Compensation fund on the RICHMONKEY blog. Protection of deposits from losses.

Compensation fund on the RICHMONKEY blog. Protection of deposits from losses.
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Hello, everyone! The blog always cares about its readers. We certainly select projects rigorously, but you never know from which side the blow might come. You can't be 100% sure about any project. Therefore, there is a risk of giving incorrect advice, which, in turn, leads to the loss of the blog reader's deposit. This is precisely why this section was created.

How does it work, and how will the fund be replenished?

Part of the funds we receive from advertising on the blog will be transferred to the general fund. Thus, with each advertising purchase, a separate Compensation Fund accumulates, which is used primarily for projects that performed poorly (meaning they did not pass a full circle and did not yield profits to anyone). However, if the fund's balance allows, in some cases, partial compensation may be provided for a project that has performed well according to its schedule.

In such cases, a portion of the fund will be used to compensate first-line referrals, the amount of which depends on the number of projects currently on the blog and how many of them have not yet generated a net profit.

We will determine the percentage of compensation on a project-by-project basis in the event of its SCAM, depending on the situation and the current state of the insurance fund.

It is essential to understand that a separate Compensation Fund has been created specifically for compensating losses in projects marked with the label "The project falls under the blog's general insurance fund."

Furthermore, the blog also has a Permanent Compensation Fund. The insurance amount is specified in the review and will be guaranteed to be paid to first-line referrals who have incurred losses, regardless of how the project performed, whether it did well or poorly.

The fund's resources, depending on the amount collected, can be used in various directions:

  • Compensation for losses in projects
  • Contests and promotions on the blog with cash prizes
  • Blog development and advertising

Is there any condition to receive a refund other than being a first-line referral?

Yes, there is! If you want help from the blog, help the blog!

Specifically, leave your reviews in the project's theme comments that you enter. Share screenshots of your deposits, report receiving referral commissions, post project payouts.

Preferably, do this all the time, but if you can't do it all the time, at least a minimum of 5 messages, with screenshots, transactions, and simply reviews and impressions, in the reviews, we believe it's not difficult to leave.

We will be monitoring this. So, this is a mandatory condition :)

So, to avoid misunderstandings, carefully read our simple rules.

The blog does not guarantee full coverage of losses, but will do everything possible to facilitate it!

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