- Our Updates Update v. Xnumx

Greetings dear partner! Today I would like to tell about many improvements and fixes of my shell:

1. The referral system has been reworked, now when registering a person immediately sees his inviter.

2. In case of receiving an invalid inviter, the ability to change him himself is added. To change the inviter, go to the "Affiliate Cabinet", then "Assign Inviter" PS Pay attention to the fact that the inviter may be a person registered in the system before you.

3. Added viewing your referrals to 3's lines.

4. Added ability to switch output type. The auto plant function is now available without manual payment initiation. PS In order to change the type of withdrawal go to "Settings" and then "Change the type of payment." I draw your attention to the fact that there are minimal restrictions on the withdrawal of deposits for cryptocurrency. Thus, pins to 4 USD will not be automatically displayed.

5. All commissions on the conclusions of cryptocurrency canceled and make 0%.

6. There are no commissions to replenish Payeer.

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