get a deposit to 100000 $. After that, the acceptance of deposits will be suspended, but for a short period - I will need to change strategies. If this happens earlier than this week ends, I will suspend reception earlier. If we do not reach the week, I’ll still stop. Dovklady and reinvestments remain.

    4. This weekend I will add two more tariffs to the project for those who plan to invest in long-term. These tariffs will be based on long-term trading strategies. In no way will this affect the Camelot deposit, so do not worry. You will simply be offered a wider selection.

    5. Contributions to the project after 100000 $ will resume over time, but I do not exclude that deposits will only be received on weekends. I will write about this exactly on the weekend with the introduction of new tariffs.

    Well, as if, and all for the third stage.
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