How to build an investment portfolio from HYIPs

How to build an investment portfolio from HYIPs

We believe that the most important aspects in investing in HYIPs will be: drawing up an investment portfolio and diversification. Since there is already an article on diversification, but there is no article on drawing up an investment portfolio, it will not be superfluous to describe all the subtleties, as well as talk about how to draw it up after all.

What is needed in order to compose an investment portfolio of HYIPs, what is it for, and how to do it correctly, what types of investment portfolios are there? You can read about all this in this article.

What is an investment portfolio

Initially, the term "investment portfolio" means the combination of various valuable assets in order to generate profit and reduce risks. This means a set of instruments with varying degrees of profitability and risks, which are managed as a whole.

Immediately, we hasten to say that this article will focus on the investment portfolio in HYIPs, and not on compiling it from stocks, securities, and so on.

In the case of HYIPs, the "investment portfolio" contains high-risk investment projects (HYIPs), which is compiled to distribute risks and reduce the chances of losing money, as well as further increase. We think the analogy is clear.

What is an investment portfolio for?

It is much easier to keep track of information, to summarize when the project closes or you go through the next round. Write everything down. Probably, this rule can be applied absolutely in any business, because numbers mean a lot. By the numbers, you can determine where you are sinking and draw certain conclusions. This is what an investment portfolio is for.

Investment portfolio types

We can distinguish only three types of investment portfolio:

  • Conservative... This type of portfolio is so called because the monthly percentage of return will generally be small, and the portfolio will also consist mainly of low-income projects. Such a portfolio is suitable for large investments;
  • Moderate... In this case, the portfolio will consist of both low-income and medium-income projects, as well as high-income ones, where low-income and medium-income ones will occupy a larger part than high-income ones. We hope you wrote it clearly;
  • Aggressive... Big interest = big profit. It would seem that everything is simple, but no. Big interest is always a big risk, remember that. We recommend that you participate in this type of portfolio in small amounts, because the chances of losses are quite high.

Investment portfolio formation principles

First of all, you need to decide on the priorities and goals that you will follow. Try to answer the following questions for yourself:

  • “What free amount am I ready to allocate for HYIPs? Am I willing to risk this money? "... It is very important to decide on this issue, since we recommend investing only the money that you can afford to lose. investments are always fraught with risks;
  • "What is the likelihood that I will need this amount in the near future?"... Of course, no one sees the future, but if you think a little, you can understand whether you will need this money soon or not;
  • "What do I want to achieve by investing?"... For example, preserve or increase capital, discover new directions.

Based on the answers received, you can draw certain conclusions about which type of investment portfolio is best for you and which strategy you will use to compile and maintain your investment portfolio. The experience and personal preferences of the investor also matter.

How to build an investment portfolio

Experienced investors create investment portfolios on their own, maintain tables, monitor daily and monthly income. In fact, even for a beginner, it will not be labor intensive if you follow just a few points:

  • Prepare a base of information... We recommend that you take this matter seriously, because in potential, you will pay off and receive a stable income, but you need to study all the subtleties of this area, gain experience. We advise you to read the articles on our blog. We have a lot of useful information that will be useful for you in investing;
  • Determine the amount you are going to invest... We repeat again that this should be free money. Decide on the amount of money that you can afford to allocate for HYIPs and building an investment portfolio;
  • Make a spreadsheet for your portfolio... Agree that it is very important to know how much you are losing and earning in order to track the dynamics of progress or, on the contrary, regression. Create a convenient and understandable table for you, where there will be such data as: project name, investment date, deposit amount, income amount. In fact, what appears in the table is entirely up to you. The main thing is that it is convenient for you to track;
  • Decide on a strategy... Whether you will add cash to the portfolio or not, whether you will reinvest or not, what kind of return will be the projects in which you intend to invest. Answer yourself to these or other questions that interest you;
  • Analyze projects... Before investing in a particular project, try to analyze it. For example, "are the tariffs in the project working?", "How much can he work approximately?", "How much to invest?" etc.

It will not be superfluous to remind you that we can draw up an investment portfolio for you according to your requirements. We recommend reading the following article:

Recommendations for the preparation and maintenance of an investment portfolio

We have prepared a small list of recommendations that, in our opinion, should be followed in order to properly maintain and develop your investment portfolio, as well as start earning steadily:

  • Allocate a free amount of money for you... This is necessary so that you do not regret the lost money and it does not affect your family budget in any way, because investments are always associated with risks;
  • Do not invest borrowed funds... Taking out a loan for HYIPs or asking friends is a very stupid idea. Especially for a beginner who is just starting to get acquainted with this tool;
  • Diversify your funds wisely... The correct distribution of money is one of the most important points that you must follow. Invest in 1 project no more than 10% of your bank. It is better if it is 2.5-5% in one project. Thus, scam 1-2 projects will not be so scary;
  • Reinvest profit... In order for your portfolio to develop or stay in one place, there is no way without reinvestment. This advice is especially suitable for beginners. Try not to put money on your card for the first time, gain a foothold in the HYIP industry and only when you start earning a certain percentage on a stable basis, reward yourself for your efforts;
  • Use great offers... Our blog offers bonus from the contribution for tracked projects, which is mainly + 5%. In addition, we offer insurance, which, in the event of an unsuccessful investment, covers the losses of our team. Be sure to use these privileges;
  • Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear to you.... It would seem that everything is very simple, but for some reason people, when they invest for the first time, do not turn to us for help, and then regret their actions. We have been in HYIPs for a long time and can advise you on the current strategy, in which projects to invest, and so on. Just email us, it's free.


The article came out quite long, but we tried to reveal the topic as much as possible in order to close the issue of drawing up investment portfolios once and for all.

We believe that every self-respecting investor should draw up his own investment portfolio and track his results.

If you have any difficulties, you can always write to us by contacts or read the article New service from Investment portfolio compilation, then contact us and we will compose an investment portfolio for you, depending on your requirements.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions, leave them in the comments to this article.

Invest successfully and profitably with! Happy and profitable investment!

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