Brief recommendations before investing

Many novice investors are faced with seemingly elementary things that are clearly not worth doing, but they still make some mistakes. By the way, even experienced investors who are “in the subject” for a long time also admit them. We decided to leave a small article on the blog with brief recommendations so that newbies and not only know what should not be done in any case before investing.

Recommendations & Tips

We have prepared a short list of recommendations on what you should not do before investing in HYIPs:

1. Do not invest the entire amount in a single project.

  • This seemingly obvious action should be avoided in any case, regardless of the coolness of the admin, the calling of friends / top bloggers / monitoring or their own confidence.

Decision: When working with HYIPs, it is necessary to distribute the risks of losing money with the help of a diversification strategy. By the way, you can read the article on this topic in more detail for yourself: Diversification strategy.

2. Be sure to check the status of the project.

  • Especially this point concerns beginners. Yes, experienced investors also sin and make deposits in projects that have the status of "Problems"Or at all"scam". Are you not sorry for your money and you are ready to invest in everything? We think that it is not.

Decision: Before you invest in an investment project you necessarily You should check the status on aggregators like Hyiplogs, ISP, MMGP, our blog or other monitoring and blogs that display the current status of the project in order to make sure that the project has no problems with payments and you invest in a workable investment project.

3. I see the 4000% plan in 90 days. "There is no time to think, we must leave!"

  • In no case should this be done. Such investment proposals in 99.9% of cases will not allow you to withdraw a penny or even block the account. Sky-high interest - the enemy of the investor.

Decision: Perhaps you have already guessed what solution will be written here. You do not need to create deposits in such investment plans, otherwise you risk simply losing your money. Not necessary.

4. Read the comments before investing.

  • Experienced hyipers can skip this item, but we would recommend that you follow it. Yes, it can be attributed to 2th item, but decided to allocate a separate. For example, in the MMGP topic you can read comments at the beginning from experienced investors where the project’s wallet was used, they can tell who was the last admin and how he worked and criticized the project. This is all important information that you need to know, read, and it will help you to make a firm decision about your investment.

Tip: Do not exclude the possibility that experienced hypers tend to be wrong. You have your own head on your shoulders and you decide solely on your own. No one should be blamed for this.

5. Be prepared to lose money

  • Unfortunately, the HYIP industry is fraught with risks, and there is no loss without losses. After 1th item you could understand it. HYIPs work on the principle of a financial pyramid and at the end of the cash flow, the administration decides to close the project. Unfortunately, in recent times scams on the human factor due to the greed of the administration have become more frequent. Therefore, always be on the alert and keep abreast of events.

Decision: Always invest the amount that you are not afraid of losing, and that will not hit your family budget.

Our blog monitoring always offers favorable investment conditions. We allocate an insurance fund in case of losses and pay an affiliate bonus to increase your income. It is beneficial to deal with us. Join and advise us to your friends.

6. Do not take debt / credit for the sake of investment

  • This item is very important. We want our investors to understand why this is not worth doing. Think for yourself. What can go wrong in HYIP? We will wait until you have an answer.

Decision: Forget about this opportunity forever. You can lose borrowed money and get into an unpleasant situation. Why do you need it?

7. Take investing seriously

  • Keep track of the status of projects in which you participate, record the data, how much invested / withdrawn. Here everything is on your imagination. Take the HYIP seriously. You can even say how to with your work, but that you love with all your heart.

Decision: We have an investor panel on our site that will make it easier for you to work with HYIPs: Investor panel.


Perhaps we missed something, but the important points we have shown in this article. All of these points will help you not to clutch his head after investing in HYIP. Especially after his scam.

We believe that the article will be useful for all categories of investors, starting with those who have just entered the HYIP industry, ending with experienced hypers.

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We wish you all a profit and successful investment!

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  1. Lumin
    12.02.2020 00:48
    A very instructive article, especially for beginners.
  2. gektor92
    11.02.2020 16:05
  3. praveen3504
    30.01.2020 20:48
    great article ... i could have reduced some of my loss if i found his article before..keep posting such good stuffs
  4. gilew455
    22.01.2020 17:33
    While I attach recommendations of the projects of your block, everything is going well. It’s useful to read the article at least once a month. Do not forget about the recommendations.
  5. Dyuha
    08.01.2020 16:01
    I try to adhere to these recommendations. Well, the recommendations of the administrator do not play the last role in making a decision
  6. Marchuk
    08.01.2020 14:40
    These recommendations should be printed out to each investor-hyper and hung near the computer to re-read each time you invest in new projects.
  7. gilew455
    11.11.2019 13:18
    Great article for some reason I missed it thanks for the info

    Great article for some reason I missed it thanks for the info
  8. Anzhel
    19.09.2019 22:42
    The article is very correct, it should be read by everyone at the beginning of investing, so that there is less mistake
  9. Nightmare
    14.08.2019 16:42
    Honestly, at first I threw small amounts of money into projects on a fan.
    Then he analyzed everything and began to enter into projects with larger amounts, now I spend at least 4 hours a day on analysis and information search.
    Full second job.
  10. udimka
    27.07.2019 22:56
    I immediately started investing and took it seriously. I always write everything down in Excel which goes where and by what)