New section on the blog "Video Reports"

Welcome, dear partners! I would like to present you a new section on our website - "Weekly video reports».

In this section we are going to publish news information about projects that are present on our blog.monitoring, as well as from the section "Outside the blog". By news information, we mean the events that happened with the projects, the events that took place on our monitoring blog, and so on in a video format convenient for everyone.

If for some reason you missed important events that happened with projects in the HYIP industry during the week, then you can sit back and watch our weekly video report!

We will collect for you all the information that occurred during the week with the HYIPs that we monitored during the monitoring. We will also clarify what has happened for you on interesting new products in the “Outside the blog” section.

Advantages of the new section “Weekly video reports”:

  • Weekly reports in a convenient for all video format;
  • Save time searching for weekly events in the HYIP industry;
  • The information concerns not only the projects that are present in the blog monitoring, but also the new section “Outside the blog», In which there are interesting new items, in our opinion, missing on the monitoring blog;
  • Events that occur on our blog, in terms of advertising, placement, scams, will also be clarified.

We hope that this section will be useful for our readers.

Leave your comments, suggestions, feedback or opinions about the published information.

Did you like the idea with the section and did you find it useful on our blog monitoring?

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  1. Dim69
    21.02.2019 10:33
    Rather Yes than no - I don't visit YouTube, I rarely look for the reason "friend! Look - how do you?" maybe it will be useful for me to be there more often. And I will not hide the thought (idea) - correct ... it will be useful to EVERYONE.
  2. fenix55
    20.02.2019 10:24
    great idea. you have interesting videos on your channel. I think this section will be very useful to everyone.
  3. Lavr
    20.02.2019 08:41
    A huge plus in saving time! Always happy to move forward, which means more time is available for personal life!
  4. Marina
    19.02.2019 22:56
    Thank you for not sitting still and developing! For me personally, reading the information is more convenient, but sometimes it is interesting to look. Unfortunately, I do not understand why the opportunity to comment on videos (.
  5. kosvas01
    19.02.2019 21:23
    Thank! Rich is not idle.
  6. 4difeer666
    19.02.2019 13:13
    It will be much more convenient, always loved to watch rather than read
  7. Alex2601
    19.02.2019 12:18
    The idea is even nothing, the video is still more convenient than reading the text on several pages and the news is always interesting!