Weekly Report 06.06.22 - 12.06.22

Weekly Report 06.06.22 - 12.06.22

Summed up the results for the past week in text and video formats. A fairly large number of events took place on projects, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our reports.

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New projects

trustaking.io Low profit
Start date 31.05.2022
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Payments instant
Input Output from 200 $ / from 1 $

Added a new low-income project to the blog. Completed to a high standard in every aspect. Separately, it is worth noting that the project is registered in Australia, as well as an Australian SSL certificate + Green Bar. We see the future and expect good and fruitful work from the project.

grenminer.com Highly profitable
Start date 05.06.2022
bonus + 6% of the deposit
Payments instant
Input Output from 10 $ / from 10 $

A new highly profitable fast project has been added to the blog. Let's just say that it is suitable only for those who want to try their luck! In general, the preparation is at a high level. It is not often possible to see a fast with hourly charges, the site of which works with an SSL certificate + Green Bar.

We summed up the intermediate results of the project. Another lap behind! This time for the fifth time. We, together with our partners, had the opportunity to earn at the rates "Fast" and "Start" from + 40 % to + 75 %, and taking into account offer you could earn from us + 70 % to + 105 %. Fire!

TOP for deposits

taxi-money.info Average profit
Start date 22.05.2014
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Team turnover 120 531 $

Another successful week of work was demonstrated by the administration team from the economic game. Earnings continue.

8bit.ltd Low profit
Start date 15.10.2018
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 105 224 $

The low-yield project never ceases to delight investors with stable accruals and instant payouts.

solidtradebank.com Low profit
Start date 07.10.2013
bonus + 0.5% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 103 031 $

We have created a new deposit in the project on 2 500 $. A truly old-timer of our blog, with which we have been working for almost 4 years, and in October the total period will be 9 years! We hope that we will celebrate our anniversary together!

In general, it can be summarized that for almost 9 years of uninterrupted payments, the project has proved its worth and has a positive reputation among investors.

superkopilka.com Low profit
Start date 13.05.2013
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Team turnover 44 731 $

Another successful week of work from Super Piggy bank. This project never ceases to please its investors.

Robotics.online Low profit
Start date 02.09.2019
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 2 000 $
Team turnover 38 602 $

We summed up the intermediate results of the project. Almost 10 months on our blog! The low-income project continues to hold its own and demonstrate good results. Once a project was added to the blog, it was possible to complete up to 17 laps and earn up to + 68% net income! A good result has already been shown! By the way, if you used the opportunity and ordered refbek from us, then you could earn not + 68 %, + 153 %! The difference is significant.

asapair.net Average profit
Start date 20.05.2022
bonus + 3% of the deposit
Team turnover 7 882 $

Those who entered with us will soon reach the breakeven point. The project is showing good results so far. We expect that soon we will be able to get the first profit.


infinitystream.live Low profit
Start date 10.09.2021
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 3 724 $

We have created a new deposit in the project on $500. It's been 9 months since Infinity Bet has been added to our blog. During this period of time, we and our team were given the opportunity to complete a circle and earn + 100% net income at the current rate! We believe that the result is already quite good. Recall that the deposit continues to work until it reaches + 100% net income.

Scam of the week

  • MupGlobalDate of scam

    Something went wrong! The project was obviously abandoned at the start and the admin apparently decided that he would not pull it off, and fixed his profit, plus the main domain was quickly blocked.
  • Explosive-XDate of scam

    Work without result.

Video review

You can watch the report on the events of the past week in a convenient video format on our Youtube channel.

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

# Project Yield
in a day
during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1 taxi money 1.1% 7.7% 235 000₽ 2 585₽ 18 095₽
2 8bit 0.03% 0.21% 5 000 $ $1.5 $10.5
3 Solid Trade Bank 2.2% 5 000 $ $110
4 Superkopilka 1.07% $500 $5.35
5 Robotics Up to 0.36% Up to 1.8% 1 000 $ $3.6 $18
6 asapair 4% 28% $2000 $80 $560
7 Infinity Bet Up to 0.8% Up to 5.6% 1 000 $ 8$ $56
8 Safe Assets 0.27% 1.89% $200 $0.54 $3.78
9 Trust Staking 0.7% 3.5% 3 000 $ $21 $105
10 grenminer 8% 40% $300 $24 $120
Total invested: 21 047 $ Income per day: 172.16 $ (+ 0.82%) Income per week: 1 223.25 $ (+ 5.81%)

Results of the week

Thought that this week would definitely pass without scams? Alas, no.

Two new projects came to replace the two departed projects. One of them already this week made it possible to earn up to + 105% clean! The second is more for the prospect of long-term work. In general, as always, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

As always, we try to cover the losses of our team in scams as much as possible, so do not skimp on the feedback for us ;)

We remind you that we are looking for additional ways to earn money. Share your ideas in the comments below this post:

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  1. Akimskate 20 June 2022 23: 20

    Thanks for the report, green miner is straight bombich, every day I bite my elbows that I scrolled so little in it, but the rule is not the essence of the rule, if it came out, it came out.

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  2. Alex2601 15 June 2022 08: 40

    Thanks for the report! 

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  3. Managerruslan 14 June 2022 19: 44

    Well done Grenminer admin and old people, and Explosive can forget about the industry)

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