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Deposit Bonus:



  • Min. contribution: $50
  • Min. output: $25
  • Yield: from 8% per month
  • Ref. program: 5% - 3% - 1%
  • Start date: 02.09.2019
  • Works:
  • Added to blog: 18.08.2021
  • Monitor:
Payment systems
Manual - Time limit up to 72 hours type of payment

What is a refback?

Refback is the return to the investor of a certain percentage of his deposit. It is enough to register using our referral link for us to pay you the agreed amount.

How to get?

You can order a refback for the project at the rate of - 5% from your contribution and thereby increase your income. To order a deposit bonus, follow the link “Order refback»And fill out the form.

Is there a refback when depositing from the balance?

No. You need to withdraw the deposit to the payment system, create a deposit again and order a refback on the blog.

  • Important information before ordering a bonus

A high-quality and promising project called Robotics was added to our blog. We believe that the project has the potential for long-term work. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the project in more detail thanks to our detailed text review.

The project site works on a self-written script and, in general, is made at a good level.

Investment project Robotics kicked off 2 September 2019working in the shadows, but the very first advertising resources were connected March 20 2020... A full-fledged rebranding in the form in which the project is presented now took place 10 May 2021... In fact, the active phase of development is just beginning, so you and I have an excellent opportunity to participate in the project from the beginning of active development. We enter the project earlier - we earn more!

We added a high-quality and promising low-income worker from a foreign administration to the blog with the potential for long-term work. The project worked quietly outside the hype industry and, according to the administration, has already managed to attract a sufficient number of potential investors. The first advertisement on HYIP resources appeared in March 2020, rebranding was made 3 months ago, and it has already gone more actively since July of this year, this period can be considered the actual start of the project, almost no one knew about it, and apparently in this the period of deposits was not particularly, at least judging by the statistics on hyplogs. At present, the project should be considered as a good option for diversification, since stable low-income companies must be present in your portfolio as a financial cushion, which will be very useful among many promising fast and middle companies. We encourage everyone to take part! Successful and profitable investment!

Project marketing

Investment offer of the company Robotics consists of 1 plan. The key feature of marketing is that the percentage of charges is floating and they will occur on weekdays.

The only investment plan allows you to earn from 0.25% to 0.5% daily for 12 working days, but you can withdraw them only at the end of the term along with the body of the deposit. Total net profit for the term is ~ + 5%.

The "Automatic reinvest" option is provided. After creating a deposit, you must uncheck or leave the corresponding checkbox. It allows you to automatically reinvest a deposit with interest on a new round until you deactivate this function. Thus, you get a double benefit from the effect of compound interest and an additional bonus for each completed cycle, but there will be no refback for a new round, which in turn can double your income, but for this you need to withdraw the deposit to your wallet and replenish it again.

The minimum deposit amount is $50. The minimum withdrawal amount is 25$ LTC / 25$ ETH / 200$ BTC. In the investment project, the withdrawal of profit is in manual mode (the application processing time is up to 72 hours, on weekdays it is stated - up to 24 hours). Every 12 working days after making a deposit, you can withdraw funds instantly (up to 60 minutes).

Over time, other payment methods may appear, and now the creators are preparing some other updates. Judging by the mark in the personal account, the project is still in beta mode.

IMPORTANT! On December 19.12.2021, XNUMX, the Perfect Money payment system was removed. Whoever has deposits in Perfect Money, you need to write to support and they will exchange it for any crypt from the ones offered by the project and then order a payout or make a reinvestment!

Tariff nameReturnInterest accrualTerm of depositDeposit amountReturn of depositTotal returnNet profit

(inside Solna Centrum)

from 0.25% to 0.5% per dayat the end of the term12 working daysfrom $ 50at the end of the term≈ 105%≈ 5% + 5% our bonus = 10%

We remind you that the project from our blog allocated perpetual insurance fund in the amount of $2000... Thanks to which the investment in the project will be even safer.

Do not forget to order a refback for the project in the amount of 5% from your contribution. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Video review of Robotics

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments to the video and indicate their login on our blog will receive bonus 1 $! Only our partners can participate!


Partner program in the project Robotics three-level. There is no opportunity to improve the affiliate program.

Standard Affiliate Program:

  • Remuneration: 5% - 3% - 1% from deposits of your partners;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the site.

Instruction manual

We prepared detailed instructions for working with this investment project, in which we displayed: account registration, a step-by-step guide on creating a deposit, as well as withdrawing funds.

  • Register
  • Making a deposit
  • Withdrawal of funds

Write Your Review

Robotics Is a high-quality and promising low-income investment project with a moderate percentage of profitability, which proves its efficiency for a long time without much promotion in the advertising campaign.

The marketing of the project consists of only one tariff, which offers to earn from 0.25% to 0.5% daily for 12 working days, but you can withdraw them only at the end of the term along with the body of the deposit.

The external side of the site is well done. The technique is normal. The project site works on a self-written script.

Currently, the project should be considered as a good option for diversification, since stable low-incomes must be present in your portfolio, as a financial cushion that will come in handy among the many promising fast and middle managers. We recommend everyone to take part!

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be superfluous to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in After-plans with high returns, where the payment of the deposit and interest is at the end of the term. You will not receive payment for such plans (example 6500% after 100 days)
  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risks. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accruals.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.



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$ 2140/214%
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90 piece.

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43 910 $

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2 115 $

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Комментарии (262)

  1. richmonkey Today, 12: 26

    Received payment + 60 $

    A complaint
  2. Dindane 25 June 2022 16: 29

    Thanks for another ref.
    2022-06-24 22:59:42 

    53,7 USDT


    A complaint
  3. Dindane 24 June 2022 22: 13

    Payment and new dep. in Litecoin: $1074.

    A complaint
  4. marco2online 23 June 2022 11: 18

    still paying

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 23 June 2022 20: 14

      Hi! you ordered a refback, but you are not on our referral lists

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  5. richmonkey 23 June 2022 00: 23

    Received payment + 60 $

    A complaint
  6. Managerruslan 22 June 2022 14: 17

    Reinvest $61 did

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    1. Managerruslan 22 June 2022 16: 29

      received refbek $2,85 on the cool TOP Robotics project

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  7. Managerruslan 22 June 2022 14: 16

    Payment $58 received

    A complaint
  8. richmonkey 18 June 2022 10: 58

    Received payment + 90 $

    A complaint
  9. Alex01011961 16 June 2022 23: 12

    Another deposit of $300 in Litecoin, thanks in advance for the refback!

    A complaint
  10. sdnet 16 June 2022 05: 02

    The new investment is $1821.

    A complaint
  11. Jonas 15 June 2022 13: 33

    deposit $2000

    A complaint
  12. Heatstreak 13 June 2022 18: 11

    I received another fast payment from Robotics

    I turned on my autopilot and also made sure that I was making a huge profit on this project.

    The autopilot feature is just an amazing tool for getting amazing results.

    I decided to make a new deposit through the account balance in order to keep getting more profit :)

    Reinvestment from account balance - $1000

    Payment Package -

    1.639124 LTK

    10.06.2022/17/40 41:XNUMX:XNUMX UTC


    A complaint
  13. richmonkey 11 June 2022 09: 43

    Received payment + 50 $

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  14. Dindane 8 June 2022 19: 28

    Thanks for the awesome ref!

    2022-06-07 19:42:30



    A complaint
  15. Dindane 7 June 2022 18: 50

    Another payout and reinvestment in a great project: $1022 in Litecoin.

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  16. Jonas 6 June 2022 13: 00

    new deposit 3000 usdt

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  17. richmonkey 6 June 2022 12: 52

    Received payment + 60 $

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  18. Alex2601 3 June 2022 05: 58

    Transaction hash: https://blo.......................itcoin/transaction/c065ba9dfef933ee..........
    Send amount 0.00689 BTC
    Sender 327QcT7oESwaWFsw8dsSyk..................................
    Current number of confirmations 5

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  19. money 1 June 2022 15: 51

    new deposits, $215.72 in BTC

    thanks for refback

    A complaint
  20. money 1 June 2022 15: 38

    received payment $224


    A complaint
  21. Managerruslan 31 May 2022 23: 26

    more $100 to the project, otherwise the minimum amount of BTC for withdrawal is $200

    A complaint
    1. Managerruslan 4 June 2022 21: 00

      Got a refback in the morning 5$, forgot to write. Good luck in the TOP project

      A complaint
  22. richmonkey 30 May 2022 00: 14

    Received payment + 100 $

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  23. alex301 29 May 2022 17: 44

    Deposit 3.1 LTC

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  24. sdnet 27 May 2022 04: 03

    New investment $1732

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  25. Alex01011961 27 May 2022 01: 05

    Another deposit already for a net profit of $300 in LTC, thanks in advance for the refback!

    A complaint
  26. Michman 23 May 2022 12: 02

    Created dep for $206

    A complaint
  27. richmonkey 21 May 2022 14: 30

    Received payment + 50 $

    A complaint
  28. Dindane 19 May 2022 23: 13

    Thank you for the reflex.

    2022-05-19 15:34:39



    A complaint
  29. Dindane 19 May 2022 12: 46

    Receive payout and new deposit in Litecoin: $953.

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  30. richmonkey 18 May 2022 12: 03

    Received payment + 50 $

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