26.01.19 Offline Blog News Digest

Welcome, dear partners! For general development, it was decided to start a new column “Out of monitoring”, in which we will tell you about interesting updates that are not on our monitoring blog.

Interesting news "Out of monitoring"

cryptofutures.cc (Start 24.01.19) is a mid-income novelty with adequate marketing. There is insurance from the administration, but it’s all very vaguely written. Count on it just is not worth it. It will be interesting to watch, because the start was just recently.
[Current tariff plans: 3.87% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

auto-pay.biz (Start 24.01.19) is a new middle-income project with automatic payments that everyone loves very much. There is a certain similarity with one admin, but this is just a guess. The implementation is done on another level a bit.
[Current tariff plans: from 4.3% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 5 $ | Bonus from us: 5%]

depositcase.biz (Start 08.11.18) - worked in the “partisan” stage, practically, since mid-January and was recently disguised. It will be very interesting to watch the work, because the plans here are not quite standard.
[Current tariff plans: 112% through 3 of the day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

neuronic.biz (Start 05.01.19) - in fact, the project is not new, but with all this, the development is very good.
[Current tariff plans: 3% per day on 60 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

We track "Out of monitoring"

auswayglobal.cc (Start 22.01.19) - weirdness with this project. Advertising is in full swing, but there are no payout statistics. We recommend while to refrain from deposits.
[Current tariff plans: 103% through 1 day | Min contribution: 20 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

evvi.ai (Start 19.01.19) - a completely new project that has all the characteristics of a “partisan”. The development is quite smooth. Project verification is still to come, but we recommend that you take a closer look.
[Current tariff plans: 4.3% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 20 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

atlanticoil.biz (Start 19.01.19) - the first players had the opportunity to go through the fifth round of the 105% tariff plan through 1 a day and, thereby, earn + 20% net profit. Payments are received in a timely manner. We continue to track an interesting fast project!
[Current tariff plans: 103% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

ganja7.biz (Start 21.01.19) - the first players had the opportunity to go through four laps on the 103% tariff plan through 1 day. The development happens smoothly. We continue the observation.
[Current tariff plans: 103% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2%]

gemneon.io (Start 17.01.19) - 8 has been working for days and this project still has to show its performance. Advertising continues to grow. [Current tariff plans: 6% per day indefinitely | Min contribution: 1 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

dominat.company (Start 13.01.19) - the most discussed project continues its active development. Two working weeks are closed, which means that the former had the opportunity to receive 70% of their deposit.
[Current tariff plans: 7% per day on 20 working days / 150% through 15 working days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

multix.biz multix.biz (Start 21.01.19) - only the fourth day is working. It is also necessary that the project is a little infused.
[Current tariff plans: 4% per day on 10 days | Min contribution: 20 $ | Bonus from us: 4%]

Unpromising 23.01.19 - 26.01.19 Innovations

In this section, we note the new items, which, in our opinion, without any prospects, and we believe that they will work little or not at all:

omegapro.world, cryptosecret.biz, d-minecenter.biz, wolfscapital.com, italy-fx.life, skybtc.io, dingcoins.com, coincoach.biz, calcuvis.biz.biz.

Latest scams

santa-fable.com - a project that we noted as an interesting novelty 8 days worked. During this period of time, it was possible to pass the 2 circle on the minimum tariff plan and take profits.

cybertrade.online - Payments have fallen on hold. It makes no sense to wait for a miracle when it is written that all payment systems pay for instant payments.

lionbet.club - worked 8 days. The result is bad, as there were no deposits. It was worth putting 1 000 $ per day, the admin was enough to close the shop.

12dailycoins.com - The first had the opportunity to barely go through the first twelve-day circle.

anygross.online - there was no work. Add nothing more.

advgain.com - the project was plain and pirated script. 116 days behind shoulders - the result is inspiring.

omiorfinance.com - worked 156 days. Excellent performance with 2.1% marketing over 5 days. Demonstrated high-quality work in the shadows, and after rebranding.

fortunext.net - the starting ones had the opportunity, practically, to recapture half of the deposit, while everyone was playing on a one-day plan. The ability to record profits lasted a month. Good result.

buisgain.biz - 76 days of work with such a tariff plan is a very good indicator.

bitcosky.biz - all remained in the red. The duration of the project was 5 days.

bitsignum.com - I have two months of work, but with all this, the deposit was started to be made only from January 20.

spectrumtrade.biz - 3 of the day and there are selective payments. No comments.

Our personal TOP-3 investment for "Beyond Monitoring"

  1. dominat.company;
  2. evvi.ai;
  3. neuronic.biz.

At this point, our review of new products "out of monitoring" came to an end.

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  1. solarscream
    28.01.2019 12:15
    Payout from EVVI project (8 / 30):

    01.28.19 06: 48 Account Receive +1.08 Received Payment 1.08 USD from account U18307808 to account U1655 *** 1. Batch: 244147829. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to solarscream from evvi.ai.
  2. Nikolai85
    28.01.2019 11:16
    Contributed by 10 $ cryptofutures let's see what happens.
  3. Alex2601
    27.01.2019 18:54
    Thanks for the review of a large number of projects, the variety is of course cool, there is something to choose from.
  4. solarscream
    27.01.2019 14:18
    In the EVVI project already 6 days, pays steadily, the dynamics is quite good.

    Payout for the project EVVI (7 / 30):

    01.27.19 06: 28 Account Receive +1.07 Received Payment 1.07 USD from account U18307808 to account U1655 *** 1. Batch: 244047318. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to solarscream from evvi.ai.
  5. udimka
    27.01.2019 01:11
    Watched with interest for Santa, but did not go into it purely because of the name. Santa's time passed after Christmas)
  6. Marina
    26.01.2019 14:36
    Thank you for keeping us updated on new products and scams outside the blog. Dominat taxis!
  7. evkonti
    26.01.2019 13:29
    From this list is very interesting project Dominat.
    Literally, in 5 minutes, I brought myself a ref - 44 Bucks Partner Bonuses for the contributions of my personally invited partners!
    The project is wonderful, quickly pays and has an excellent bounty program. I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!!
    1. richmonkey
      26.01.2019 13:35
      Profit you!
    2. udimka
      27.01.2019 01:10
      Cool, congratulations to you, and I'm in this project just like an ordinary investor.