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Address: Title: scam
Start Date: 14.06.2019 Added to blog: 20.06.2019
Have worked: 6 days Monitor: 1 days
Yield: from 7% per day Our contribution: 300 $
Ref. program: 6% - 2% - 1% Insurance: 500 $
Min contribution: 5$ Deposit Bonus: 5%
Min conclusion: 0.2 $ Protection: Ddos + Ssl
payment type: instant Payments: tooltiptooltiptooltiptooltip
Our informer
The project stopped payments (scam 21.06.2019). Fund amount - 500 $. Order compensation.

About us is a future funding platform built on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. This accelerates the growth of start-up companies by offering tools and services that save time and resources. Investors can use services to divide their investments between different services, such as P2P loans, crowdfunding, etc. The first version of allows startups to launch and manage crowdfunding and ICO campaigns. Manage your bitcoin finances in a single application with a secure open source wallet Cryptois. Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms.

They took one more fresh off-duty worker with instant payments, but already with active advertising on blogs. Prepared at the middle level, there are flaws, but as they say, the main thing is to develop, work for a long time and bring us profit. We always adhere to the rules of diversification, do not deprive the entire amount, distribute it on projects and leave it on a new one, which may be about to appear. Successful and profitable investment!

Project marketing

  • Percentage yield: 7% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: in perpetuity
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 5
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Monthly yield: 210%
  • Percentage yield: 9% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: in perpetuity
  • Deposit Amount: from 2 500 $
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Monthly yield: 270%
  • Percentage yield: 15% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: in perpetuity
  • Deposit Amount: from 25 000 $
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Monthly yield: 450%

You can order refbek for a project with a domain name at the rate of 5% from your contribution and, thereby, increasing your income. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be out of place to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accrual.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.
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The project stopped payments (scam 21.06.2019). Fund amount - 500 $. Order compensation.

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  1. matrix2000
    25.06.2019 00:16
    Thank you

    + 22.94 USD
    Date: 24.06.2019 01: 28: 31
    ID: 815201247
    Details: P94635157 → P1012407404
    Amount: 22.94 USD
    Comment: Compensation from
  2. sverlonom
    24.06.2019 08:06
    Thank you!

    + 14.97 USD
    Date: 24.06.2019 01: 28: 03
    ID: 815201109
    Details: P94635157 → P1012575015
    Amount: 14.97 USD
    Comment: Compensation from
  3. leha44
    24.06.2019 07:58
    Date: 24.06.2019 01: 28: 21
    ID: 815201201
    Details: P94635157 → P100
    Amount: 66.42 USD
    Comment: Compensation from
  4. Pigmentation
    24.06.2019 03:13
    Date: 24.06.2019 01: 28: 14
    ID: 815201161
    Details: P94635157 → P89178583
    Amount: 57.36 USD
    Comment: Compensation from
    Thank you Rich for insurance with a bonus.
  5. 12199102
    24.06.2019 02:49
    Richmonkey thanks for the compensation and bonus
  6. fenix55
    24.06.2019 02:34
    thank you for the compensation with the bonus
    23:04 23.06.19 Receive 268392258 U16414757 + 11.58
    Received Payment 11.58 USD from account U16414757. Memo: API Payment. Compensation from Payment ID: 111
  7. truck23
    22.06.2019 08:13
    I chose between Inviro and Ibots, made the decision to get away with Ibots, although both plans are the same. And he did the right thing in the ibots even though he received the first payment
  8. matrix2000
    22.06.2019 00:07
    I noticed right now, fast-trackers and pochasoviki are riveted like on a 1 machine and the same with a different label, even the calculation of profits occurs in the same calculators
  9. sverlonom
    21.06.2019 18:06
    Strange, on the site statistics updated payments and deposits, were there any problems? Rich check, if not difficult.
    1. 4difeer666
      21.06.2019 19:05
      Not a single monitor returned the status of paying, I doubt
      1. sverlonom
        21.06.2019 21:17
        Well, judging by the fact that the admin chat rooms do not respond, then all the same hike everything
        1. matrix2000
          21.06.2019 23:59
          sad ((((
    2. truck23
      22.06.2019 08:15
      statistics drawn, most likely. For those who are too lazy to look at the project by Monica, and who are losing it if the site even works)
      1. 4difeer666
        22.06.2019 09:07
        Yes, now in almost any project there are drawn statistics, the point is that it has been updated, it usually gets up or works continuously, and yes, there will be unwritten statistics in 1 from 50
  10. richmonkey
    21.06.2019 18:01
    We will cut losses with a bonus

    Strange admin, yesterday, only at the end of the day I ordered an advertisement, today at lunch I already went to a scam.

    Well that did not have time to nade much.