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Video reports

Weekly video report 02.09.19 - 08.09.19

09.09.2019 51 4

The first week of September is behind. The hype industry is still not moving, but we are not in a hurry to get upset. We continue to wait for new and promising projects. In the meantime ..

Weekly video report 26.08.19 - 01.09.19

03.09.2019 44 4

The long-awaited summer is over for everyone and we, together with our partners, are moving smoothly into autumn. There were not many events last week, but we displayed everything in our video report, ..

Weekly video report 19.08.19 - 25.08.19

28.08.2019 114 5

The third week of August is behind. It's time to display the news of the past week related to our monitoring blog in a convenient format ...

Weekly video report 12.08.19 - 18.08.19

19.08.2019 95 4

The second week of August ended. It's time to take stock of the events that happened last week in a video format convenient for you ...

Weekly video report 05.08.19 - 11.08.19

12.08.2019 131 5

Last week, the events that occurred with the blog were very, very few. The video report came out short. We are sure that it will be easy and pleasant for you to get acquainted with it ...

Weekly video report 29.07.19 - 04.08.19

06.08.2019 227 6

The past week, unfortunately, was not marked by a huge number of events. Because of this, the duration of the video report suffered, but not its quality ...

Weekly video report 22.07.19 - 28.07.19

29.07.2019 138 5

Completed last week of July, the second month of summer. The lull in the HYIP industry continues. However, we recorded for you a video report on the events that happened last week on ..

Weekly video report 15.07.19 - 21.07.19

22.07.2019 140 6

Last week was quite active in terms of adding new products to our blog. By the way, we have added 3 project. Everything in order ...

Weekly video report 08.07.19 - 14.07.19

18.07.2019 140 5

Prepared a weekly video report of the past week with a good reason. In it, we reflected all the significant events of the second week of July ...

Weekly video report 01.07.19 - 07.07.19

08.07.2019 171 5

We prepared a weekly video report of the first week of July for our partners. In it, we have displayed the events that occurred with the projects that are on our monitoring blog ...

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