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Video reports

Weekly video report 04.11.19 - 10.11.19

11.11.2019 52 5

Подвели итоги первой прошедшей недели ноября. Посмотрев видео-отчёт вы узнаете все события, произошедшие с проектами, которые находятся на нашем блоге...

Weekly video report 28.10.19 - 03.11.19

04.11.2019 91 6

The second month of autumn is completed and we are smoothly moving into November. A large number of events occurred on projects that are on our monitoring blog and we will analyze them in our ..

Weekly video report 21.10.19 - 27.10.19

30.10.2019 83 6

A decent amount of events happened last week. There is something to make out. We suggest you watch our video report about the past week ...

Weekly video report 14.10.19 - 20.10.19

21.10.2019 67 6

The second week of October came to an end. As always, we are summing up the results of the past week in a convenient video format for our partners ...

Weekly video report 07.10.19 - 13.10.19

16.10.2019 56 9

We prepared a weekly report for our investors in a convenient video format, which displayed all the important events that took place last week ...

Weekly video report 30.09.19 - 06.10.19

08.10.2019 59 6

The first week of October is behind. There have been very few events with projects related to our monitoring blog recently. Despite this, we regularly prepare for ..

Weekly video report 23.09.19 - 29.09.19

30.09.2019 52 9

The first fall month of September came to an end. We celebrate this event with our latest video report on the projects that are present on our blog ...

Weekly video report 16.09.19 - 22.09.19

23.09.2019 119 6

We prepared a weekly video report for our readers in which we displayed all the events that occurred with the projects that are on our monitoring blog ...

Weekly video report 09.09.19 - 15.09.19

17.09.2019 56 4

The second week of September is over. In the meantime, we will delight you with updating the rubric. We have updated the design of video reviews. We hope to see your feedback in the comments ...

Weekly video report 02.09.19 - 08.09.19

09.09.2019 89 4

The first week of September is behind. The hype industry is still not moving, but we are not in a hurry to get upset. We continue to wait for new and promising projects. In the meantime ..

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14.11.19 Offline Blog News Digest15.11.2019 There is an obvious decline in the hype industry, but we believe that this is not for long. In spite of.. - Review and recall of service .. - Review and review of the service for receiving cryptocurrency13.11.2019 Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency now and its relevance is increasing daily ...