New section on the blog "Off blog"

Welcome, dear partners! I would like to present you a new section on our website - "Out of monitoring».

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we track, but which are not on our monitoring. The information will concern interesting new products, unpromising new products, latest scams, as well as TOP-3 interesting projects for investments “out of monitoring” (perhaps in the future we expand TOP) in our opinion.

You no longer need to collect information on a variety of news channels. 

We will do all this for you!

We will process tons of information that comes in daily from the HYIP industry. Every day there are about 20 new projects, as well as a lot of scams. We will select the most interesting novelties for you and offer them to you for investment.

Advantages of the new section “Out of monitoring”:

  • If you are an inexperienced "hyper", then you can read our brief analysis of projects that we consider promising and draw your own conclusions;
  • If you are an experienced "hyper", then this will help you save a lot of time and effort when searching for new projects for your investment portfolio. This item may also be an advantage for inexperienced “hyipers”;

We hope that this section will be useful for our readers. Leave your feedback, comments or opinions about published projects. It is possible that we will continue to improve this section. So you can participate in this and make your suggestions for improvement!

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  1. LegenDa
    04.02.2019 07:59
    Super rubric! We really need it, look forward to
  2. udimka
    29.01.2019 01:48
    This section of fire, who owns the information, has a more advantageous position.
  3. evkonti
    28.01.2019 02:46
    Good section on the blog added! I like!
  4. alexasp
    27.01.2019 01:46
  5. Parsiphal29
    26.01.2019 01:08
    Hmmm interesting
  6. Alex52
    25.01.2019 20:36
    interesting rubric
  7. solo82
    25.01.2019 15:45
    An interesting idea - we'll see .....
  8. Leonidas
    25.01.2019 12:52
    Why not just take TOP 3 on the blog? no sheets
  9. Alex2601
    25.01.2019 07:33
    At least more contributions will be in normal projects, since reputation will be on the side of more normal projects!
  10. serfer622
    25.01.2019 02:32
    Yes, this is a necessary section, there are so many Scamways everywhere, this is not understandable to the mind
    I consider the section informative