- 50 days of stable work of our project!

Dear investors! 27 January 2019 of the year, in 20: 00, will 50 days Our stable work! During this time we spent more than a hundred good bargains, we paid more 7000 $, we already have more 245 active investors! For some, this does not seem impressive, but I hasten to assure you that this is real statistics, without markups! In connection with this event, our team prepared bonuses for all investors!

Every investor who makes a deposit from 26 January 2019, 12: 00 and up to 27 January 2019, 20: 00 MSK, will receive a bonus:

5% when depositing on the first rate

7% when depositing on the second rate

10% when depositing on the third rate

All bonuses will be credited in a short time, but not later. 27 January 2019 of the year 23: 00 MSK.

All new investors who have not previously participated in our actions - we will not persuade or otherwise persuade you to take part! We can only say one thing - be on the wave of success, in the ocean of risk with Lucky wave! Thank you for trusting our team! PROFIT ALL!

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  1. Dilshod
    28.01.2019 19:05
    Because of this, the news in the telegram began to negatively relate to the admin of this project. It would be better if he did not announce the news there.
  2. Marina
    28.01.2019 01:57
    Thanks for the news. I am an optimist - I have a depot there, therefore, I believe that this is the path to further development blush
  3. Alex2601
    27.01.2019 19:08
    But here is one of two things: either they raise their reputation for further work, or, as they said, they do it!
  4. udimka
    27.01.2019 01:18
    Oh, these bonuses, just not to get a classic.
    1. Dilshod
      27.01.2019 10:16
      Their admin in the telegraph writes that this is not an add. I have not seen before admins write to investors