2 000 000 $ investments through our blog RichMonkey.biz. To summarize

2 000 000 $ investments through our blog RichMonkey.biz. To summarize

Dear partners, we are pleased to announce that the total number of deposits through our blog monitoring RichMonkey.biz has exceeded the mark in 2 000 000 $ from the moment when the site was updated and statistics were added. 3 years after the rebranding, we managed to achieve this goal. Let's summarize the small results of our work.


We believe that it is necessary to start again with words of gratitude to our partners. None of this would have happened without you! Thank you all for your project support, comments, participation in competitions, and so on. We really appreciate it.

Let us remind you that we fully began our work around the fall of 2016 in the VK segment, which has rapidly outgrown, and now you have a high-quality resource with useful articles, increased bonuses, contests and insurance.

Some statistics

Rebranding of our blog with an update that included statistics happened 24.04.2018 and we wrote about it in this article.

As already mentioned, 3 years have passed and during this period we have the following results on 04.05.2021:

  • our partners have already invested more than 2 000 000 $ in the hype projects that we select;
  • processed over 19 000 Bonus applications
  • more 79 000 $ bonuses paid;
  • 5 950 the contributions of our partners were insured in projects;
  • more 150 000 $ covered by the losses of our team;
  • more 15 800 $ paid for writing comments on our blog and participating in contests.

Our statistics are completely open. All applications for orders of bonuses and compensations can be viewed on the forms: refbek и belaying.

Refback statistics

Compensation stats:

Further more! We are not going to stop and are constantly developing our blog. Bonuses from deposits are increasing and project insurance funds are increasingly being added. Investors choose us and we are grateful to them for this!

Compensation Fund on the blog RichMonkey.biz

Compensation Fund of our blog We decided to highlight a separate item in our news. As far as you know, with each purchase of advertising on our website we allocate funds to the general compensation fund, which is used, for the most part, for projects that have worked poorly (did not go round, did not allow anyone to go plus), and if the amount allows , partial compensations can also be made for a project that worked well on schedule.

After adding the total blog stock 09.12.2018 we have paid more 37 000 $ to cover the losses of our partners in fast scam. We believe that this is a good amount to cover losses in projects that were not insured or worked disgustingly. Gradually, the total compensation fund is growing and this once again confirms the fact that it is safe to invest with us!


Thank you for reading this news to the end. Thank you to all readers and blog partners for being with us. All this would not have happened without you!

After updating the site, we have such results and we hope that soon we will release another news about 3 000 000 $ invested using our blog.

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  1. zakonich 17 August 2021 13: 18

    Newbie in the world of HYIPs, I hope, thanks to your articles and chat in telegrams, I will learn to invest)
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  2. rave2k20 5 June 2021 02: 28

    Those exceptional numbers are the result of the professional work and your ethical work.
    Keep going.
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    1. richmonkey_support 5 June 2021 15: 19

      rave2k20, Thanks for your feedback!
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  3. Managerruslan 12 May 2021 01: 48

    In half a year, I almost stopped investing through other blogs besides Rich. More than $ 1500 invested. There is always a detailed opinion about the hype, and high-quality projects, and insurance, and most importantly, open statistics. Blogs prosperity and readers earnings!
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  4. gilew455 8 May 2021 09: 05

    Thank you for your good selection of projects. For good loss coverage. Great job))
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  5. 4difeer666 6 May 2021 02: 44

    I remember the first day of the rebranding of the blog, and since then I have been a constant investor in the blog, and there is no reason to look for other blogs, and great contests, and excellent conditions for almost every project, help in quick search. We grow further!
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  6. AlexanderKudrya8027 5 May 2021 20: 52

    congratulations blog, you can see more and more people trust you))
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  7. ilya28087 5 May 2021 16: 56

    Great news, thank you for your robot and special thanks for the insurance in fastcams!
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  8. Akimskate 5 May 2021 15: 55

    Thanks to the blog for the great projects, stable refback payments, and the necessary cover in the form of insurance!
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  9. kiryamalik 5 May 2021 15: 28

    Thank you very much for the quality work. Further more
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