- Billing aggregators from the New Year increased transaction fees.

Since the New Year, our partners have increased transaction fees, which led us to the decision to introduce small commissions as well. We want to note that we also undertake a significant part of these commissions, which is a huge rarity not only among brokers, but also among other financial companies.

We inform about the fees of payment systems for withdrawal of funds:

➕ Payeer = 0%
➕ Advacach = 0%
➕ Perfect Money = 0,5%
➕ Kiwi = 1%
➕ YandexMoney = 2,5%
➕ Bank cards = 2,5%

✅ Note that the minimum amount and the withdrawal period remain unchanged.

- The minimum amount to withdraw 5 $;

- The withdrawal date is up to 24 hours.

✅ Holders of registered personal cards of the Significant Client receive full compensation for commissions of payment systems!

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  1. Leonidas
    13.01.2019 10:17
    I am even only "for" these innovations ... because. it plays into the hands of the project
    1. udimka
      15.01.2019 23:17
      Yes, sometimes the commission is good for the project, so that he worked a little longer.
  2. Alex2601
    12.01.2019 13:53
    But personally, these changes didn’t play any role on me, since I’m working with Payeer, and here the commission for the conclusion of how the 0% remained remained!