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Newbies may have some problems finding information before or after investing in HYIP projects, although we have many useful articles about any issues. We tried to answer the popular recent questions of our partners.

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1. What is a HYIP / HYP project / investment project?

  • HYIP / HYIP project / investment project (differently called, but the essence is the same) - sites that offer everyone who wants to make a deposit in their fund and quickly increase their capital.

2. How to invest in HYIP with the help of payment systems? How to make money on payment systems?

  • The very first thing you need to do when you come to the HYIP industry is to create wallets of electronic payment systems. Fortunately, we have detailed instructions on current and popular electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, QIWI, Yandex.
  • In order to start investing using electronic payment systems you need to transfer money using a bank card or terminal. With a bank card, this can be done through monitoring online exchangers. BestChange.

3. Which electronic payment systems are best?

  • Most often in HYIPs use the payment system Perfect Money и Payeer. We recommend to get wallets in these systems.

4. How do I quickly gain experience investing in HYIP?

  • The answer will sound unequivocally - you will need to study a large amount of information related to the HYIP industry as a whole. Due to what they work, what percentage of profitability is now in the trend, how to get the maximum benefit from the project and so on. It will also be important to “fill the hand” by investing in projects. Absolutely in any field, experience is needed to understand the principle of operation and maximize the benefits.

5. What is a scam investment project?

  • Literally, the term SCAM means fraud. In the case of SCAM HYIPs, this is when the project stops paying. We have a more detailed article on this topic: What is a scam investment project?.

6. How to get money back after a scam?

  • No If the administrator stops paying, then this is not possible. Only possible if the administration starts selective payments. With small deposits and withdrawal amounts you may be lucky.

7. What is a refback?

  • Refback is the return to the investor of a certain percentage of the body of his contribution to a higher partner. For example, in a project, an affiliate program is 5%. You invest with our blog and order a refback from us. As a rule, we pay 50% of the specified percentage or higher. That is, 2.5% of your deposit, you can get on top of your profitability. We have a more detailed article on this topic: What is understood as a refbek?.

8. What is insurance?

9. Why is one project insured and the other not?

  • We are trying to negotiate with the administration of investment projects about insurance for our partners. With some it is not possible to reach agreement on the allocation of the insurance fund.

10. How long will this hyip work?

  • Only a HYIP administrator will be able to answer this question. There are many factors that affect the duration of the investment project and the human factor is not an exception. An unscrupulous administrator can scrape a project at any moment in the life of his creation.

11. If there are risks of losing money, is it possible to make money on HYIPs?

  • There are risks in all areas of life. I hope that no one will argue with that. It is important to assess the risks and understand the principles of the financial pyramid, select high-quality projects. Our blog will help you with this. We have a more detailed article on this topic: Can I make money on HYIPs?.

12. Advise in which project to invest 1 000 $

  • If you have a large amount and you want to invest it, then we highly recommend not investing it in one project. This recommendation is given by us for a reason. The fact is that investing online is fraught with risk. The more projects you have in your investment portfolio, the lower the risks of quick loss of funds. Agree that if you have 10 projects and 1 of them is closed, then you will not experience any special problems with this. We have a more detailed article on this topic: Diversification strategy.

13. How to begin to understand the slang of investors?

  • You need to “stew in this topic” for a certain period of time in order to begin to understand what and how investors say. We have a more detailed article on this topic: Investor glossary and terms.

14. Why doesn't the project pay me?

  • Either the project is experiencing some temporary technical difficulties, or the project has banished. We wrote about it above.

15. I invested in an investment plan of 4000% in 90 days. Why don't I withdraw money?

  • Let's ask a simple question: how should the project pay you this percentage of profitability? Due to what? Such investment plans are a non-working option for investing and in isolated cases you can get something from them, but you can get a maximum of 500% over the term. It's impossible. It is likely that soon we will write a separate article on this topic.


This is not all the questions asked by investors. We do not exclude that there will be a third part.

By the way, you can familiarize yourself with the first part:

In the event that we did not answer an important question, write about it in the comments. Perhaps we will answer your questions in the next issue.

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