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  • Min. contribution: $10
  • Min. conclusion: 5$
  • Yield: from 5% per week
  • Ref. program: 30% of the profits
  • Start date: 20.08.2018
  • Have worked: 322 days
  • Added to blog: 23.08.2018
  • Monitor: 319 days
Payment systems
Manual - Time limit up to 24 hours type of payment
The project stopped payments (scam 07.07.2019). Fund amount - 500 $$. Order compensation.

Everything is very simple: CapEX24 provides high-quality brokerage services to professional Forex traders, who, in turn, manage the investments of investors together with their funds! The only thing left for the investor is to choose a managing trader, invest funds in his investment account and receive dividends!

Prospective middle manager for long-term investments! Made with high quality, original design and extensive content. Preparation of external and technical parts at a high level, a large selection of payment systems. Moderate marketing, low floating profit for the plans, the deposit is frozen for only 1 week. Good support, a lot of different chips - free bonus, service Overdraft - Invest in “debt". According to the news, the project has been working for a long time, but it was not visible in advertising, and the social. Networks were created about 2 a month ago. On investment blogs and a forum, mmgp started appearing from August 20, development can only be said to begin. The project will be an excellent option for portfolio diversification. PS Referral program here from income, refbek order once a week in 1-2 for the amount of profit received.

Update 10.06.2019
The project continues to pay, but there is a complaint. All contributions made after issuing the status of the problem under the fund does not fall! If the problem is solved by the user janeair we will return the previous status.

Project marketing

  • Percentage yield: from 5% per week
  • Accrual of interest: working days
  • Term of the deposit: from 5 days
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 10
  • Withdrawal charges: on Saturdays once a week
  • Return of deposit: on Saturdays once a week

Video review CapEX24

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments to the video and indicate their login on our blog will receive bonus 1 $! Only our partners can participate!

Risk reminder

Investing always comes with risks. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it would not be out of place to remind you of the main rules of investing:

  • Never invest in After-plans with high returns, where the payment of the deposit and interest is at the end of the term. You will not receive payment for such plans (example 6500% after 100 days)
  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accruals.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.

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Our contribution


$ 1932/386%
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367 piece.

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6 950 $

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Комментарии (458)

  1. Narine 20 July 2019 09: 56

    The worst project of all!
    A complaint
  2. udimka 17 July 2019 13: 00

    It turned out a good project, it worked well from the start it was possible to earn money normally.
    A complaint
  3. Deposit 13 July 2019 08: 48

    Thank you for compensation
    A complaint
  4. inki0077 11 July 2019 17: 52

    Compensation, thank you Rich!
    Date of intervention: July 11 2019 08: 48
    Operation ID: 824719380
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    obtaining Amount: $ 61.50
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  5. Alex2601 11 July 2019 14: 02

    Thank rich for compensation with capex24! + 50.00 USD
    Date: 11.07.2019 08: 50: 58
    ID: 824720176
    Details: P35696906 → P54619580
    Amount: 50.00 USD
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  6. inki0077 10 July 2019 06: 52

    Already the site itself is covered, does not even open.
    A complaint
  7. kis225 10 July 2019 05: 45

    I can not apply for insurance for the project capex24?
    A complaint
    1. inki0077 10 July 2019 18: 25

      Go a little higher to the section " - SCAM! Compensations for partners.", There are detailed instructions
      A complaint
  8. inki0077 8 July 2019 16: 32

    The project does not even pay a trifle?
    A complaint
    1. Marina 9 July 2019 22: 51

      Yes, completely stopped the payments.
      A complaint
  9. 4difeer666 8 July 2019 15: 38

    At the beginning, there were quite good percentages, but there was almost no profit in the last few months, thanks for 50% profit
    A complaint
    1. udimka 17 July 2019 13: 01

      The project was already dodging my eye, I thought when it was already closed. Worked well.
      A complaint
  10. matrix2000 8 July 2019 15: 26

    Okay, the project of the riley for a long time stood up the first to raise well should
    A complaint
  11. inki0077 8 July 2019 14: 09

    There were so many hopes for this project, money did not manage to withdraw money from synergy ...
    A complaint
  12. Lavr 8 July 2019 11: 37

    A good project, worked with dignity! Who came at the beginning, with a good profit!
    A complaint
    1. Lorik351 8 July 2019 13: 33

      Worked great
      A complaint
  13. 4difeer666 8 July 2019 09: 58

    Already, yes, but still good work
    A complaint
  14. richmonkey 8 July 2019 09: 46


    Soon announce collection of applications
    A complaint
  15. b170 8 July 2019 07: 57

    When will the insurance order be available?
    A complaint
  16. fenix55 8 July 2019 05: 39

    I have long wanted to go into this project, and did not dare. although for many it ended with a good result blush
    A complaint
    1. udimka 17 July 2019 13: 02

      Starting money raised well.
      A complaint
  17. matrix2000 7 July 2019 23: 46

    Already I see no puffing fuel over)
    A complaint
  18. Marina 7 July 2019 23: 10

    if you came in from Rich, then submit for compensation, the fund is good, besides, many plus went out a long time ago.
    A complaint
  19. bigrichman 7 July 2019 19: 35

    Chats removed. The terms of the work of managers extended to 13.07.19. the manager says that technical work is underway and everything will be fine, but I feel that it is already gone. A lot of money left there (((
    A complaint
    1. udimka 17 July 2019 13: 02

      Doborchik was)
      A complaint
  20. inki0077 7 July 2019 17: 47

    Over the past week, two unprofitable days, and even in a row, this has not happened for a long time, by the end of the week it seemed to have gotten out in a slight plus
    A complaint
  21. 4difeer666 7 July 2019 15: 55

    It is quite possible, usually this does not lead to good
    A complaint
  22. AlexFanat 7 July 2019 15: 42

    irinaordin, the project has been running for quite some time, so anything can be ...
    A complaint
  23. irinaordin 7 July 2019 15: 31

    Something a lot of shares in recent years, apparently really will not last long.
    A complaint
  24. Deposit 7 July 2019 12: 29

    I brought it out of synergy
    A complaint
  25. 4difeer666 4 July 2019 17: 26

    Well, if there are already such signs, then for sure, in any case it has been working for a long time
    A complaint
  26. Alex2601 4 July 2019 16: 08

    In synergy, they write that the investment will last automatically, that is, I wanted to withdraw my deposit on July 11, but now it won't work, probably the end of the project soon?
    A complaint
  27. 4difeer666 1 July 2019 00: 11

    matrix2000, Still puffs!
    A complaint
  28. eduard388 30 June 2019 16: 44

    thanks for the riffback
    Date: 30.06.2019 15: 57: 30
    ID: 818957153
    Details: P94635157 → P1013113740
    Amount: 0.64 USD
    Comment: Refback from
    A complaint
  29. richmonkey 30 June 2019 12: 33

    Received payment

    A complaint
  30. matrix2000 30 June 2019 00: 34

    Shaw hasn't bent yet?))
    A complaint


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