The most frequent mistakes of beginners and experienced investors.

Greetings to you, dear friends! Of course, almost every person has ever dreamed of passive and additional earnings. Skillful investing on the Internet will help you save your money from inflation and increase it. But for this you need to follow a number of simple rules and not make quite typical mistakes. In this article we will discuss with you private mistakes, both beginners and experienced investors.

The dream of big and easy money

Many novice investors look at the investment market through rose-colored glasses: they believe that they can earn quickly and a lot. Unfortunately this is not possible. When investing, you need to think soberly: chasing the mythical huge profits, you can easily lose what you have. Therefore, it is impossible to choose an investment instrument based only on profitability. It is necessary to evaluate its relevance and reliability.

Excessive gullibility

To successfully work in the stock market, you need to constantly produce your own analysis of current trends. Competent decisions come only with experience. Therefore, for starters, many novice investors use a financial analyst who helps them select investment targets. This is good, but on the other hand, do not forget about the loyalty of the Russian proverb: "trust, but verify." Therefore, independently carry out the analysis and select the most acceptable options. Do not expect that you have found your personal golden calf and this is the end of your work. Depending on the expected profit, you sometimes have to come back to analyzing your own investments again and again.

Investing borrowed funds

It is logical that the potential profit of the investor depends on its working capital. Many novice investors do not have a large amount for the initial investment phase. Therefore, many are beginning to invest money that has been set aside for a rainy day, for surgery for relatives, for the education of children, etc. Some go so far that even a loan is taken for these purposes. Do not do this in any way! You can only invest free money, the loss of which will not affect your financial situation! Otherwise, you risk being left without means for existence. It is unlikely that any of us wants to stay at the broken trough, so it’s better that less, but yours :)

Following the wrong investment strategy

Initially, before entering an investment, you must define for yourself certain financial goals. What yield do you want to get? How long will you hold assets without selling them? How much are you willing to tolerate asset price fluctuations? All these questions you must answer. In addition, you must work out a certain investment strategy for yourself. You can not buy everything that catches your eye in a certain period of time. Every position in your portfolio should have a clear rationale. You can not rush from one extreme to another. Only by following a certain algorithm, you will achieve success!

Lack of diversification

In addition to a sound investment strategy, you need to choose the right balance distribution method. Equal amount of funds should be distributed between each asset. The most reasonable thing is to make 3-5% off balance for these purposes. Thus, in the event of an unfavorable outcome, you get the opportunity to restore your balance to its original state.

Margintail Strategy Game

Losses are inevitable. There are no people whose accounts have never subsided under the action of falling quotations. In order to minimize their risks, some investors apply Margintayl's strategy, which has migrated to the sphere of investment from the casino. Its essence is that when a trader falls, a trader enters a position with a sum significantly higher than the initial investment. With a favorable outcome, the profit from the deal should cover your disadvantages. But, what if the next deal is unprofitable, and behind it? That is why the strategy Margintale always leads in a minus!

Neglect of petty spending

An inexperienced newcomer everywhere is warned of spending too much on commission for a particular operation. Do not forget that the investment market is a highly competitive environment. Many official and reliable brokers offer minimal fees. Your task is to find the best offers. It often happens that small and seemingly insignificant spending at the beginning very painfully cuts the profit. Take care of your money and do not give them it is not clear to whom!

Lack of emotion control

A big enough problem for an investor with any experience is to control one’s own emotions. It is difficult to cope with the moment when the portfolio literally hides before our eyes as a result of the fall of the market. But, nevertheless, in this case it is necessary to gather your will into a fist and calm down. In addition to panic, you can not give in and excessive excitement. Excitement will lead to a drain on your balance faster, rather than even the steepest drop in assets. After the first successes do not give in to the insane desire to acquire everything as much as possible more and more often.

Avoiding contact with other investors

Some newcomers put themselves in the position of an information vacuum. They search for information on the Internet, read some chaotic investment tips and rules, and then impulsively enter into transactions. This is the longest way to gain experience based on your own mistakes. It is better to learn everything by communicating with your colleagues. Learn from the mistakes of others. Communicate and feel free to ask! Join our chat telegrams and subscribe to Our channel!

Instead of a conclusion

Good luck in the endless sea of ​​investment! Be prudent and little emotional. Invest only in areas that are easier for you to figure out. Analyze and communicate. Avoid stupid mistakes and reckless actions. Stay with us! Subscribe to us on social networks and join our friendly company of investors :) Ask questions and share your opinion in the comments! Each message will not be ignored.

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  1. Eirene
    18.09.2020 08:49
    Very good article, thanks for the info!
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    11.09.2020 20:41
    Good article, thanks!
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    03.07.2020 00:24
    Thank you for the article
  4. matrix2000
    17.04.2020 20:05
    He also used the Martingale system, then became smarter
  5. NikitaPuchkin2000
    17.04.2020 13:34
    I, too, initially did not comply with the rules of diversification and played according to the Margintail strategy, but over time I gained experience. How would this article help me at first. I always chased a lot of money and because of this I lost everything. This article is suitable for both experienced investors and beginners. Thank you for the article!!!
    1. matrix2000
      17.04.2020 16:36
      Yes, chasing big money right away is stupid) most lose everything
      1. 4difeer666
        17.04.2020 19:08
        And then he found the xDDDD doubler
        1. matrix2000
          17.04.2020 20:16
          and let's not talk about it)) dubbler is not a highly profitable project, IT'S ART!
          1. 4difeer666
            17.04.2020 22:11
            but who argues, ADMIN BOCH!
            1. matrix2000
              19.04.2020 14:07
              I will tell my grandchildren about this project!
  6. praveen3504
    27.01.2020 10:43
  7. truck23
    26.01.2020 16:01
    strange article for a site with hypes, it’s more about the fund and trading ...
    1. Marchuk
      30.01.2020 22:41
      Norm article, almost all of the items that are here are suitable for HYIPs and for trading on the stock market. Stocks are bought on the stock market and wait until they grow in price, then they are sold, the same investments as in hype, and risky, too, not the fact that the stock will go up, it can fly into the trash just like hype))
      1. Bond
        18.03.2020 01:33
        There is a stop loss on the fund that will not let you merge everything, of course there are exceptions, BUT there are practically no them in comparison with highs.
        1. truck23
          18.03.2020 05:31
          yes, there are stop loss orders on the fund, but not all of them use it, and if there is a gap on the market when opening trades, then the stop loss can work with such slippage that you will merge the entire deposit ...
  8. Marchuk
    26.01.2020 14:46
    Thank you for the article. You need to show this article to your friends who took a loan to invest in B2B. They had almost recaptured the invested funds, but it could have been different.
    1. truck23
      26.01.2020 16:00
      He himself understood what the article was about? or read diagonally.?) what does hype and MLM have to do with it, if we are talking about the stock market by 95% in this article? hype from these tips can be attributed only not to inject credit funds and diversification.
      1. Marchuk
        30.01.2020 22:20
        So I wrote only about loan funds!
  9. Sobatino
    14.11.2019 13:35
    The article strikes at the very goal, it is necessary to re-read it before going to bed!)
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