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Compensation Fund on the blog RICHMONKEY. Protection of deposits against losses.

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Hello! A blog always cares about its readers. We, of course, select projects hard, but you never know which side will come from. Can't be on 100% confident in any project. Therefore, there is a risk of not correct advice, which in turn leads to a loss of deposit for the reader of the blog. That is why this section was created.

How does it work and how will the fund be replenished?

Part of the money that we receive for advertising on the blog will be transferred to a common fund. Thus, with each purchase of advertising, we accumulate a separate Compensation Fundwhich is used for the most part for projects that have not worked well (that is, they did not pass the circle, did not let anyone go to +). But, if the amount of the fund allows, in some cases, partial compensation can be made and for the project that has worked well in terms of time.

In such cases, a part of the fund will be used to compensate 1 referrals for the line, the amount of which depends on how many projects there are currently on the blog and how many of them have not yet given a net profit.

We will determine the percentage of compensation according to the situation and the current state of the insurance fund, separately for each project in case of its SCAMA.

It is important to understand that a separate Compensation Fund was created specifically to compensate for losses in projects marked "The project falls under the general insurance fund blog"

Also, the blog also has Perpetual Compensation Fund. The insurance amount is spelled out in a review and is guaranteed to be paid to 1 referrals who suffered losses, regardless of how the project worked, good or bad.

Funds of the Fund, depending on the amount collected, can be used in various directions:

  • Loss compensation in projects
  • Contests and promotions on the blog with cash prizes
  • Blog development and advertising

Is there any condition to get a refund except to be a referral of the 1 line?

Yes there is! If you want help from a blog - help the blog!

Namely, leave your feedback in the comments topic of the project in which you go. Spread screenshots of your deposits, unsubscribe about receiving refback, post payments from the project.

It is desirable all the time, but if all the time does not work then at least at least 5 messages, with screenshots, transactions, and just reviews and impressions, in reviews we think it’s not difficult to leave.

We will follow this. So this is a prerequisite :)

So, to avoid any misunderstandings, carefully read our simple regulations.

Blog does not guarantee full coverage of losses, but will in every way contribute to this!

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  1. From the general blog fund allocated amount $ 300 to cover project losses

    From the general blog fund allocated amount + 150 $ to the indefinite 300 $ insurance to cover project losses
  2. From the general blog fund allocated amount $ 200 to cover project losses

    From the general blog fund allocated amount $ 500 to cover project losses
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